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Herzlichen Glühstrumpf! Und alles Gute für Dein Neues Lebensjahr! Und vielen Dank für Deine immerwährende Unterstützung! <3


A Proposal to deal with #Nutsie #Cuckoos


So -- many of you just witnessed the
phoenix-like return and subsequent flame-out
of Nicholas Mouart (v 10.0) who
* comes on;
* wildly and viciously attacks users;
* threatens to bring down diaspora;
* has requested #GDPR takedown notices;
* and most recently poses as @Anonymous.

He has now closed two of the three accounts that he was using
to do this; and deleted all of the how to DDoS the russiandiaspora pod... Show more...

Edit: The last part was a little unclear. What he's doing is intended as self-defense. Preemptive self-defense.

What he’s doing is intended as self-defense. Preemptive self-defense.
muh dude... the guy was trying to coordinate a DDOS attack and threatening to sue the devs... \_(O_O)_/

This case might not pose a real threat, but it is a wake up call...
we need some method in place to defend ourselves and warn others against people who attack, poison, harass, scam, target #newhere's, actively practice "Preemptive self-defense", etc. before it gets out of control.

Ignoring and individual bans were fine, but as diaspora is increasing in size, bad actors of all types are becoming more frequent. A community run system like this a natural response to that problem... plus, as an added power check, the podmins don't have to follow the list if they dissagree with it.

Концовка истории - это как болт в гайке. Немного недокрутил - и вся конструкция трещит по швам и разлетается на первом же вопросе после прочтения/просмотра/прохождения. Не сумел вовремя... Show more...
@drequivalent @rf Что зашло? Фильмы: Прибытие, Форрест Гамп. Сериалы: Острые предметы, Клиника. Книги: Час быка, Темная башня, Мастер и Маргарита, Волхв. А вот чтобы прям вот "сл... Show more...

@sptnkmmnt я могу ещё несколько примеров подкинуть, когда авторы, не сумев вовремя остановиться, гробили сериал. Ярчайший пример—"За гранью". Последний сезон, я смотрел картинно в... Show more...


White House Increases Number Of Asylum Seekers Allowed To Enter Spike-Filled Refugee Compactor

WASHINGTON—In a stark reversal of earlier immigration policy, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that his administration was increasing the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter the United States’ spike-filled refugee compactor. “We feel strongly that 15 million people fleeing abuses in their own countries… Read more...

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Woman Longs For Day When First Female President Can Have Tell-All Book Written About Disgusting Vagina

SKOKIE, IL—Wistfully imagining a future she hopes is not too far away, area woman Margaret Bridgemeyer told reporters Tuesday she yearns for the day when the first female president of the United States will have a tell-all book written about her that contains explicit descriptions of her repulsive vagina. “I have to… Read more...

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Hello future friends or at least people I can learn something from

I'm #newhere. I am interested in #songwriting #privacy #texas #software #humor #peace #humanrights #languages #ux #semanticweb and lots of other things

I am a web developer for nearly fifteen years at the same place. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I'm a mediocre musician in general but I like to write songs.

I look forward to seeing what is here

here is an example of something I recorded tonight, it’s from 2015 but maybe I’ll write something new soon
Make a post about it!... =D

make sure you include the #mywork tag...

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: ICC begins investigation into atrocities #Worldnews #Rohingya #Myanmar

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self."
-- Ernest Hemingway

#quote #quotes #hemingway

For note, one of the things I picked up from B-Boy/Girl Break dance culture....
and a lot of graffiti culture as well (to which i confess to not having the balls to ever show any of my own....even under anonymity)...
guess one can say one of the things I picked up from "Hip-Hop" culture (before the pop machine got hold of it) in general.... so B-Boys and B-Gals, to MCs, DJs, instrumentalist and producers, to grafitti artist....
if their was a "superior" or "best" to be attained, it was in the perpetual NOW of awe.

one might throw a move or piece up NOW
but always with passion and
because it seemed honestly better than NOW ("better" i.e. "superior")
in "honest" pure intent......
it wasn't to dominate or subjugate
but it was to be shared
and until someone felt they honestly had something better, for NOW
what (had) existed was appreciated in awe

that said.....
New Orleans "Grey Ghost" was obviously a dick to culture.
So was "" (from the film "Beatstreet")

haters gonna hate just like statist gonna state.

can't let that stop things....
"Ollie" that shite.

