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The 1918-1920 flu pandemic came in three major waves. After the first wave in the US, the virus subsided, and Americans were restless to have businesses reopened and for social life to resume. There was a growing movement to stop wearing masks, which had become ubiquitous - so much so that The Anti-Mask League of 1919 was formed. These were protests from those who thought the public health ordinance violated their liberty.
The virus came back with a vengeance in the fall and was much deadlier than the first wave, eventually killing more than 675,000 Americans and killing around 100 million of the 500 million it infected worldwide before it was over. This was before mass vaccination, before the electron microscope; this is the tragedy of herd immunity and stubborn ignorance.
Viruses aren't political; they don't care about your theories or speculations or projections. They're unthinking parasites only wanting to replicate and use your body as a host. Wear a mask.

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I guess this is one 'good' reason to learn history in school, you learn from the past with the view of not making the same mistakes in the future.


Trump Threatens To Shut Down Social Media After Twitter Adds Warning To His Tweets

Trump Threatens To Shut Down Social Media After Twitter Adds Warning To His Tweets.

This is one MAJOR tantrum he is having now, 2 comments on Twitter that they flagged up as being not accurate and he throws a total wobbly.
I think this sums up a lot of problems

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Twitter for fact-checking President Trump but CEO Jack Dorsey says it won't stop 'pointing out incorrect or disputed information'

If you write an academic paper you base that paper on fact, research, and careful cross referencing surely. Other academics peer review things right (ok this is based on my interpretation of that system, so feel free to correct me on the process)

Surely any system needs review, so the facts are presented properly and clearly and not in a way that is ambiguous and potentially misleading.
Ok,this seems to be a draft of the executive order (posted to twitter) I did see @Christopher Lemmer Webber had retweeted this so hope it is ok to post here.
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Tabletop QOTD 2020-05-28

Not one specific item.... but I did have to give up my entire rather extensive collection of 1970s/1980s gaming materials during a period of 3 rapid moves in the late 80s. Lots of books, miniatures, magazines, zines and apas. It was a bad time for me financially and at one point I was living out of a backpack and a trunk, staying on friend's couches for 3 months after a housing situation collapsed. If you name it, I probably owned it, as had spent several years working in a bookstore/gaming store and had bought demo copies of everything we carried during that time.

I never went back to using miniatures after that....
I don't think I've given away many board games. A few where I had multiple versions of the same game, I've given away -- I had half a dozen different Risk sets and at least 2 or 3 monopolies; I've given many of those away and don't regret it, either because I have other edition(s) which work just fine (Risk) and/or because never playing it again would seriously not hurt my feelings at all (Monopoly).

I've sold / traded quite a few # games. Many of those, I look back on with nostalgia and regret losing. But, honestly, I wouldn't be playing them now if I still had them, most likely. My RPG collection is too vast anyway.


Things that are helping with isolation

I'm an introvert. Sometimes I slide over to the ambivert side, but mostly not.

So I'm ok with staying at home, but I still need interaction.

I am sooooo glad I started a Discord server. I've got heralds from as far as Drachenwald and Lochac. We could stand to get a few more. We're discussing everything from heraldry (duh), scribal arts, ongoing projects, games, food/drink, peerage/award-related topics, politics, a little bit of textile arts (could use more!), and everything in between. We have zerged commentary and held online classes.

It's been nice. And now I feel like I know more of these folks a bit better. These nerds are my people.
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Yeah, it's mostly heralds, but we aren't exclusionary, @Richild.
Ok, Thank you. (god I miss my office, at least there were people there)., I have you among my contacts on discord, I'll reach out to you over on that platform.


This Friday 29th, from 1200 UTC to 2000 UTC, we will teach you how to run a Tor bridge and answer questions about our anti-censorship technology.

Bridges are useful for Tor users living in oppressive regimes, and for people who want an extra layer of security because they're worried somebody will recognize that they are contacting a public Tor relay IP address.

The event will happen via text (not video or audio) on IRC.

More info:


Artigo sobre os interesses de Edgar Corona, que ganhopu publicidade ontem um dos financiadores da rede de notícias falsas.
"Os eugenistas que nos querem mortos em nome da economia dão passos largos em direção a seus interesses."


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Dawww! Cuteness overload!


Holy smokes! This is a must watch
HIV yes. But since these are powerful politicians, somehow different laws will apply.


# adds logic to #.

Mesecons is a Minetest mod that adds many new blocks that can be chained and programmed to do complex binary operations. Mesecon blocks can be connected using insulated or uninsulated wires and activated using various sensors. Advanced logic can be created using Lua controllers, gate arrays, and microcontrollers, or in large scale using discrete gates.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: minetest-mod-mesecons

# # # #
Several flip flops and latches created in large scale using individual Mesecons logic gates.


A mistake with devastating impacts on lives that may be lost soon as a result. It's no wonder confidence in government is declining. Vote Blue in November!



My parents have made it home after wintering in FL. They delayed their return this year due to the pandemic. They had to push through the last 4 hours or so of the trip because WV's restrictions meant they couldn't stay.

