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Its so weird having a president who makes something about others instead of just himself.

Make them a state with the right to secede after maybe 50 years once they've been able to financially overcome the century of being a territory with no vote.
The head of the Puerto Rico national guard shared these photos of his guardsmen and women in Washington DC to help ensure security ahead of tomorrow’s inauguration.


Playing with Shotcut

Playing around with #Shotcut on #Devuan Testing and W10 and latest version available for both did nice improvements...

Editing a mounting multi footage video is fast and smooth although some areas are still roughs: like adding and editing text; so far I am just doing those slides in #Inkscape, but the overall experience is quite good!

My references for my comparison are: #Openshot, Natron, #Premier and #AfterEffecs; I use the latter two for social media and advertising stuff at my jobs.

#opensource #videoediting #linux #debian #floss #freesofftware
@Adam it looks like this post is blocked for some reason... 🤷‍♂️


Declassifies Nearly 3,000 government CIA Documents

Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

Hello World

This is my first post here! WOW!

New here first post

Hello everyone hopefully I can find my peers here! I’ll start with a bit here to frame up where the mind currently seats.
Ultimately the truthful end is merging back with source. Since source is an eternal state it's neither a beginning nor an end. It is outside time and space. Basically impossible to verbalize or comprehend fully.
The cyclical nature of this world rings true. Where are we in the cycle is what I am wondering.


Trump’s Approval Rating: 51%
Published on: Published by Jacob Palmieri

Possible Writing Projects

I am newly "retired" (actually, downsized). Now I should have leisure to do some of the writing I have been promising myself to get around to when there is time. We'll see how much I do. Here are some of the the topics I have in mind:
1) Title: What I Really Think of the Democratic Party, (and Why I Often Vote for its Candidates Anyway).
2)Title: My privileges: White and Otherwise.
3)A Children's book based on Stephen Crisps's "Short History of a Long Journey from Babylon to Bethel.
4)An essay on free will and determinism, possibly in the form of a Socratic dialogue in a high school classroom guided by a substitute teacher.
5)Rewrite of an existing pamphlet introducing New York Quakers.
6)Updating/revising an old blog post I wrote on the Passion of Christ.
7)Updating/revising a series of blog posts I wrote on the Advices of the Elders at Balby, and combining them into one essay.

Stephanie Herring doesn't like this.


Liz Cheney Censured By Her Own State’s GOP Over Impeachment Vote
by Chris Donaldson

Personal responsibility, what a concept.

I'm looking at the Georgia Senate races and have come to the conclusion the Blue States need to secede, and allow the rest of the country tk disintegrate under their own self-absorbed, arrogant, ignorance-worshipping incompetence. We can allow certain cities, like Austin, to join the Blue Union, and we'll airlift supplies into them, like Berlin, during the Cold War.
It amazes me how easily people whip out the ban-hammer and block people. Fuck, just not getting wound up and ignoring people is so much more efficent, and you don't waste time being confused by missing chunks of a convo.
What I'm saying, @betrayed by freesw is I see we have common ground, and politeness, and decent communication skills, so I think we can get along fine.

Hell, I even love your cranky coveralls 😀

BTW, as you said "I wish I was wrong more often," I used to blog, but when G+ died, I largely stopped. (They killed hundreds of value-added comments and conversations and it just sucked the wind out of me.)
Oh, point is, I left the blogs up so people might find them someday and realize "I fucking told you so." /shrug/ So, yeah, you're not alone, you know?

It's called "personal responsibility." None of these idiots accidentally spent months worshipping at the cult of Trump, accidentally loaded up the car (or private plane, in at least one case), accidentally found themselves at a Trump rally down the road from the Legislative Branch doing their Constitutional routine of counting votes, accidentally walked over a mile to get to the Capital Building, or accidentally climbed a wall or smashed a window or otherwise found themselves inside a restricted building during a mob riot.

They had lots and lots and lots of chances to say "Hang on, this seems like a really stupid idea!" They didn’t, though.

They fucked themselves, and I'm all out of shits to give about it.

Love it, love it.
Well, except it's not really fair to pink, or unicorns, but I accept the necessity of rhe color and symbol choice.
There, you have two avenues of thought meander down.

I know saying "sugar causes inflammation," and joint and mucle pain, is practically cliche, but I experimented on myself since October, and yeah, its true for me.

'Hero' Capitol officer who led rioters away from Senate may get a Congressional Gold Medal - USA TODAY… via @googlenews

Twitter loses $5 billion in market value after Trump is permanently banned from the platform… #SmartNews
Further proof that "stock value" is not linked to anything other than the smoke and mirrors of what people think it's worth.

Melania Identifies Real Victim of the Deadly Capitol Riots: Herself… #SmartNews
GOP Rule #1: Play The Victim