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The right reverend, @revmikeumc, and I recorded this week!

Listen to "Saving Sacred Words: The Fall" by The Simple Theologian Podcast. ⚓…

I understand Neil Diamond did change the lyrics to “Hands, washing hands, reaching out, don’t touch me. I won’t touch you.”

Love it 😆

#humor #neildiamond #sweetcaroline

First year that Yzerman draft picks are skating in the NHL and the team is suddenly winning?

Not a coincidence

Only 8 states have higher death by Covid rates than Florida. Maybe being number 41 is seen as example of leadership by @RonDeSantisFL but not sure the families who lost loved ones would agree.…
If there are really only 8 cases per day per 100K people, how is it that 112 people are DYING every day?
The death rate isn't that high any longer.
I got the data from the NY Times, which updates daily.

Há 1 ano...
"A única possibilidade de desenvolver a teoria revolucionária é analisar de modo marxista o marxismo." Por João Bernardo.

Há 10 anos...
Nem KGB ou CIA já tiveram 1200 páginas a respeito de um cidadão comum.

"Para quienes no sabemos qué hacer en este momento de moral tan baja, veamos algunos libros interesantes para conocer más de la última ola de agitación mundial de trabajadores." Por Primo Jonas.

@Grey :agummyhug: I'm not sure I understand your question. Is "what's going on" about what topic the original post is addressing or why posts you don't feel should be propagating to your timeline are showing up on your timeline?
second one.
I suspect it has something to do with how friendica translates from its own thingy to regular activitypub?
Game changer! (literally)

Wondering about how ashes in an hour-glass would work though. Maybe an ash-sand mix?
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One of, if not the, earliest Sophia stories on Golden Girls, is the Mama Celeste story in Season 1 Episode 5. I always assumed it was just a made up brand like Betty Crocker. Turns out it was a real person and there is an interview with her on YouTube.…

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Say what you want about Joe Buck, this call gives me goosebumps every time…


The future is now.

The Wings dominated the OT against a really good Capitals team.


New favourite thing is using an Apple Extended Keyboard II alongside my M1 Max MacBook Pro

Old meets new! 😁

I only use the clickity-clackety mechanical keyboards!
Same here @Jodi Kaplan. I use a clickity-clackity Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. There’s something about the keys moving that I love. Old school…

Sure, tell me again that you disagree with my view that we are an affluent, bored, unserious country

Listen to "186. Dead-end Alleys, Dark Dungeons, and the Kingdom" by The Knee Jerk Devotional. ⚓…

A half-mile installation just took 20,000 pounds of plastic out of the Pacific - proof that ocean garbage can be cleaned… via @YahooNews