She said hardly anyone in the south was wearing a mask.
I suspect that Western PA (like upstate and southern tier NY) benefited from being in a state that had localized large outbreaks elsewhere. Since most control measures were implemented on a state-wide level.
No doubt. Also not much in the way of population density.



A short film by a filmmaker I know. Everyone can vote daily. As a favor to me, would you vote for her? (It's not her bestest work, she could really the boost right now, because, you know, the best artists are insecure as fuck.)
@Icarus Anne Riley The youtube video played perfectly! And it was well worth watching. Thanks!


Tabletop QOTD 2020-05-23

Pathfinder. For a long time 3.x was my preferred D&D because it was easy to design for. Pathfinder came along and buffed it up (and I admit, I was somewhat cheesed with how WotC botched 4e -- 3e marketing was great, 4e marketing was underpants gnomes all the way down and they lost me).

Then it went to 11 and got crunchier and crunchier with more exceptions to remember. It became something I no longer wanted to play because of the expertise required. I went back to old school games.

That said, I do still mine Pathfinder for other game projects. Just because it's more fiddly than I want to play doesn't mean it's not a good place to get ideas for other systems.


Just discovered this 1996 video debuting BeOS on their BeBox. It was way ahead of its time. It had Searchlight/Cortana like searching of its file system. But the BFS filesystem had such rich metadata capabilities you could use it as a proxy to build directory services and email systems from. It's multiprocessing capabilities were unparalleled, no pun intended. Yes UNIX had that server side but this was built ground up to provide that in user space and in the display server. So this machine was able to concurrently play multiple videos, do renderings, do MIDI production all while staying responsive. Today that's just what we expect from computers. Back then it was never seen before #

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I came to BeOS too late to purchase the dual-CPU BeBox (it was also out of sight financially) but I own the package of BeOS for Intel CPUs
I really like their filesystem and the ability to use file metadata to form database out of filesystem. For example text file with FROM, TO, CC and Subject metadata were used for email storage.
@Andrej Ditto. I remember reading the MacUser (or MacWorld) article on it back in the pre-NeXT acquisition days and starting to follow it hardcore. When I heard it was ported to x86 I was even more excited since I was no longer on the Mac platform at that time. I bought the R5 + GoBe Productive combo package when it came out. Sadly the whole thing wasn't to be :(


Hot Chinese Mustard

I love hot mustard like you get in Chinese restaurants and takeout. I know it's easy to make yourself. When I lived in Florida, a friend made his own, and this stuff would burn your face off. It was great. But, I'd rather just buy it ready made. I've looked high and low and can't find such a product. You can buy cases of the packets you get in Chinese takeout on Amazon, but I'd rather have a jar or bottle.

Any suggestions?
Do you mean like this wonderful stuff?

Keen's Prepared Hot Mustard

Apparently in the UK the most famous brand is Colman's, but my grandmother, born in England, swore by Keen's (founded 1747 to make mustard powder). Their yellow mustard powder and the prepared hot mustard (and now many other related products) have always been available Canada-wide.

English Mustard

This article hints that true Chinese-style mustard is even hotter though, and it just may be. That article also mentions that New Zealanders use the double-play on words "keen as mustard", and so do we in Canada. French's Mustard (who make the much milder yellow prepared mustard), which I always thought was a Canadian original brand, apparently wasn't Canadian at all. Interestingly French's started making ketchup from Ontario tomatoes when Heinz pulled out and pumped up the "Canadian made" aspect quite heavily so that now across Canada it's uncommon to find Heinz ketchup in restaurants, and instead French's branch products compliment the tables.
Those would likely do. Lol. Have to try them. I'm pretty sure my friend who made his own used Colman's powder. It looks familiar.

Armed with new info, I'll have to recheck the stores around here, and I have some coming from Amazon now.


NASA/SpaceX live human launch today at ~1:30 PM PST live-stream

I have real mixed feelings about this - I mean, seriously, overall, the US private sector has a really shitty track record when it comes to keeping humans safe. For so many reasons, I wish absolute safety and success, but frankly, I'm worried about this.

# #
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True, but at this rate, the shuttle's record won't last long. I'm also a fan of the shuttle. ;-) Also, I thought Falcon had more than 87 flights under its belt in ten years.



A beautiful short film by a filmmaker I know. Everyone can vote daily! :-)
As a favor to me, would you vote for her? (It's not her bestest work, she could really the boost right now, because, you know, the best artists are insecure as fuck.)

Here's a better example of her work.

So, yes, I'm likely to repeat this message daily until the voting closes. Just because I care :-)


Someone on the SpaceX team has a really shitty grasp of costume design. I mean, fucking seriously? This is a major PR thing for NASA and SpaceX, and the have a support crew not only in black uniforms, but black uniforms with really, really creepy hoods?? WTF, people?

# #
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Yeah.... I was thinking just some medieval executioner garb! sheesh!!
The astronauts' "new" outfits look like something from a cheesy, low budget SciFi movie. Pathetic!


Just discovered this 1996 video debuting BeOS on their BeBox. It was way ahead of its time, especially on the DB-like FS search and multiprocessing. Nothing did what it did at that time. Demo starts 9.5 mins in. #

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I came to BeOS too late to purchase the dual-CPU BeBox (it was also out of sight financially) but I own the package of BeOS for Intel CPUs
I really like their filesystem and the ability to use file metadata to form database out of filesystem. For example text file with FROM, TO, CC and Subject metadata were used for email storage.


