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A new religious right think tank thinks Jesus’ teachings are too liberal / LGBTQ Nation

The Falkirk Center at Liberty University believes that "restoring and defending American ideals" means explicitly rejecting Christ’s teaching of turning the other cheek, among others.
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Damn Hebrew Commie.

“There is too much at stake in the battle for the soul of our nation.”

Give them some credit, they are not concerned about their own souls, but the souls of others. ;-}

"Abuse of power... is not an impeachable offense." - Alan Dershowitz
Da fuck?? I think the signers of the Constitution are preparing to rise from the grave to beat the shit out of Dershowitz and 60million fucking American idiots.

Yeah, that's a steaming pile of shit he released.

"Abuse of power... is not an impeachable offense." - Alan Dershowitz
Da fuck?? I think the signers of the Constitution are preparing to rise from the grave to beat the shit out of Dershowitz and 60million fucking American idiots.

Funny how looking at civilizations throughout history, including today, none of them ever seemed to have really achieved "civilized."

Matriarchal insect colonies are very civilized.

I finished the new series of #. I rather like this series: even though it looks very old and is set in the fifties, its writing and themes are modern and can take you by surprise.

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Yes, HRC won the # pop vote, but 60 million people threw ethics and common sense down the toilet and voted FOR Trump. The Electoral College is a mess, but changing the EC won't fix the root problem of half the voters being morally bankrupt, intelectually lazy, and confusing feelgood emo-wanking with using their fucking brains.

I get your point. However, I still see getting rid of the electoral college as a good thing.

I feel like the best thing I can do for Meghan and Harry right now is just not give a shit about their lives.

I think you've joined a large group.

Ooooh, yes, definitely part of the large group that doesn't give a shit, but part of a very small group who actually put any thought into it. Most people don't know how to think, let alone can be bothered to make the effort.

@Icarus Anne Riley
Most people don’t know how to think, let alone can be bothered to make the effort.
Unfortunately all too true a statement. Although there seems to be no consensus on exactly how it is the USA seems to be so full of people who haven't bothered learning much of anything, I'm personally of the opinion that it's mostly a result of being complacent and lazy. With so many needs so easily met for a majority of the population, they simply can't be arsed to either learn or pay attention.

Of course, when shit gets rough, they're also the ones complaining mightily about how "the government needs to do something". That very same government about which they've bothered to learn little, done nothing much personally to assist, and along the way attempted to starve of funding because some greedy elites told them that was a "good idea."

My fav prescription drug disclaimer is "Don't use this drug if you're allergic to this drug."
I don't know if they're just stretching to fill some bizarre legal requirment, or if people really are that stupid. Either way, it's depressing in a really funny way.

Had some friends who spent $5000 of dead dad's money on a metal "vault," to put the casket into, to protect the body pretty much forever. I'm pretty sure their dad would have been pissed, since he worked hard to leave them that money. But, they were young, and his death was a total surprise, so they needed that emotional reassurance as part of saying goodbye.

Enough For Today, Bye Now

I'll leave you with some helpful funeral facts. The deceased don't care, so why spend thousands you don't need to?

One of my main gripes with WT.Social was solved a few days ago.

Me ( Maybe "Post a link" should merge with the "Write something" form and promote that people write their thoughts around the news article. This can be a starter for the discussion in the comments.

Jimmy Wales ( One of the main things we saw is that most of us are simply posting links [...] What we ended up doing is pretty obvious once we started testing it: we merged the two [...]

They've put a large sheet in front of my apartment building because they're painting. Now each time I look outside I think the whole world is covered in snow.

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Not doing Dry January but do love having more options for alcohol free cocktails! Great pointers.

I really like the idea in theory. Booze has been my weigh loss downfall every time I lose ground.
But booze.

It's definitely not going to be a one-for-one thing because the alcohol in spirits creates changes to viscosity and adds a "heat" (as the article describes better than I can). However I do like the flavor intensity/complexity that these new alcohol free versions of drinks can provide without the possibility of having a hangover or becoming drunk in the first place.

And the vern won, didn't it?

Came in second. It's a whole thread on Twitter that unfortunately doesn't render well to Friendica (where I posted it) and therefore Mastodon.

Interesting study but not sure how predictive or useful it will be. Still an interesting new way of looking at the opinion space.

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Wow. I'm impressed by the methodology but also enlightened by the results.

Like, I would have had no idea how Palin would rank relative to those others. I'm enlightened that she was ranked so low compared to the others among Democrats, Independents, as well as Republicans.

