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Sounds like you're a denizen thereof for you know whereof you speak, huh, Daniel. ;)
I replied to a wrong thread... 😅

2021-03-03 10:44:01
Flutter is the default choice for future Ubuntu apps.

@kenvandine, Engineering Manager, is here to tell you about some of Canonical's contributions to Flutter at #FlutterEngage.

Watch 👉

I missed you guys. Huge thanks to our host for getting the node fixed!
I'd get the login page, then it would go to bad gateway error. For about a month. I'd just about given up, then I noticed the status updates which explained a kernel build error, or something. They key takeaway was an issue that was being worked on; I didn't need to store the technical details in long-term memory, so didn't.

I haven't had the opportunity to do much #dotnet work recently but definitely checking this out.
2021-03-03 08:39:36
Very excited to share a little demo I’ve been working on. The lions share of the session is with the fantastic @dwuk86, who has created a beautiful app that demonstrates how to build common features needed in your apps.

2021-03-03 13:23:32
NEW: Between Aug 2020 and Jan 2021 far-right misinformation Facebook pages drew more engagement per follower than any other type of partisan news, a new study shows.

These misinfo pages drew 65% more engagement per follower than even other far-right news.
Hey, who doesn't love a circus?
... which means facebook was making more money

Biden used his presidential authorization to have Merk and JNJ work together to produce the vaccine faster moving vaccine production for all adults from end of July to end of May. If Trump had bothered to do the basics on this we'd probably have it all by end of March. #vaccine #Covid 19

Dev team after the management team says "We will fix it in production" vibes 😀
TFW you're directing a live event and the #virtualevents platform starts to have technical difficulties during the keynote.


Marjorie Taylor Greene claims ‘real’ voter suppression is her having to wait to go through metal detectors at Congress… #SmartNews
"Lines are for everyone but me! Only my shallow interpretation of oppression is real!"

2021-03-03 14:26:28
The central partisan conflict in America today is not over abortion or stimulus or immigration or policing, it’s over whether you want to live in a fair, majoritarian democracy

2021-03-03 13:01:53
Way to start the season with a blast, @7Koin! The former @SSCStudentSec standout comes up big in Game 1. @svsubaseball ...

Speaking of the Mercers, it's the same Mercers behind Cambridge Analytica and the spinoff companies doing the same shit under different names like Emerdata and Data Propria. Don't think these assholes will ever go away or change tactics.
Why would they? Little people exist at their convenience. There's no consequence for failure as long as it doesn't ruffle the feathers of another powerful family.

If what Google says is as pervasive as the press release leads on this is huge. I go to great lengths to thwart the Google/Facebook/Amazon data vacuums but most people can't or aren't aware of it. A positive development I'm going to keep an eye on.

Play with snakes and you'll get bit. It is interesting that the straw that broke the camel's back for the Mercers was trying to clamp down on domestic terrorist content and Qanon insanity. Insane.

Publicamos ontem mais uma coluna de @irrideo.

"Como pensar uma política de preços que não resulte nos coletes amarelos franceses, ou que não alimente um ressentimento da exclusão?"
@passapalavra @irrideo Quem dera toda política de preços resultasse no Gilets Jaunes
@lyrafred @passapalavra Acho que entendo o teu argumento e concordo. Só tava tentando pensar mesmo no tipo de complemento que uma política de transição energética tem que ter pra não alimentar um ciclo de ressentimento dos excluídos dessas políticas (na falta de uma expressão melhor).

There are a bajillion apps for Android covering every imaginable thing, and often 20 apps that do the same obscure thing. Yet I can't find a trangulation app. We used to write our own 25 years ago. This is used in radio direction finding to locate a transmitter or noise source.

You walk or drive to a location and take a bearing on the noise. The app places a pin on the map where you are and draws a straight line representing the bearing you measured. Then you walk or drive some distance and take another bearing. The app puts another pin and another line.

Where the two lines intersect is the target. Simple. With radio it's a good idea to take several bearing to improve accuracy.

I can't find any app that does this simple thing. I can't even find a decent app that lets you draw arbitrary straight lines on an OSM map.

Very neat, all of it!
Well, not the Power Company, but when is that ever the case?

