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I wrote an excel macro a half dozen people are using that contains the comment "i have no idea why this magic line works but if you change it everything breaks" and everyone hates that but it's 100% true.


Only 25% of adults responded that humans definitely did not live with dinosaurs. When you include "probably not" it only goes to 43%. The majority said we probably did, maybe did, or they weren't sure. How did this happen? SMH.…


This has become a "give them an inch and they'll take a yard" problem: much of the NRA membership thinks that anything less than an increase in power for second rights advocates equals a loss.
Yep, I dropped my membership over 10 years (maybe 20??) ago when I first saw the direction they were headed.


It reminds me of people who say they want to be engineers but hate math. That combination isn't going to work out well. Engineering is mostly math. #

The Khan courses on fundamentals like this are IMO a waste of my time. Too formal, too close to the classroom. Not enough details and descriptioni to connect the dots.


Few people know the Deep State had an IPO in 2013. It was very hush-hush. Trouble is, they lost control, and now Soros owns 8%, Rothschild owns 14%, and the Illuminati own a whopping 71%. The Truth Is Out There.
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ you know I love you and appreciate your keen intellect, and dry sense of humor, right? Just wanted to say it to make sure you did know :)


Looking at my WA state ballot. I count for Gov 11 Republican Party, 4 Trump Republican Party, and 1 Pre2016 Republican Party candidates.

Well, at least
1) the GOP are fragmenting to Hell, finally;
2) some people are recognizing Trump doesn't represent anything properly American.
Yeah, there weren't before this year. The lockstep nutbags are finally fragmenting under the weight of their own bullshit.

In WA state, candidates don't have to declare a party. They declare a "preference," such as "Prefers Republican Party."

Elsewhere on the ballot, there was even a "Prefers GOP Party." Srsly? I'd even vote for perennial turkey GoodSpaceGuy over an idiot who "Prefers Grand Old Party Party."


I guess it's time to open a TikTok account and find out why Trump is so scared of it.
I think Trump will want to debate in front of a live audience. As @tomgrz said, Trump loves to hear himself speak, and loves a live audience.

I think Trump advisors will try to stop him. Trump is his owm worst PR nightmare. Most Americans are too lazy to actually listen to Trump, but the "muddled middle" tunes into the Presidential Debates and pays at least half a bit of attention. Four years ago Trump was less incoherent and even the "muddled middle" jas swallowed 20 years of anti-Hillary poison cocktail, so they were willing to gloss-over Trump's inconsistencies and nonsense.

Today, Biden's public speaking is boring, but at least he's coherent. Trump's all over the map, and while entertaining, even the "muddled middle" is starting to ask questions about his inconsistencies and lies.
TikTok can be bad for Trump, becauase it can take video of Trump himself and expose his inconsistencies and splice them into tiny chunks for lazy brains, and people can easily see how he flip flops, flounders, and generally behaves like a narcissistic moron.



Publicamos hoje a terceira parte do importante artigo de Aurora Apolito.
"É preciso conceber a forma matemática de uma infraestrutura capaz de substituir o mecanismo de otimização do mercado."


My autocorrect is ready and waiting for @YOU season three...

Screenshot of new status dialog with just a single E as hashtag and autocorrect giving EllieEyeballs as first suggestion.
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2020-08-07 03:31:22
The only remedy - the only solution that can defeat Trump and Barr in this plot against the election - is to elect Biden by an uncontestable electoral *and* popular landslide. That means every vote, even in blue states, counts as a message against this electoral chicanery. /3


2020-08-07 03:36:52
Trump made this. Don't complain to me about it. I didn't make the rules. The President of the United States has made clear he will not accept the outcome unless he likes it. So it must be *uncontestable.*
Thank for coming to my Electoral Apocalypse Talk. /7x


Tabletop QOTD 2020-08-06

Rpg, probably a 3. AD&D, Travelers and Caves, a game created by a friend.

Board and card games are a complete mystery. I will note however, that @Joseph Teller mentioned a card game I grew to like. Munchkins.
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It's impossible to be sure how often I've played specific games, but let me try to count my most often olayed games.

For RPGs:
WFRP, GURPS, EarthDawn, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Traveller, D&D, I all played dozens of times. We're only at 7, so I'm pretty sure I played Het Oog Des Meesters and Call Of Cthulhu more than that. Quite possibly also Just Gug (a highschool homebrew), CORPS, Dream Park and Dogs in the Vineyard, but I doubt I actually played those 14 times, so it's somewhere between 9 and 14.

Board/card games is probably going to be more, because there's so many and they're easier to play:
Chess, Go, Catan, Dominion, Kraken, Magic the Gathering, Kwartet (go fish), Pesten, Talisman, Mein Erste Obsgarten, Halma, Mens Erger Je Niet, Backgammon, Carcassonne, Hearts, Agricola, Thurn & Taxis, Bloodbowl, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Rifugio. I'm just reasonably confident I played all of those at least 20 times. I'm probably forgetting a couple. If Terraforming Mars hasn't been played 21 times yet, it soon will.
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2020-08-06 07:57:20
Did you know that in China the Chinese Communist Party is the only legalized religion?


