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eduArdu: Arduino-Konsole, um Programmieren zu lernen #Arduino #Mikrocontroller #Olimex #OpenSource #eduArdu

Russian off the shelves: Vladimir Putin calendar sells out in Japan #VladimirPutin #AsiaPacific #Worldnews #Japan


After Backlash, Democrats in New Jersey Rethink Redistricting Plans

Legislative leaders in New Jersey announced this weekend they would not move forward with a proposal to redraw legislative districts that would have essentially written gerrymandering into the State Constitution.
#Democrats #Hypocrisy #ElectionRegulation #Redistricting

Main wreckage and second black box not recovered in initial search of October crash which killed 189 people on board. #AsiaPacific #Indonesia #Aviation


Do the assessments of each seem right to you?
No los conozco todos. Lo que te puedo decir es que la mayoría son de "derecha" y en los que yo confío más por permitir investigación independiente son Proceso y La Jornada.

Los tres primeros sirven para enterarnos de la economía neoliberal.

Además, como periodismo independiente añadiría a Animal Político, Sin Embargo, Revolución 3.0 😉

I love when I update from master and new things pop up in the UI, like these notification tabs:
Updating from master each week is like getting small fun presents. I never know what they will be.

@ThreddyTheTrex only issue --> one day it might be a venomous snake :p

@grufwub I'm bracing myself for the day that I totally mess up the site with an update.


China’s Detention Camps for Muslims Turn to Forced Labor

#China #Autocracy #ReligiousDiscrimination #Uighurs #Islam

The New York Times: China’s Detention Camps for Muslims Turn to Forced Labor (By CHRIS BUCKLEY and AUSTIN RAMZY)

15,804 accounts
+2 (h) +44 (d) +302 (7d) +906 (30d) +1631 (60d) +2713 (90d) na (365d)

Bad weather delays hunt for Lion Air jet's black box


NYT Editorial Board: Put Down the Golf Clubs, Visit the Troops

#Trump #Detestimonial #GOPHypocrisy #USMilitary

The New York Times: Opinion | Put Down the Golf Clubs, Visit the Troops (By THE EDITORIAL BOARD)

In light of yet another e. coli outbreak a few weeks ago, doctors everywhere are suggesting safer alternatives to romaine lettuce.
Doctors Recommend Donuts as Safe Alternative to Romaine Lettuce

Donuts are always a valid replacement for lettuce. Unless you're diabetic then that would be less awesome. I'm glad I'm not diabetic yet...hehe.

Visiting Krispy Kreme on my mornings off tends to be my signs of happiness, or my budget having reached @#$& it levels, lol.



Hello World.
SCA (x) Test (x)

This is not a boring conversation!!!
Okay, well, yes it is.

Test posts tend not to scintillate. Wait, I can do better.

I apologize
This post does not scintillate
It's only a test

At least that's a haiku ;-)


Hand Food and Mouth Disease (HFMD)

HFMD is a communicable disease caused by enteroviruses. Diagnosis is usually through history plus signs and symptoms observed through physical examination to differentiate from other vesicular eruptions. It mostly affects children under 10 years old but adults can also become infected.

➤ fecal-oral
➤ oral-oral
➤ respiratory routes

Objects, such as door knobs, contaminated with infected mucus, saliva, or blister fluid are also transmission pathways.

Signs and Symptoms:
➤ fever
➤ malaise
➤ mucocutaneous vesicular lesions: oropharynx, hands, feet, buttocks
➤ itching

... Show more...

I think I saw some references to failed attempts.

I don't see any natural cure. But this malady surely needs more medical research.


New arrival ...

Today we brought Jessie home from Cats' Protection.Image/Photo

She's in her 'refuge room' at the moment, and we'll be introducing her to Sweeney and vice-versa over the next couple of weeks. She's a tiny little thing, although full grown, and when we made the mistake of leaving the bag of litter in her room, it became a cat toy - though she be little she is fierce.

Look man, I am just here for the catss.

We're just trying to improve your cat viewing experience, @Dervishspin ...

La central nuclear de Almaraz, símbolo del capitalismo voraz y destructivo #Blog

It hurts being myself sometimes, I know my desires, I'm lacking patience, It would be great if I could flip a switch and everything was the way I'd like it.

Not me, no not me. Never me. Always green on the other side, never for me. When I try I get laughed at, when I ignore I feel talked bout. Fucking sucks.
I feel disappointed that i cannot offer any advice.
Hope everything works out OK for you.

Post: I have a #Systemd problem in #Linux.

Reply: Systemd is evil, it is the worst, it is pure evil!

