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Oh, good. Summer 2021 - if COVID-19 doesn't kill you, some 2A-worshipping domestic terrorists probably will.
(Or, by extension, some asshole who got his hands on a gun, because 2A worshipping morons blocked efforts to prevent assholes getting their hands on guns.)

#Colombia's right-wing Government has declared war on protesters

After six weeks of massive #protests against #neoliberalism and state violence in Colombia, right-wing president Iván #Duque is relying on brute force to stay in power!
#Politics #SouthAmerica #Economy #Freedom #Fascism

Thousands in Tel Aviv celebrate ousting Netanyahu with foam, confetti and flags

Reminds me of Iran when we got rid of Shah, and replaced it with Khomeini.

The new PM of Israel is far worse than Netanyahu for the country, the region and the world.

But sadly, every western leader welcome him with open arms, despite his disgusting history of racism, bigotry, anti-lgbtq speech and action and his plan to destroy what's left of Palestinian state.
Contrasting scenes in Jerusalem where religious Jews gather at Western Wall to offer prayers against the new government; Ex-PM thanks supporters, urges them to protest
The Jewish Taliban and the extreme settlers are the ones celebrating his victory, but that does not seem to bother the leaders of the "free world"!
#Israel #Election #Netanyahu #Apartheid #Palestine #RoadToWar #JewishExtremism #Racism #Xenophobia

Test protocol...


Trying to figuring out if this #Friendica server still support the #Diaspora protocol.

New Gemlog

Hi folks,

new article where I recap the steps I did to create my #Gemini #capsule - #Gnuserland - plus comments!

#freebsd #nginx #gmid

huh. apparently i still have access to this

Just so you know:

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@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) There was a Strongbad Flash game called Peasant's Quest which was predictably silly. If you "won" the game you were praised with the message "your Valor has been recognized by the Valar". I kind of think that the whole game was created just to set up that pun.
Hahaha. Probably. Game designers are like that.

Kai Kostack did a nice rendering of a horrible event. Telescope model by yours truly.


Gemini Rules

Hi folks,

I am back again in orbit with my Capsule!

My previous blog went down but later Gemini came out from the nothing it really blown my mind and I decided to create my own capsule!

I have an exciting project to work with and Gemini has revealed as one of the best thing happened recently.

I look forward to make Gemini a nice to place to wandering around!


#gemini #freebsd #freeinternet #alternet #linux #opensource

New Evidence Links a Far-Right French NGO to War Crimes in Syria

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient billed itself as a protector of embattled Christians in Syria and partnered with the French Defense Ministry. New evidence shows it was secretly financing a sanctioned pro-Assad militia guilty of killing and torturing Syrians
#france #syria #warcrime #politics #war #NGO #MiddleEast

Germany has apologized for its 1904-1908 genocide in Namibia, when the country killed tens of thousands of people in its then-colony. "Germany wanted them to give up their land. When they resisted, the German government … issued an extermination order," says lawyer Miss Nyoko

So, as @Thorsten Claus motivated me again to contribute to #diaspora, here I am. And here is my TODO list...
- Review all the open pull requests and see which ones can be integrated
- Answer the support on #Framasphere
- Upgrade #framasphere to, I still didn't do that
- Update Ubuntu on #diaspora-fr
- Fix some trivial bugs to put myself back in diaspora code
- Draw some mockups of the UI for pod migration and post them on discourse
- Actually implement the mockups with HTML
- See with Thorsten how we make them live
- Start thinking about the next major release, in case they are long term things to do
- Post about what I'm doing to show people that diaspora* isn't dead 👍


A new "Masters of the Universe" series on Netflix? Yes please!
After 40 years a new story (promoted with a 40-year old song)
@James Cowan oh yeah they are definitely upping their nostalgia factor with that trailer for their target middle aged audience.

2021-06-10 16:59:29

On this day in 1985, @Microsoft and @IBM enter into a joint development agreement to co-develop the OS/2 operating system. This agreement fell through in the early '90s, after which IBM became the sole developer of OS/2.

Pronounced “OS half”.
For early versions that's an accurate description lol.

2021-06-10 15:05:23

You wouldn't know this from Twitter, bc DeSantis trolls bombard any mention of him with propaganda about how he beat COVID and the liberals.

He didn't. Almost 40k are dead in FL, the state lags in vaccines and has the worst new case rate of any big state.
also shut down the data gathering and analysis so people would not know how bad it was getting.

2021-06-10 15:32:06

Looking to quickly build a simulation?

This team added a flood simulation to their model of Bethlehem Steel using terrain with Cesium for Unreal and a flood layer in the @UnrealEngine water system.

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The world will be a better place when MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell:
A) is forcibly committed to a mental health institution to treat his delusions, psychosis, and mistaken belief that he is important in any way;
B) has an epiphany, realizes he has been behaving like an attention-seeking, delusional wanker, comes back to the real world, stops all this nonsense, and admits the 2020 elections - across the board - were the most secure and accurate in the last 100 years, that Biden is the lawful President, and Trump's cult members need to stop believing Trump's chronic and compulsive stream of lies;
C) he dies;
D) all of the above.
As long as they explode upon eating the after-dinner mint, I'm happy. :^D
More like a trough for some...


Há 10 anos atrás...

"Para compreender o cenário no qual a extrema-esquerda brasileira atuou no segundo pós-guerra, é preciso remeter a análise para as lutas de classe que a formaram e tentar situá-las num quadro internacional de lutas operárias."

Knee Jerk Devotional: Luke, by @danielmrose

2021-06-10 14:12:22

The m1n1 hypervisor recap stream is scheduled for Friday at 13:00 UTC. See you then!

"Quando a violência revolucionária tende a isolar os participantes em vez de defendê-los, ela faz mais mal do que bem."

165 of 365


2021-06-10 12:39:52

It took Republicans days of public pressure and outrage to say diddly about Marjorie Loca Greene’s minimizing of the Holocaust and meaning of the yellow star.

It took Democrats just hours to condemn @IlhanMN equating the US & Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. Good.

2021-06-08 18:46:00

U.S. health care in a nutshell

1. FDA approves Alzehimer's drug that may not even work
2. Drug costs $56,000, which will drive up insurance premiums for everyone else
3. Drug maker Biogen's stock surges 38%, making it $17 billion richer in one day
It was probably approved because the Drug Company did extensive lobbying and carousing and contributing to those involved in approving it!
Maybe as @Doug Senko said - it reduces plaque, but they couldn't verify any resultant cognitive change. Maybe you would have to run the trial for a long time to see any verifiable difference. (or plaque is only an indicator, not a cause?)

Check out this week's episode...

Listen to "Putting the New Testament in its Place: Reading the New Testament as History". ⚓

Beyond Sunday School: Putting The New Testament In Its Plase

2021-06-09 16:08:02

If you're migrating from Java or planning to do so, check out our first migration guide and prepare to code the authentic Kotlin way!

👷‍♀️ Build a string
👷‍♂️ Create a string from collection items
👷 Set the default values if the string is blank

Details ⤵️

Migrating from Java to Kotlin: Strings | Kotlin

I've never been to Java. I hear it's quite beautiful.


2021-06-08 23:07:27

A matte painting of Cardassia Prime's capital city, painted by artist Robert Stromberg for "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."