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Then you've got the "social score" thing going on in the Middle Kingdom. If you fail that it is probably the start of the slide to being an involuntary organ donor.

When you get a negative social score you have to physically contribute yourself to others with a high score. See, its all good.

i am in the process of switching DNS providers, so there may be some DNS failures throughout the day.

American small businesses will help NASA land astronauts on the Moon in five years and establish a sustainable presence there, as part of the agency’s larger Moon to Mars exploration approach.

os confieso una cosa, lo que mas me esta gustando después de #jornadaslibresII es el mantra #nostenemosquevermas @jordila sacamos agenda? me dice @titi que tienes pegatinasssssss . Aunque os confieso que @dalme que es amor ya me ha ofrecido una de las suyas:)))

@revu @titi @dalme @jordila pegatinas... es que hubo quien se dedicó en las Jornadas Libres a hacer apología del #fediverso :)))

@colegota @revu Nos alegra un montón haber hecho llegar los libritos y las pegatinas. Gracias por difundir :)

Para quien se anime, hemos abierto un pad para traducirlo al español: Algún anónimo ya lo empezó a traducir al galego (gracias anónimo) ¡Saludos a todes y gracias por estas Jornadas! #fediverse #fedilogo

@titi @dalme @jordila

@Alexandre Oliva

so i guess #trisquel will dump 32-bit next, since ubuntu has. what a shame.

dude, chill! -ETOOBITTER today!
yeah, it's unfortunate that trisquel won't get x86 maintenance from ubuntu any more, and this would make the costs of maintaining the x86 prohibitive! how much are you forking out for them to maintain it for you? why don't you just do it yourself, or organize volunteers to do it for you? too many other things to do? are you're the only one in that circumstance?

@Alexandre Oliva

if this were an isolated thing, id let it go. of course im going to for the moment anyway.

however, this happens with a few too many things. free software is being balkanised in many places, when it used to spread itself across the landscape-- it is retreating. this is not a victory or a plan for victory. in short, its a bad idea thats part of a larger bad idea, which is a trend.

Bought a new drive to replace the disk I just lost... and guess what: DOA - dead on arrival.

My luck with new hardware knows no boundaries.

remember when i used to be super flirty with everyone

and now like, it feels like barely anyone is worth it

well your now in a stable long term relationship tm so

Thanks to Bowen Hu #GNURadio, Moises Torres Aguilar #Wget, and Tejas Joshi and ThePhD #GCC for helping us defend the GPL and keep software free by assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU


Update Your Evernote Clipper

‘dangerous’ in this context means that anyone using it in its unpatched state is at risk not only of a compromise of their Evernote account but, potentially, of third-party accounts (email, social media, banking) they have open at the same time.

#Evernote #Chrome #Malware #Hacks #InfoSec #CliffBramlettInfoSec

This has gone in to my "scare the horses" file. I'll be pulling it out the next time someone complains about reviewing browser extensions for endpoints handling sensitive data and invoke "It's only a plugin!"

(Not that I'm without sympathy - Firefox is still my preferred browser because extensions.)

76 user on my #Friendica server, I think not one of them is active and more than 75% didn't post anything at all.

Either spammer or registration/on boarding too difficult. What do the email addresses look like?

Bei mir tummelten sich ebenfalls mehrere User mit seltsamen Mailadressen und auffällig automatisch generierten Beiträgen. Nach 10 Tagen "Karenzzeit" löschte ich alle und halte vorerst die Registrierung geschlossen.
Vielleicht nicht das Gelbe vom Ei, aber ich überlege die Schwelle mit den Einladungen zu erhöhen.


Fahrradstände in Form eines Autos aufgestellt, um zu zeigen, wieviel Platz ein einzelnes Auto so verbraucht.

Hier beschweren sich die Anwohner, dass ihnen ein Autoparkplatz abhanden gekommen ist:

Bin darauf aufmerksam gemacht worden durch einen Artikel meiner Kumpeline Jenny:

Hier der Originalartikel des GT:

#göttingen #fahrrad

@Rasmus Fuhse
Lustig, gerade habe ich in der taz einen Artikel gelesen, der den Unterschied zwischen Jennys und meiner Argumentation ganz gut zeigt, finde ich:!5600292/

Der Autor des Artikels, Sebastian Erb, schreibt, daß Einschränkungen und Verbote bisweilen unerläßlich sind. Z.B. hätte er nichts gegen ein Verbot von Inlandsflügen und glaubt, daß dann mehr Menschen die Bahn nutzten. Darunter ist ein Kommentar von Leser "Novemberverbrecher" mit einer Replik von "BIGB". BIGB sieht es genau andersherum:
Warum nicht umgekehrt? Erstmal wird die Bahn so gut, dass sich viele FREIWILLIG überlegen umzusteigen, statt gezwungen zu werden. ... Ich würde gerne die Bahn nehmen, wenn Sie denn besser wäre.
D.h. Du kannst mich in die Sack zu Sebastian Erb stecken und Jenny zu BIGB :-)

Und ich denke immer, man muss beides machen und nicht nur eines von beidem.


Another Case of Narcissism? Megalomania?