2021-03-03 12:01:28
O melhor balanço sobre 2013 e sua relação com a ascensão de Bolsonaro a meu ver é essa aqui: olha como a coisa virou. A revolta mudou de lado.

A teoria da conspiração do momento, nos EUA, diz que Trump voltará ao poder em 4 de março. Segundo seus adeptos, a 14ª emenda à Constituição americana, mudando a denominação do cidadão americano de “cidadão soberano” para “cidadão da federação”, tirou toda a soberania do povo (+)

Portanto, tudo o que foi feito pelo governo desde então não teve legitimidade, incluindo a 30ª emenda, que mudou a data da posse do presidente de 4 de março para 20 de janeiro. (+)
Eles só se esqueceram de explicar por que a posse de Trump em 20 de janeiro de 2017, e tudo o que ele fez no cargo, teria sido legítimo…

Ver este e outros Flagrantes Delitos aqui:

2021-03-03 11:55:07
Já que a sazonal bostejada sobre junho de 2013 voltou à TL, segue uma pequena contribuição que publiquei no @passapalavra sobre as diferenças entre 2013 e 2015, a partir de uma pesquisa realizada em Vitória/ES com os CBFs paneleiros, texto de 2015:

I used to blog.

I wrote some really good stuff. Some of it sucked, and some was brilliant, and that was good enough. When G+ died, so did the conversations and value-added commentary by intelligent people. When G+ died, so did my commitment to blogging.
Yeah, I lost a lot of interest in, well, everything, when g+ died and took everything with it.

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A banker, a farmer, and an immigrant are sitting at a table with 20 cookies. The banker takes 18 and tells the farmer "better watch out, that immigrant might take your cookie."

I love how she bought or picked out a shirt specifically so she wouldn't have to do anything so crass as to roll up a sleeve.

If you mention the term "cancel culture" to me in any context I'm tuning your message out entirely. I'll deal with case by case unfairness which has been a part of the human condition since before time began. Even in those cases if you mention CC I'm not responding to it.
You're violating my free speech!
Can I cc you on that?

2021-03-02 23:10:59

@svsubaseball opens the 2021 season with a 16-4 win over Cleary today in Howell

Cardinals combine for 12 hits
Koin with Grand Slam
Loftus 2 hits, 4 RBIs
McClennen 2 hits, 4 runs

SVSU prepares to travel south to Florida starting competition Friday in Auburndale


2021-03-01 04:35:53
Did the person who invented the phrase “one-hit wonder” invent any other popular phrases?
LOL! I certainly hope not!
Dick Clark probably did, and probably did. 😁

Lies really are just the entire GOP strategy... ALL OF IT!
Lindsey Graham scolds Democrats over sexual harassment allegations: 'Follow the Republican model'

Good start for the boys from Saginaw. Can’t wait to see them play in FL next week.

2021-03-02 20:12:34
editing your own work in the google doc after sending the link


Traduzione terminini informatici

Ciao a tutti,

sto cercando un'indicazione, sto traducendo della documentazione di un progetto #opensource dall'inglese all'Italiano, ma molti termini informatici non hanno quasi più un corrispettivo in Italiano. Sono incerto se tradurre quelli che tuttavia hanno una traduzione e lasciare gli altri in Inglese, ma se c'è qualcuno che ha studiato recentemente informatica e ha una idea di come sono redatti i testi liceali o universitari mi farebbe molto comodo.

Trovo tanti spunti filosofici, tipo questo:

Ma non trovo niente di più pragmatico. Intanto vi ringrazio anticipatamente!

#italian #italiano #tradurre #translating #translate #informatica #informatic #web #freesoftware #documentation #documentazione #InformationTechnology

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Ciao. Che piace di sapere del tuo impegno. Il mio è solo un saluto. Non ne so abbastanza di inglese.

Buona fortuna
Grazie... 😅

2021-03-02 22:34:09

Koin with a grand slam in the 8th to make it 16-4 in favor of @svsubaseball over Cleary


2021-03-02 22:28:35
⚾️Top 8
@svsubaseball pushes lead to 12-4 on a three-run Cleary error in the 8th