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Calling all Creators who can create Gif, Memes, 10sec videos or any form of content on why people should migrate to mastodon.

For more on the why please read the Thread by @Memeghnad

Eg of Ideas till now.

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Twitter is doing nothing about this?

I think the strongest unifying force for any movement is music. Words can be carried by music.

I think the strongest, unifying, force-multiplying factor in my generation's resistance to the Vietnam War was our music.

And where is the music for this new generation? There's isn't any. Ever noticed that? There's NONE. That's because our media, radio stations, etc. are all owned by a couple of corporations that control what goes out on the air. Political songs are eliminated.

For What It's Worth
The Fish Chant
Machine Gun
...on and on.

Where are this generation's songs? They're erased, eliminated from the playlist.

Jeebus #deletefacebook

The way some people just NEED to believe in conspiracy theories exhausts me. Especially when they raise valid and important questions to validate their pet story, instead of starting with those questions and demanding answers other than just their pet story.

Yeah, there's definitely a mental illness aspect to this. Some people NEED to believe in conspiracy theories. I noticed this at least 40 years ago, so it's not new. I suspect it's a subcategory of paranoia. And, yes, it's very annoying.

.@senamyklobuchar I'm a constituent, climate change is a high priority for me, and I would love to see you cosponsor the Energy Innovation Act, H.R. 763 when it is reintroduced in the Senate. #PriceOnPollution #GrassrootsClimate

.@ilhan I'm a constituent, climate change is a high priority for me, and I would love to see you cosponsor the Energy Innovation Act, H.R. 763 to put a #PriceOnPollution! #GrassrootsClimate

.@sentinasmith I'm a constituent, climate change is a high priority for me, and I would love to see you cosponsor the Energy Innovation Act, H.R. 763 when it is reintroduced in the Senate. #PriceOnPollution #GrassrootsClimate

#GTick is a simple #metronome.

GTick is an audio metronome which clicks at a specified rate in beats per minute. The click pattern that GTick produces can be altered to make a different sound every 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or other pulse.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: gtick

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #music
The main screen of GTick.

#Simutrans is a transport simulation #game.

In Simutrans you manage a transportation company which transports people and goods around small towns and cities using various forms of transport, like buses, trains, and airplanes. In Simutrans businesses require goods, so transport heavily impacts their, and your profits. Simutrans supports moddable paksets, online multiplayer, and AI players.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: simutrans

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations
A small town with a bus stop and garage in Simutrans.

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I did a lot of text banking today, because I did batches of 500 numbers in all the different states that we were doing. I did that to test a theory: I have observed that I get a lot of nos/ opt-outs/ wrong numbers and no replies in some areas more than others. My theory tested positive, with the participating States today, most to all of which have been consistent states that the organization has been texting since I started. I want to be able to pick more active areas in the future.
activity (x) areas (x) replies (x) States (x) text banking (x)

I'm still practicing American sign language...very slowly. It's not that hard learning two languages at once when one of them isn't spoken. I can't really mix it up and start moving my hands.
ASL (x) language learning (x) memrise (x)

still hitting it hard with the Hindi

I've been hitting the Duolingo Hindi lessons really hard recently! I'm still just learning the alphabet, and a lot of this stuff is hard to pronounce because a lot of it sounds very similar when you put the H in. It's like the age is an extra half of air instead of a different letter completely that you pronounce is a consonant. I finally found a chart, that exists outside the Duolingo lessons, that has the alphabet next two words in English that match the pronunciation of that alphabet, and that will be very helpful! Now that I've heard myself say a lot of the letters in a context that I can understand, I feel like I have immediately made more progress and being able to hear the difference. BUT THAT "H" IS FUCKING KILLING ME!!!

weather in text Bank volunteering

I text banked so hard today, I should probably take a break. 500 x 6 on new texts, and a lot of replies. I know I probably got in close to that number before, but I definitely went above and beyond today. I feel proud of myself, but also exhausted from the negativity from Trump supporters, misogynist, racist, rapists, and libertarians. Unfortunately, I don't have much to do with it being cold outside. Yesterday and today are especially cold. but I need to hit the food shelf eventually, and sooner would be a better time to do it then later.

OK let's give LiteDB (File-based #nosql DB written in #dotnet ) a whirl:

I experimented with that too. I actually had been using a JSON file for persistence during prototyping. So it sort of felt easier to use a document store.

"Google reveals ‘Project Nightingale’ after being accused of secretly gathering personal health records":
"Google secretly gathered millions of patient records across 21 states on behalf of a health care provider, [...]. Neither the provider’s doctors nor patients were made aware of the effort, according to the report."

This would be in violation of HIPA laws, correct?

Facebook is secretly using your iPhone's camera as you scroll your feed
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You can't stop telling the truth because it will force some to digg deeper into their rabbit hole ..