It is always like this. It has to be. Does it?
Marco R. doesn't like this.

The people who lies and forced people to accept the evil gmo and poison children by vaccines as "progress" they are same who injected this #systemd cancer!
#sneaky #manipulators

@Adam Hunt, i still cant find the exact clear info about
I will point out that Richard Stallman is currently running a distro on his own personal computer that uses systemd.
your link is not prove he used exactly version with systemd but not the Trisquel 7 which is not including the cancer maggot and still supported until March 2019.
Also i simply can't believe in that nonsense idea anyway. Its like to say the Hitler was a red communist or Bill Gates gave all his money for free to all humanity and he become living as homeless on streets. Its just impossible.
Anyway, i think i cleared enough of the point already, who have brains will figured out himself, ignorants can keep ignoring and manipulators can keep believing they still have power on this planet, soon then tribunals will be started they will not find a place on planet to hide. and no any money will help them all. even no luck ever. everyone will get that they deserved. period. and good bye.

I organized the Redbubble site into two collections: one for t-shirts and another for stickers. It was difficult for me to find which designs had stickers when using the default portfolio view.

Je viens de la visionner, j'en ai les larmes aux yeux, j'en suis tout retourné !!! La fin est grandiose, géante !
Vidéo à voir ABSOLUMENT, et à partager PARTOUT ! Merci !!!
Vidéo à voir ABSOLUMENT, et à partager PARTOUT ! Merci !!!
#GiletsJaunes <3 ! Repartagé

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 3874 Knoten mit insgesamt 1103820 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

#Friendica (337/12293)
#diaspora (256/450447)
#red (9/106)
#hubzilla (230/5227)
#GNUSocial (145/1544)
#StatusNet (9/113)
#Mastodon (2512/628589)
#pleroma (370/4472)
#socialhome (4/847)
#ganggo (2/182)

#TheFederation #Fediverse

First number is servers known by my server and second is the number of users these known servers advertise.

Wie kommen solche Unterschieder zustande? Ich habe völlig andere Zahlen.

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4127 Knoten mit insgesamt 2526536 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

Friendica (365/13623)
diaspora (286/663220)
redmatrix (9/81)
hubzilla (252/6291)
GNU Social (155/1750)
StatusNet (8/21)
Mastodon (2651/1835186)
pleroma (395/5335)
socialhome (4/847)
ganggo (2/182)

... und the federation info hat wieder ganz andere Zahlen. Wer kann mir sagen, wieviel User es wirklich gibt, und wieviel nodes?

dein Server kennt einfach andere Server als meiner. Das hängt mit abonnierten Tags und Kontakten zusammen.

Die Zahlen sind deshalb so unterschiedlich, weil es zum einen keine Zentrale Instanz ist, an die alle reporten und zum anderen steht da ja "kennt dieser Knoten 4127 Knotent". Das bedeutet, dass du nur so viele Server und Account kennst, mit denen du auch irgendwie in Kontakt stehst. Entweder über deine Kontakte, oder die Kontakte der Leute, die auf deinem Server sind und die Kommentare/Likes oder Interaktionen , die andere auf Beiträge abgeben, die auf deinem Server/Knoten eintrudeln.

OK, danke. Wieder was gelernt. :-)

Bon dia. No quiero salir 😢
Buenos días, michiña. Las calles aún no están puestas. Vuelve a la cama.

@random no puedo 😔

Bueno, pues te guardaremos un sitio seco y calentito aquí para que vengas a refugiarte. 😘

Pageant-mad Philippines celebrates Miss Universe win

Creo que la naturaleza intenta decirme algo.

Que es lunes y es temprano random. Buenos días 😁

Migrañas y bruxismo. El lunes es el menor de mis problemas.

@random joder! Yo pasé de hacerme la férula :blobpats: @guaridagorri

@paQKyo @guaridagorri
Yo también pasé duante bastante tiempo pero parece que la cosa empeora a ratos.

@random en mi caso va por épocas. Cuánto más estrés, peor @guaridagorri

Hypothesen, #Philosophie, #Meinung

Ich vermute und kommer zu der Meinung, der überwiegende Anteil gesellschaftlichen Probleme ist auf Produkt - Werbung zurück zu führen.

