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Tetzle is a puzzle game that creates tetromino puzzles from any image. The amount of pieces in created puzzles can be adjusted to change the difficulty. Tetzle can show a preview of the finished puzzle to aid in completion. Tetzle also has a meter showing how much of the puzzle is solved.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: tetzle

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A puzzle with two skunks in Tetzle. Image courtesy

Quote of note:

"A world where Bernie wins the nomination and the general election is a world in which the Democratic base would be behind him, so [MSNBC]would then be in confrontation with their viewership. I would think that would force a reckoning."

Via Fox Has Been “More Fair”: Why Bernie’s Team Has Had It With MSNBC

See also: MSNBC is out of its mind over Sanders leading Nevada

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It’s really the rich vs. everyone else.

That's worth repeating.

It’s really the rich vs. everyone else.

It's a movement.

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"That's Called Electability": Diverse Coalition Propels Bernie Sanders to Big Win in Nevada

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"That's not just a savvy coalition for winning the Nevada caucuses, it's how Bernie Sanders becomes president. Face it, establishment Democrats—it's his party now."

Awesome, looks like young people are showing up at the polls in record numbers, again!

The fun that is Friendica on mobile's triple menu system (the word "Latest" in red that you just about can see, is the third menu)

Nevada Entrance Poll Shows 62% of Democratic Caucus-Goers Support Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It's fair to say Democratic leadership fails to understand how much everyday Americans hate their private healthcare coverage."

A new film with # as lead is announced, The Fallout:…

It sounds like an emotionally deep role. Good... And she's right that Deadline seems to keep using the same photo...…

Screenshot of the website of Deadline showing the tagged articles for Jenna Ortega, with twice the same photo.

I've had interest in politics my whole life (read books, watch news, hours in debate forums, joined CR in college, etc). First election I was old enough to vote in? 1994. First one I voted in? 2000. First off year election year I voted in? 2012. Voted in every one since.

The older people are the more they vote, pretty much universally in the US. They realize oh hey this stuff does matter. And they have the time and job situations that make voting convenient, in those places that still make you go to a polling location.

I think it's universally universal not just in the US. However in the US it is a trend true for decades. I was always in a position where I had the time and job situation to make voting equally convenient. If anything I was more likely to roll up my sleeves and get into political debates et cetera then than I am now. For a lot of people what you say is true. However how many are like me and why people like me ultimately decided to sit out each race until we hit middle age?

"Two new studies found that the Medicare for All plan proposed by candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., would cost less than the public option proposed by former Vice President Joe Biden and other moderates in the Democratic primary."

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'How Can We Stop the Workers Who Want Higher Wages?' Sanders Mocks 'Nervous' Establishment on Eve of Nevada Caucus

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"I've got news for the Republican establishment. I've got news for the Democratic establishment. They can't stop us."

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Originator of Copy/Paste is Dead

Hrmf. Didnt vi have yank/paste before this?
Seems like he didnt "invent" copy/paste before 1973.

No. Joy started working on vi in 1976, I believe. Tesler's work was three or more years before vi existed. He began at PARC in 1971.

Sophie Scholl

RIP Sophie Scholl, 22 February 1943.
Here is the trailer to the film The Final Days (2005), on Sophie and other members of The White Rose who were arressted and executed on February 22 1943, based on interrogation transcripts.

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Poorly Made Cat-6 Cables

This is only of interest to engineers and tech geeks.

I made an alarming discovery tonight. For a project I'm working on, I need to connect to a device using an RJ-45 (8P8C) connector for audio and control signals, and it needs to be shielded. The easy solution is to buy a shielded CAT-6 Ethernet patch cable, cut and strip the wires, and solder them to the right spots. I did that. Inside the cable I found what I expected -- four individually shielded pairs, plus an overall shield. Quality was higher than I expected with substantial foil shields and an overall shield braid of aluminum wire. It was very well made cable.

One thing odd about this cable was that the white wires had no tracer colors, but it was obvious which colors they were paired with. You could plainly see it -- or so I thought.

I wired this gadget up about two weeks ago and got around to testing it tonight. Part of it worked and part of it didn't. This was annoying because I've been building electronics since I was five and with 60 years experience, I don't make many construction mistakes -- like n... show more

By-the-way, we were really tired after that effort, but there were compensations...

enter image description here

enter image description here

Yes, indeed. The most superior ladies are the ones attracted to the high-IQ guys. ;-) I was fortunate to be married to one for 20-plus years.

I can't stop saying how much I admire what @dhh has done with his companies and sharing all the information so others can do the same. If I ever start another company I'm going to be a master student of his principles and methodologies and applying it there.

I've been on the fence about subscribing for many months now but just bit the bullet and did it...

Quite a day

Kitsune, my Office Cat and nap buddy, joined her brother Gilgamesh over the rainbow bridge today.

Also, IEP meeting for the teen.

Also, a contractor on whom we rely to get shit down with a document management system is leaving the contract next week.

So it was a lovely day.

Hell of a day!

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just destroyed Meghan McCain’s bad faith attack on air and got a huge ovation.
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I finally got around to watch this week's show on DVR tonight, and you should really watch this segment on #.

HBO’s John Oliver has strong words for those who oppose ‘Medicare for All’

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how to book round trip flights from DFW to MAA

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O texto analisa a situação dos refugiados venezuelanos em Roraima, fala sobre a xenofobia e a exploração a que são submetidos.

O súbito desaparecimento de inúmeros venezuelanos, centenas talvez, por alguns dias, das ruas da cidade. Literalmente da noite para o dia.