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Warning for humanity: The madness is spreading by design as the masses are deliberately poisoned
#newstarget #chemicalexposure #civilization #psychdrugs #madness #NaturalNews

"The report said testing Linux is supposed to help South Korea reduce the cost of maintaining its systems while also reducing its reliance on a particular operating system."

"The report said testing Linux is supposed to help South Korea reduce the cost of maintaining its systems while also reducing its reliance on a particular operating system."


Aww thanks Alfred, I'm glad to recive a nice compliment from you. Have a fine day :)



Dienstleister, der einen 2HE Gaming PC baut

Kennt jemand von Euch einen Dienstleister, der mir einen Gaming PC im Rackformat (2HE) baut?

Wieso braucht das einen Dienstleister? Das ist doch nicht fundamental anders als in einem Desktop.

@Ralf Ertzinger Ich mag nicht selber rumschrauben. Auch sind meine persönlichen Erfahrungen z.B. bei Riser-Cards begrenzt und ich will eine GTX 1080 drin betreiben. Das wird ein ziemliches Gefriemel und ich bin nicht der Typ für solche Arbeiten.

Mein Wunsch ist: Ich kriege das System fertig zusammengebaut und zahle dafür extra.


Network page times out

!Friendica Support
My /network page is very very slow and eventually the reverse proxy times out.
In the worker queue I've noticed that there are a lot of entries related to the fact that server is down, could that be related?
Can I lower the connection timeout or anything that can help in this unfortunate case?



Trump slams Fox News for interviewing Mayor Pete Buttigieg, earning a rare rebuke from Brit Hume

President Trump... criticize [d]host Chris Wallace for noting that the 37-year-old mayor, a war veteran and Rhodes Scholar who speaks several languages, "has a lot of substance" and a "fascinating biography," while never saying the same things about Trump.

JESUSFUCK... we're being governed by an insecure toddler.

Brit Hume ✔ @brithume
Say this for Buttigieg. He’s willing to be questioned by Chris Wallace, something you’ve barely done since you’ve been president. Oh, and covering candidates of both parties is part of the job of a news channel.


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Не уверен, что кому-то это интересно, но выложил Благотворительный концерт, который трио моей жены провело в доме престарелых "Опека".


Твоя сопрано?

нет, сопрано это Юлия. Моя Наташа это альт. По правде, самый красивый голос в их трио. С офигенными обертонами.

So, I was given a wearable electronics arduino kit for my bday :) I have minor arduino skillz but haven't done any wearables before. I think I'm interested in integrating into embroidery, cross-stitch, patches etc.

Anyone done similar things? Pls share your work with me :)

El jefe nacional de los CLAP Freddy Bernal alertó que 10 embarcaciones que trasladaban alimentos al país suramericano fueron sancionadas por #EEUU

Estas sanciones retrasan la llegada de los productos a suelo venezolano, afirmó el representante


Love such places, looks like a very small Pandora tree :-)
There must be much good energy around.

yes, they are kinda enchanting.
you mean pandora cherry ?


Content warning: Études

El amor es un café en la cama a las 8 de la mañana.

Si fuera amor verdadero, sería a partir de las 11. Por lo menos.

Això només és possible el cap de setmana. Té més valor a les 8h del matí entre setmana. Creu-me. 🤗

Entre setmana, a les huit del matí ja estic en la cantina de l'insti fent-me el tercer cafè, sóc molt matiner 😥

Coucou les Mammouths,
Pour l' #ecommerce, quel service (plateforme) utilisez-vous de préférence ?

En connaissez-vous l'un ou l'autre qui soit tout à la fois :
- RGPD compliant
- européen
- efficient

(Nous utilisons Stripe. Qu'en pensez-vous ?)

Merci d'avance :)
#web #help #question #e-commerce

Je lance Monster Hunter World, je commence à créer mon perso....

On peut mettre des barbes aux femmes ! Je vais me faire un perso tellement queer !

j'hésite entre le look
"j'ai pas pu rentrer dans une ville depuis 3 semaines dans la jungle"
ou au contraire un look hyper stylé en mode "oui je taille ma barbe au poil près chaque matin"

tu peux pas faire des barbes asymétriques sinon ? 😃


The 20 photographs of the week | The Guardian

Conflict in Syria, shocking pink fashion at Cannes, and a seal pup making a splash – the last seven days, as captured by the world’s best photojournalists
#photography #photojournalism

The splash photo alone made me gasp.
What a fantastic photo.

In Tatarstan, the Volga became very shallow. In the area of Kazan, islands appeared, the bottom was exposed, and an ancient paving appeared, which had been under water for many years. There are citizens with metal detectors, who detect old coins and various household items.
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Selling the Model 100 RadioShack Training Video

Via Harry McCracken at Fast Company

#computing #retrocomputing

the magic starts at 23:23


#Google uses #Gmail to track a history of things you buy — and it's hard to delete

A page called "Purchases " shows an accurate list of many — though not all — of the things I've bought dating back to at least 2012. I made these purchases using #online services or apps such as #Amazon, DoorDash or Seamless, or in stores such as Macy's, but never directly through Google. But because the digital receipts went to my Gmail account, Google has a list of info about my buying habits.
#news #tracking #privacy #surveillance #internet

I am in Nicosia in Cyprus, and it seems that the Turks want to make it perfectly clear where their bit is :)
#cyprus #nicosia #turkey #flag #landscape #travel #olympus #photography #mywork #myphoto

When it first appeared it annoyed the Greek Cypriots but now they rarely notice it. I love Cyprus but Nicosia is not one of my favourite places although it does have some fantastic restaurants.