Werbung zeigt Produkte unrealistisch.
Werbung erzeugt Bedürfnisse die zuvor nicht vorhanden waren.
Werbung ist der häufigste Grund für Tracking im Netz.
Werbung ist die legitimierung für Tracking im Netz.
Werbung zeigt idealisierte, nicht erreichbare Welten.
Werbung produziert eine hohen Anteil an CO2
Werbung verkauft Produkte, die ohne Werbung keinerlei nennenswerten Absatz fänden.
Werbung hält den Kapitalismus, das "Wirtschaftswachstum" am laufen.
Werbung ist (vermute ich) hauptverantwortlich für Spiel-sucht, im Internet.
Werbung ist keine zuverlässige Informationsquelle.
Werbung wird gesellschaftlich gefördert durch Steuererleichterungen... Show more...

+++ Der Morgen live +++: May fürchtet irreparablen Schaden durch erneutes Brexit-Referendum - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik
#Politik #Deutschland #DerMorgen@SPIEGELONLINE


Episode 84 - 12/16/2018


Intel developers are working to open source the FSP, Fuchsia SDK and device repos show up in Android AOSP, and our BSD buddies have some big news.

Plus the pending removal of the x32 sub-architecture from Linux, why Uber is joining up with the Linux Foundation, and more.


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#linux #linuxactionnews #jupiterbroadcasting #podcasts #tech #technews #opensource #gnu #freesoftware #ubuntu
Thanks for resharing Hank!

32bit is still very important in the ARM world.

Could you just go conquer Mars or something

Hoy, en la saga "cosas que no debería haber hecho": Cenar queso.

On my 4th hour of watching back to back specials on Freddie Mercury and Queen
This song itself is getting almost half an hour to itself! The song has revitalized itself with me lately. Very few songs can do that over time but this one has.
#queen #bohemianrhapsody #freddiemercury


The Scorpion and the Tortoise

An Ancient Animal Fable with a Timeless Message

Version and Interpretation by Dr. Cassone

A lonely insecure tortoise is chillin in a stream when a scorpion walks up and says hello.

They begin to talk about life and all its wonders during which time the lonely insecure tortoise begins to feel happy. As they continue to talk, the lonely insecure tortoise fantasizes that the new friendship is the solution to his unresolved personal self esteem issues.

The degree to which the lonely insecure tortoise outsources his sense of well-being is proportionate to his inability to accurately see the scorpion for who he really is versus who he needs him to be. In other words, the tortoise needs the friendship so badly that he no longer sees the scorpion as a scorpion. He sees only what he needs. This is the source of trust issues.

The scorpion proposes tha... Show more...

Humans are fully equipped with instincts, too. You follow their imperatives and your "rational mind" explains those actions away.

Pues vuelta a la normalidad si algo he de agradecer a Eugenio es inventar esta Red, ya que gracias a ella he conocido a alguien maravilloso como es @Missblackxs, alguien que sabe que me va a tener para siempre por que no merece menos, alguien con quien me faltan palabras para expresar lo que pienso de ella. Y alguien que espero volver a ver pronto.
@cuerdarota @Missblackxs ¿Ya has dejado las tierras catalanas?

Si, ya estoy de vuelta, pero amenazó con volver.

@cuerdarota veo que ha ido bien 😘 @AnnaSD @Missblackxs

Si, aunque algunas se han rajado y han pasado de vernos.. Ejm ejem, no señaló a nadie.
@AnnaSD @Missblackxs

Mi barrio tiene pocos espacios (ninguno) comunitarios, así que en la junta de vecinos de mi cuadra propuse organizar nuevamente una posada para los niños. Todos participaron animadamente cooperando con ponche, tamales, dulces... Me tocó una de las 5 piñatas! Y aunque no tengo niños pequeños, en la cuadra hay muchos y será una buena forma de apropiarse de nuestros espacios para convivir. 🎉🎉😁

@Divert sí! La convivencia cohesiona a la comunidad. En estos tiempos violentos hay que buscar formas para mejorar nuestro entorno.


Keine Kommentare

!Libranet Support


Ich habe das Problem, dass ich keine Kommentare mehr sehen kann. Wie auf dem Screenshot der Mail zu sehen, sollen dort 5 Kommentare sein. Im Screenshot vom Post sieht man aber nichts. Ich bin mal durch meinen Stream gegangen und zu keinem Post sehe ich Kommentare.


Andrew Broad: Australian minister quits amid 'sugar baby' allegations

La censura de les imatges en el servei de mapes Yandex ha permès identificar instal·lacions militars secretes a Israel i Turquia

Mit üblen Tricks hat sich Markus Söder nach oben gekämpft, nun gibt er sich lammfromm. Die AfD berät über das Schicksal von Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein. Und: Kennen Sie Bthvn? Die Lage am Morgen. Von [i]Dirk Kurbjuweit
Die Lage am Montag: Brachialpolitiker Söder
#Politik #Deutschland #DIELAGE