The language of the project drives a lot of my energy/apathy towards it. Languages that have lots of black magic "conventions" or (from opposite side) unnecessary rituals to make it "just work" suck the energy out of me. Languages that do things "properly" energize me.




In my food journal just spelled it "decalf coffee"...maybe I should pour some high test instead...
I guess you're... left without a leg to stand on


Today, we've unveiled our roadmap to #'s v3: live streaming, global search, better plugins, playlists and moderation: we will need your help!
▶️ info
▶️ share and support

Great stuff :) Keep up the good work.


Não, Petra, a democracia não está em “vertigem”. Se estivesse, como poderiam os trabalhadores de Toritama escolher por trabalhar de 14 a 16 horas por dia? É a democracia que está em vertigem ou os trabalhadores que devem proporcionar uma outra democracia?


Facebook to allow workers to work remotely

NEW: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is telling employees this morning they plan to hire aggressively for remote workers, and existing employees can soon request to work remote permanently. Says 50% of FB’s workforce could be remote in 5 to 10 years.

I would hope FB will be dead in 5 let alone 10.
In some cases perhaps there are too many projects, The teams are really passionate about their project but there are not enough people involved, spread too thinly.

I am sure the free software community (or someone similar) came up with Where do you want to go, tomorrow ? As a response to Microsofts version quoted above.


New Fabrics

High-quality mask fabrics I've been waiting for have finally arrived.

Right now I'm making some patriotic-themed designs for Independence Day, so I created a blog post with photos of these other new fabrics. Please let me know if you especially like any of them an I'll move those to the head of the line.

Blog post is here:

Available masks are here:

While we're here on this topic -- are there any Harry Potter fans around that might be interested in Harry Potter themed masks with the Harry Potter logo and/or coats of arms of the various houses?




Rock the day with DJ Shelenn's Classic Rock this afternoon from 2-6 pm ET.


High-performance masks are now available.

These look like ordinary masks but deliver 97 to 98 percent filtration efficiency on particles down to 10 nanometers. So, roughly twice as effective as a N95 mask and on particles smaller than the NIOSH standard calls for.

Details and a link to the science behind it are in a blog post here:

Masks are available here:

High-perf masks are indicated by "HP" in the style name. Quantities are limited by how fast I can make them.
I like mine a lot! Thanks. The fabric is soft and the nose wire helps create a good fit. The ear loops are too big for my wife. (The mask hangs away from her face.) So, I guess I got 2. :) That's OK because, if I ever start going out on a regular basis, I'll need one for each day of the week.

I mostly walk everywhere. And, if it's hot out, I want to take the mask off until someone approaches. One of the masks I have already ties around the back of the neck (as well as having ear loops). And I found it very convenient to unloop it from my ears and have it hang around my neck when I'm not wearing it. I can quickly put it back on with one finger re-looping it over my ears.

I've attached a lanyard to the one you made so that I can take it off but still keep it handy. But I may see about getting a glasses chain and two little clips or carabiners instead (so it hangs off of each loop, and not off to one side when I've not wearing it).
Perhaps add an adjustable aspect to the ear loops or simply twist them as many times as needed to fit.


GNU Health in Tanzania. An implementation case.

I found this on Twitter, sharing here as we need more examples such as this to help promote the idea that Free Software is a viable alternative.

GNU Health in Tanzania. An implementation case.

@Paul Sutton

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a shame that python is being taken over by microsoft (in more ways than one) as gnu health relies on it.

i doubt theyre going to make gnu health work with pypy.

the gnu project is in crisis.
Can't Microsoft keep their hands off anything. I am guessing not, no wonder Python is being pushed so hard these days.
Can’t Microsoft keep their hands off anything. I am guessing not, no wonder Python is being pushed so hard these days.
co-opting decent software is their model since they did it to basic. granted quickbasic was an odd exception-- it really was the best version of basic out there.

microsoft is currently bribing python to move their development farther into to github. there is stuff about it on techrights, but im having trouble finding it at the moment.


DIgital skils tutorials exclude the fediverse

In trying to promote the fediverse, it seems that the digital skills initiatives in the UK promote Facebook, Twitter etc,

So here is the offering from make it click on social media basics

Pretty much highlights the issues here, people are simply NOT given a choice, however. They can't ask to learn how to use the fediverse if they don't know about it, and people who are teaching are not willing to just accept there are alternatives and teach those alternatives, rather than trying to get them to sign up to say facebook anyway.

What can we do to change things?, I can't do it on my own, but if we can create the resources, then that would be a start.

I have made a few posts here

if it helps anyone write a tutorial for them, or can help me write this.

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in my instance I do not have a subscription option to follow your blog Paul :/
Hi Cassi should find my blog and allow you to follow.

Hope this helps


I am still getting my head round some of the federating stuff.



O reitor, que tinha ser comprometido a reverter as demissões, não fez absolutamente nada. Por @invisiveisluta
# #