And the fact that independents ranked Reagan, McCain, and Bush above Pence, Palin, and Trump is informative to me. I mean, I'm not surprised by the way Democrats ranked them. But it's interesting that independents broadly ranked them similarly to Democrats.

The big surprise, to me, is that Republicans ranked Reagan above Trump. Even after the complete Trump-ification of the Republican party, Reagan is still the greatest in their hearts.

I'd really like to see a similar study done for ranking prominent Democrats (Obama, both Clintons, Bernie Sanders, Pelosi, Carter). Hmm .. when trying to come up with a six person list, I struggled to come up with any equivalent to Palin. I'm sure that President Carter is viewed dimly by Republicans and independents, but I think his reputation has risen considerably among Democrats.

More despicable Republican behavior..

Florida GOP lawmakers submit late batch of anti-LGBTQ bills just ahead of 2020 deadline

"State GOP lawmakers in Florida introduced a series of anti-LGBTQ bills Monday, narrowly beating the 2020 legislative deadline."

"If passed, the four bills would nullify the protection of LGBTQ employees, legalize controversial 'gay conversion therapy' and threaten physicians with up to 15 years in prison if they provide particular transition-related healthcare to transgender youth, ABC News reports."

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"In May of 2016, shortly after Donald Trump had wrapped up his party’s nomination, but when the notion he might win the presidency seemed remote at best, Benjamin Wittes wrote one of the very early essays attempting to analyze how an obviously authoritarian president might abuse his powers. 'The soft spot, the least tyrant-proof part of the government, is the U.S. Department of Justice', he argued, laying out how prosecutorial discretion could allow a president to harass his domestic enemies."

"Yesterday’s news that the Department of Justice is exploring yet another probe of James Comey, the former FBI director turned Trump antagonist, would seem to confirm those fears have been borne out."

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As we head into the 3-day weekend, let's be safe and and civil as we honor this great man. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?' Extend that to: Are we using technology for others? # #

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TIL there is a CLI tool called "rename" for bulk renaming files. How could I be using # for this long and only now just discovered it?

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There is also viname, which gives you a vi session to edit your filenames. It was written almost two decades ago by my friend Daniel:

@Attila Kinali wow that sounds even cooler when the renaming is on a case-by-case basis. For this time it was about using regex to do a bulk renaming, although I guess you can do that sort of stuff in vi too probably...

When people tell me to support Trump because "the markets are doing great!", I like to ask them "And how has that helped you?"
Sometimes they get clever and say "My 401(k) returned 25% last year!"
And i ask "Is that enough to buy a car?"
Usually it isnt.

"U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been steadily climbing in popularity this year and is now tied with former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination among registered voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national poll."

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M'kay. My investment funds have a 41% return for the last "1 year". I'm a careful, but casual, investor. Imagine how people with real money are doing? Imagine all that "money for nothing" they're getting. Remember it is taxed at a max of 15%.

The people with 'real money' are getting sick richer. We're just getting taxed.

This is very disappointing. We need to do a lot better than this...
# #PayUp

I think most of the per-piece-payment services like uber and doordash are a type of hidden loan: the contractors are getting money up front, that they need, but paying most of it back later on in gas and wear&tear. Unfortunately, for a lot of them, it's not a free choice: it's that or not make enough money to cover bills.

Sometimes not so hidden too. IIRC Uber started offering financing programs too...smh...

Makes me happy I just recently renewed my subscription to @TheEconomist . Financially supporting good journalism is important.

I did Nazi see that coming...

FBI arrests three alleged neo-Nazis ahead of Virginia gun rally

"The FBI has arrested three suspected members of a neo-Nazi group who had weapons and hopes of starting a U.S. race war, just days before a planned gun-rights rally in Virginia that was expected to draw thousands of people, officials said on Thursday."

"The arrests came the day after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency banning any weapons around the grounds of the state capitol in Richmond, saying investigators had seen groups making threats of violence."

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I'm thinking, if shots are fired at a pro-gun rally, doesn't that discredit their message?

# is a # filter.

jq takes a JSON input and processes it using various filters. By default jq will pretty print the input, but can apply a wide variety of useful filters (including #) that can operate on its input. Chains of operators can be used to change the input in complex ways in a quick and efficient manner.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: jq

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Republicans declare war on transgender people in state legislatures all over the US / LGBTQ Nation

“Even when bills like these are defeated, the proposals themselves are harmful and send a message that trans people are an appropriate target of government discrimination,” [Chase Strangio of the ACLU] said. “They lead to our rights and bodies being debated in the public domain in ways that compromise our health and sense of worth and basic dignity.”
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