Justice Clarence Thomas has long approached the law the same way that Heath Ledger’s Joker approaches urban peace. He’s suggested that federal child labor laws and the ban on whites-only lunch counters are unconstitutional, written opinions that would blow up multiple federal agencies, and argued that high school students lack First Amendment rights because 17th century self-help books told parents to be cruel to their children.

It is arrogant in the extreme, in other words, for a judge to assume that they alone have determined the one tru
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I remember listening to thomas during the confirmation hearings - he was utterly unimpressive in his knowledge and totally scary in his belief in the fantasy of "natural law". He has never risen above that low level, and his conflicts of interest - especially in conjunction with his wife - ought to have disqualified him from participating in many cases.


§§§: (ex-Polizist) tim Kellner baut sein e i g e n e s Videoperium, seine SChatten-- u n d ExilRegierung weiter auf u n d aus!!!!! Enjoy!! Noch infunktionale Baustelle... Aber bald LAUTStimme des zu befreienden Schlands!!!!!!

La justicia belga aplaza de nuevo a diciembre decisión sobre la extradicción Valtònyc a la espera de que decida el TUE #actualidad #valtonyc #belgica #tue

I've been using Pinafore for Mastodon for a long while now, but I've gotta say, I'm really liking the new default Mastodon interface.

I can understand the appeal of the original, multi-column view---which is still available to use---but this looks a lot better to me.

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honestly i love this wowie

i wish we could put a preview of the most recent notifications/replies in all of that empty space below the toot box. the separate tabs for a timeline and notifcations are the main dealbreaker for desktop interfaces like this for me vs. the original tweetdeck style

Perhaps a suggestion for @Gargron ?

That empty space quickly fills up when you're making a toot. It's a huge problem on shorter screens

oh right, i forgot it expands.

why not have y-overflow scroll instead of expand the box?

actually, on my instance it's pretty rad.

It's really workable with the buttons down the side there, especially since i can switch between timelines and the notifications with a keyboard shortcut!

@cambrian_era The footer links here have a bigger font-size in your theme but too small of a line-height

that's an oddly specific thing to point out.

(I have it using my system default font.)

That's the first thing that jumps out to me!

I legit have no idea what you mean. It's possible, though, I didn't do much beyond making sure things basically worked.

hey you do you buddy!
I see what you mean, but yeah I think it's because I'm using my system font

Getting a few questions about installing the #iOS (and Mac) betas. My policy the last couple years has been to wait until the public beta.

According to past years, according to folks in my Destiny Slack, the public beta usually lands a week after the second dev beta, which came out yesterday. It was apparently also a really big stability and performance improvement.

If all goes well, I hope to install the betas next week.

For this year, I’ve heard July for the Public Beta of iOS 13. I’m definitely installing it on my iPad once it’s out, but iPhone will probably wait.

Don’t you rain on my parade of hope.

I have become more wary installing iOS betas as some random synchronization / ecosystem perk tends to get broken unless *all* my Apple devices are on betas.

Didn’t for example reminders update break backwards compatibility with iOS 13?

I haven’t seen that, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I think a key detail is this strat is *public* beta, which seem to be pretty solid IME.

I don’t think Apple would open betas up to the public without feeling a high level of trust in them. Plus, like previous years, beta 2 has apparently brought a *lot* of stability and performance fixes.


Content warning: Socialism, anti-socialism, suicide and spam/trolling/harassing.

Content warning: Socialism, anti-socialism, suicide and spam/trolling/harassing.

Content warning: Socialism, anti-socialism, suicide and spam/trolling/harassing.

Content warning: Socialism, anti-socialism, suicide and spam/trolling/harassing.


La légendaire Bataille des Cinq Armées de Tolkien rejouée en République tchèque


#armées #bataille #breakingnews #cinq #des #légendaire #news #rejouée #république #tchèque #tolkien

Comme chaque année depuis près de 20 ans, une horde de fans du maître de la littérature fantasy se sont retrouvés dans la forêt de Doksy, dans le nord du pays, pour rejouer l'un des moments forts de son roman "Le Hobbit".Image/Photo
posted by pod_feeder

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Guess that's why so many high talent programmers go freelance after a while, companies will treat you very differently

maybe also that you don't have to deal with consequences of legacy shit code you wrote :tinking:

not so sure, even most freelancers stay with projects for a few years these days, often.

maybe I'm mixing freelancers and bangalore freelancers


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Trump quotes AOC out of context; she responds; you know the rest

It's like the old Far Side cartoon.

What we hear: Trump is a lying sociopath and sexual offender who obstructed justice and conspired with Russia.

What Trump hears: Trump is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

What Trump hears: "Trump!" "Trump!" "Trump!"

Last week, Mastodon adopted a beginner-friendly default interface 👍

So, maybe this would be a good time to spread the word about Mastodon to a wider audience?

If you're on Facebook/Twitter, you could do a little post about Masto with a link to ? And a link to a good instance running 2.9 or above?

(Also, I think some people were doing Mastodon posters?)

If people hear about Mastodon from many different sources, they are more likely to try it.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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also finally a good way to browse the TL on my vertical monitor, there were too many columns.


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