#OllieCthlulu #ArtHarder



#softwarefreedomday #devuan .... auf grund von zeit/ablauf wurde das #devuan meetup / vortrag im informellen rahmen am kaffeetisch gemacht. (war trotzdem schöön) inhalt war eh nur das #freedom #init ding .... am #LPD 2018 so um den 11.11 rum werden wir mal ein #gnu #linux #desktop ohne #systemd und #dbus installieren .... cc @Tobias
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jep, das wär'n guter vorschlag! THX @hoergen

sorry, ist ein ....

Wenn ich gross bin (lies wenn wir in #Deutschland endlich schnelles Internet zuhause haben), dann will ich einen ausgewachsenen #Linux Server (lies mit ganz vielen CPU-Kernen und noch mehr RAM) zuhause in einem eigenen 19" Schrank haben, damit ich alles zuhause hosten kann.

@Felix Tiede
Wenn mensch damit leben kann, daß für einen Hardreset/Debugging hingerannt und ggfs. ein Monitor angeschlossen werden muß, auch OK.
Warum braucht man einen Monitor, um einen Reset-Knopf zu drücken? Danach bootet die Kiste doch ganz normal hoch und startet alle Dienste - inklusive den SSH-Dienst.

Wenn Dein ISP Dir immer wieder die selbe dynamische IP zuweist, ist das natürlich auch eine Lösung - mehr als eine IP brauche ich für meinen Kram ja auch nicht.
* Ja, natürlich kann mensch hier und jetzt irgendwas aufsetzen, was zum Hosten ausreicht. Habe ich 12 Jahre lang so gemacht, die erste Generation hatte nicht einmal ein Gehäuse. - Es geht aber nunmal gerade darum, eine Maschine aufzustellen, die eben nicht irgendwann an ihre Design-bedingten Grenzen stößt - davon haben RPis und Laptops im Vergleich zu einem "richtigen" Server aber einige (umgekehrt übrigens auch, ein Server ist als Workstation oder gar als 3D-Spiel-PC denkbar ungeeignet).
* RAID ist automatisierte Ausfallsicherheit.
Bei mir fällt eine Platte aus, sie wird ersetzt, den Rest macht der RAID-Controller am OS vorbei. Du mußt Dich hinsetzen und die Date... Show more...


Facebook Is Letting Job Advertisers Target Only Men

A review by ProPublica found that 15 employers in the past year, including Uber, have advertised jobs on Facebook exclusively to one sex, with many of the ads playing to stereotypes.
Article word count: 1896

HN Discussion:
Posted by danso (karma: 98260)
Post stats: Points: 105 - Comments: 122 - 2018-09-18T22:55:06Z

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Die App hat Steuererklärungen, Steuerbescheide, Belege und andere personenbezogene Daten in einem öffentlich lesbaren AWS Bucket abgelegt. #Android #App #Sicherheit #Sicherheitslücke #Steuern #Steuern59 #iOS


Guten Morgen D* 😊

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Grüerzi miteinand!

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liebe leute aus #berlin

hat jemand eine gebrauchte #ps4 günstig abzugeben?

#secondhand #playstation #gaming

'History we can be proud of': Jacinda Ardern salutes fight for women's vote #JacindaArdern #NewZealand #Women

Ugandan pop star politician beaten by soldiers to return home #YoweriMuseveni #Worldnews #Uganda #Africa

Aboriginal man fights possible deportation from Australia

I didn't have a single visitor to my blog on August 25th. This has never happened before and is probably a sign that the #blogosphere is finally dead. Instagram killed the blogs ...
#blog #internet #economy #web #change #media #society

social control media killed commenting (people comment outside the blog) and I suppose many journalists now publish their findings as "tweets". People also spend far too much time on FB, not even reading but scrolling and clicking on photos.


Milestone scheduling discussion

Hi !Friendica Developers,

since we're now using dated release version number, I'd like it to be accurate regarding the release date. So far, out of two releases, we've have about 4 weeks-long RC phase.

If we move the "expected" release date to the start of the month designated by the version number, we can still have a month-long RC phase and have a meaningful release version number.
Why not just change the release number when it is released to the months number? I personally like the release number to be the date of the release, this makes it easy to understand which version is newer/older. So even the day would be nice in my opinion, but then even a bugfix should have a new release number (which is the date

Why not, we just haven't had a hotfix version since we started this new numbering which would justify using the day.

