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Another doctor who probably won't be on Fox News again...glad he wasn't cut off like the last one...
the actual 'help' of malaria medicines, as comes from clinical research in China - they partially work as immune suppressors, and diminish the excessive immune reaction to virus that some patients develop. but for this there're special means - steroids. so there's no need to feed sick people with malaria drugs.
The study out of China wasn't as flawed as the one in France but had problems. The first of the follow-on study with better controls came out in prepub yesterday and showed little benefit to the cocktail. Are people doing clinical studies of using steroids for helping with this? Are they thinking something like prednisone or something else?


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BTW: You can make many of these "I would rather die than using metric" people really upset when you tell them that their beloved system in fact is based on SI units:
The really ironic thing is that we do use the metric system for certain things but inconsistently. You buy a gallon of milk, but you buy 2 liters of soda or 750 mL of liquor or wine. Granted if you are buying single servings you buy 12 or 20 ounces of soda or beer if you buy in single serving containers...
@Michael Vogel Hah, didn't know that


Boris Johnson has COVID-19. Karma bites the shitbag, but even he dosen't deserve to die from it.
Yeah, I don't wish this shit on anyone, no matter how awful a person they are. Catching a bad case of this is like something out of a shock horror film, or worse, only this is real.


Just a reminder that a few years ago 60 million people threw ethics, mortality and common sense down the toilet, and their brains out the window of a moving car, and voted FOR Trump.

Stupidity is the most powerful force in the universe, followed closely by selfishness and apathy.
You must have spoken with Albert Einstein recently. ;-)
Don't forget history, solidarity, and the heritage of the American republic.

Does Milliway's offer takeout?
Oh, that would so rock!
You'd have nowhere to take it out to at the end of the universe.


Trump: "I'm not responsible. I didn't know."


The GOP has had a "fuck America first!" attitude for more than two decades. Arguably, during President Clinton's terms (NOT President Hillary, despite how some right-wingers get confused about that), it was simply "fuck the libs," but somewhere in the last two decades it become "fuck America."

SMH. Yep, not being seen as work8ng-with-the-libs is the most important thing at this point in time.


The GOP 40-year plan to break up the United States and sell off the pieces, to enrich the Board of Directors comes to fruition, accelerated - quite by accident - first by the circus conman Trump, then by a virus. Fucking awesome.

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History will mock us for evwr allowing this buffoon to be worshipped.


📦 flatpak install firefox is a thing now


People with no understanding of science are actually dangerous.

Back in the time of the Black Plague(s), there was no understanding of science, of course. Human irrational response to fear resulted in countless pogroms. Burning 5G towers doesn't kill anyone but the irrational thinking is no different, and who knows what the next irrational target will be?
On the topic of ignorant people being dangerous - it goes without saying that's especially so when they're in positions of power. Since around 2016 I've been thinking about the role of gumt, democracy, and how to save people from their own idiocy. This pandemic has highlighted the difference between the roles of politicians and scientists. Scientists might not be the best personalities to get the attention of the general public. Even sociologists might understand what should work, but they may not be the personality to deliver the message. Politicians are supposed to be the ones to work out the message (based on some sort of consensus) and deliver it. Historically, there have been politicians who are up for that role, but currently not so in the US.


Took a brief tour of a friend's Trumpist friend's timeline. Wow. Did you "know" that the hospitals aren't under any pressure at all anywhere and that New York has stockpiled all the ventilators they are being sent? Did you "know" that 99% of the reported deaths are actually deaths of other diseases, murders, and suicides, and that the media is just inflating the numbers to hurt Trump? Did you know that Fox News never called the hysteria a hoax while at the same time this is all still a hoax and that COVID-19 is really no big deal? SMH.
I’m kidding, of course. I have plenty; but no way will I look at their timelines.
@Brad Koehn ☑️ I generally don't but wow...


Good! We need to learn to help each other!


COVID-19 is a virus. It doesn't give a rat's ass about your political might, how much money you control, or - holy crap - even what species you are.
Boris Johnson and Big Cats at the Bronx Zoo are as sick and at risk as hundreds of thousands of "less special" humans.
Priorities, Humanity - get them sorted out, because apparantly God and Mother Nature are fed up with our shit.



Trump Administration: "States are on their own to get their own supplies since the national stock pile is for 'us' not 'them'" (whoever "us" is in that context is baffling to me). Also the Trump Administration: "We'll confiscate whatever you order to do with it as we see fit." This is why you have central planning around these sorts of things. As usual the ad hoc off the cuff style is screwing everything up.
"us" is swing states, whose votes he's trying to buy through shipments of vital medical equipment.
After a great number of fatalities in metropolitan areas, NY and CA will become swing states themselves.



One of the worst unfolding failures of the COVID-19 response at the federal level is funneling all the supplies to distributors without price controls or even prioritization of who gets what which is creating what is essentially a black market for states to bid or out bid each other for vital medical equipment. It is a historic abdication of responsibility of the federal government's response. California and other states are setting up nationwide consortium to try to fix that. That's literally what the federal government should be doing. He's running the country like his companies just like he *warned* you.

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I'm sure big business is in his ear telling him to do this since it benefits them if there is a bidding war for their products.


You're all aware of the Trump vs. 3M fiasco. Here's a "hilarious" twist to the story. So, 3M has had long term contracts for years, supplying Canada with N95 masks. They probably have contracts with every f*cking country on Earth. So, you heard that Trump "ordered" 3M to stop sending masks to Canada. (because their Prime Minister doesn't like him and won't lick his hands.) Now, it comes out that the raw material 3M uses to make masks and surgical gowns COMES from Canada.

How does he do it? It's a god-given talent. I couldn't f*ck up like that if I tried.


Modeling compound curves accurately is really difficult. I've found it a lot easier to do so procedurally.



OK this is my favorite one of the night :)


It's amazing how well some of these work :)