We have to get real alternatives for every day users to put this fucking company out of fucking business like yesterday. #
2020-08-06 18:30:07
🚨🚨 a senior @Facebook engineer collected internal evidence showing that prominent conservatives were getting preferential treatment to help remove fact-checks...

Facebook deleted his post, restricting internal access to the info he cited, and fired him.…

Any enterprise-scale people care to throw some numbers out on how much it costs to provide a service like Facebook?


Some new mask designs are up -- Irish flags in official colors, German flags, and a high-performance design for nurses and schoolteachers.

The store for the mask you want is:

I'm not sure if you were looking for the mask itself or a blueprint...
That's very cool! Hahahaha. You weren't kidding. Thanks for the link.



Important other reminder what the ramifications of Facebook lopsided policies and pursuing people that violate the TOS #
2020-08-06 13:49:02
Scary as this list is, the reality is even worse: at least 3 of these top ten posts are being shared as part of Q-anon conspiracies, as @kevinroose details.

Not just a few nutters, it's your neighbors and relatives, in the millions.…


2020-08-06 21:21:42
Remember in 2016 when a story about bias at Facebook caused a massive uproar and Zuckerberg met with people like Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, and Trump's campaign to hear demands?

For SOME reason, I doubt Zuckerberg will be reaching out to the left in a similar way.


2020-08-06 19:11:02

Left: The Human brain.

Right: The Dolphin brain.


Open SmartNews to read '‘Imagine if you’re Colin Kaepernick’: Former Green Beret who advised NFL player to kneel criticizes viral attack dog video' here: or you can directly access the content using this link here:


Open SmartNews to read 'Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests positive for coronavirus ahead of Trump visit' here: or you can directly access the content using this link here: Considering he's one of the……


Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-31

Not this year. Every year, I start, and then get I miss a day and get frustrated with myself for missing ...

So I'm not even trying this year.
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Guess so, though I'm behind already.
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2020-08-06 16:30:09
This week, we sat down with Founder and CEO Michael Dominick to learn more about The Mad Botter and the company's switch to Linux. Check it out!

# # # #


If Yellowstone erupts in 2021 we're all going to be like your timing is late.


CW: Pence blasts Chief Justice John Roberts as ‘disappointment to conservatives’ ……


Fauci says virus may never be eradicated, contradicting Trump… We may just end up having to get a shot every 6 months for the rest of our lives.


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200k kids are currently in underfunded, for profit, prisons. Mostly black. Resource officers have stopped literally no school shootings but they treat any disrespect and things kids and teens have always done as a crime including pepper spraying, tazing. beating and shooting them. A girl was sent to JuVie for throwing a baby carrot at her teacher. People who say "think of the children!" really just mean, the white middle class kids and need to shut the fuck up.
btb (x)


Make that Jan 2016. If you have been the first picture any time since then you have zero empathy


I never knew this either!
TIL in Firefox if you drag and drop link or file on Download toolbar icon, that'll download it.
Same. Also the most counter intuitive thing in UX I ever heard of.

I don't even have this icon.
The toolbar is customisable, so you can choose to have that icon or not.


Whenever there is good SpaceX news I'm always torn between the aerospace engineer in me stoked for the win and the moralist in me that knows it's feeding into a Titanic sized ego of a narcissistic megalomaniac who pretends it's all because of him like Edison or pre-1990s Jobs.
"The simplest explanation is that all of your space program ( I mean man flights) was just propaganda against Russia which had it earlier."

The space race to the moon was definitely substantially driven by geopolitical events that had nothing to do with science. Some of that was legitimate concern, like early on if you can lob something into orbit you can lob a nuclear device anywhere on the planet. But shortly it became an east vs. west pissing match. That was true on both sides. After we hit the moon and Mars looked not so easy a next step the fever somewhat subsided. The 1970s was also the era of a lot of economic problems for both sides which led to drastically reduced funding and focus. Even by the late-1960s, before we got to the moon, there was already public pressure to scale back NASA budgets. I'm not sure that in my lifetime we will recreate the environment that which lead to such investment *and* focus when it comes to space goals.


Devemos tentar resistir a essas transformações, agora aceleradas pela pandemia, ou tentar direcioná-las?


2020-08-04 19:51:03
Depois de conversar com vários profissionais da saúde e publicar um texto no @passapalavra, o @detetivevsilva produziu esse vídeo sobre "hostilidade na linha de frente" durante a pandemia:


2020-08-05 16:39:16
Empreendendo a lavagem cerebral (2) via @passapalavra