Otherwise, it is a good idea, but I'm not sure how much work it would require from @Tobias to have a floating version number, hence the moderate proposition to move the expected release date at the start of the month. If we make it, the version number is accurate, and if we're 4 weeks late, it still is accurate.

Ah, I see the number has to be changed in the code somewhere. Well I forgot about that.

Well, of course we could make a 2018.09 out of an 2018.08rc - this isn't a huge problem.

I agree. the release dates for the milestones is something like we try to get it ready till that date, but really, it is ready when it is ready. The version numbers are (for me) tied to this concept. I don't see a problem with labeling it 2018.09 when the release is done later then the date aimed for.

What we should avoid is having a 2018.10 release after a 2918.11-rc, hence I'd rather have the milestone date staying at the end of the month.

Moin Welt ;-)

„Politik ist die Kunst des Möglichen.“


„Maaßen wird Staatssekretär im Innenministerium.“
Aber aus Trainer-Sicht muss ich sagen: ganz schön kreativ.

About the concert pitch A=432 and c=128....In the first part of this article the structure of modern and ancient musical scales was described in detail.Scales were compared,and we reported some aural or qualitative differences in the sound of similar intervals from different scales.Scales define the intervals between frequencies of all the notes in an octave.The frequency of every note is usually given in a normalized way:it is referenced to the frequency of the first note,called the tonic.Once the frequency of a note is fixed,the frequencies of the remaining notes in the scale become also fixed,according to the relative intervals given by the structure of the scale.

#fun Wahahahah


Electron 3.0.0

codebytere The Electron team is excited to announce that the first stable release of Electron 3 is now available from and via npm install electron@latest! It's jam-packed with upgrades,…
Article word count: 661

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\#HackerNews #300 #electron
Article content:



The Electron team is excited to announce that the first stable release of Electron 3 is now available from [... Show more...

I like these except for 4. I don't like to play games. I prefer to learn, understand, discover, and explore. Games involve score-keeping and rule-following. Score-keeping and rule-following suck out all the fun from life.

And you never break the law? :D

We did a lot of database work! If you encounter problems while the login process; Please reset your password via the reset function!

Sorry for any inconvenience!

#diaspora #joindiaspora

Schreib doch zumindest eine Support-Mailadresse noch mit auf -.- Ist ja nu nicht grade ein Einzelfall, dass Leute nicht mehr an ihre Accounts kommen.

Kann man dir für alte Accounts einfach sagen, welche neue Mailadresse du eintragen sollst? Ich hätte da ne Liste an Accounts, die ich gern übernehmen würde! :-)

Mi ne povis ensaluti ĉiutage hodiaŭ, do mi simple ŝanĝis mian pasvorton, kaj mi kulpigis ĝin pri forgeso.


Java is still available at zero-cost

The Java ecosystem has always been built on a high quality $free (zero-cost) JDK available from Oracle, and previously Sun. This is as true...
Article word count: 1977

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\#HackerNews #available #java #still #zero-cost
Article content:

... Show more...

There should not be any problems if your projects are backend ones..

@rudolfo I don see any difference between backend / front end. as soon as you download and install oracle jdk on company production servers you take potentially a legal risk to be asking some money someday. many lawyer oriented threads says the license interpretation is not clear => technical project leaders just go with openjdk these days.

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North Korea agrees to shut down missile test sites as leaders hail 'leap forward' #AsiaPacific #KimJong-un #NorthKorea #SouthKorea #Worldnews

After spending some time evaluating #Hubzilla, I've decided to stop. While it has some nice features that are lacking in Diaspora*, there are too many fiddly bits and bobs, and the UI is cluttered. I think it would be off-putting to the typical Facebook refugee.

I know it wasn't designed to be a federated social network platform per se, so it's not fair to judge it as one. However, that's all I'm interested in, so I really don't care what else it can do. I understand the developer is working on a new project that is intended to be a social network platform, and I definitely look forward to checking that out when it's ready for prime time. Thanks, I'll definitely check it out.

Also, I didn't mean to slam hubzilla, it's just not a good fit for what I want.

Is Osada live anywhere yet? can we join it somewhere or do we have to download and build a LAMP server to make use of it?


Live your life with purpose and make your purpose now. Re-make it as you need.

#religion #purpose #death #stoicism #buddhism #daoism #notzen
Life without purpose is half a life. Or a quarter. Or less.

I enjoyed reading that very much. Thank you.