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Apparently, Tusky merged their blacklist for Gab today. So I feel it's time for another part in my little series:
"What if ALL applications were developed like Fedi apps"
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I uninstalled tusky a while ago and i dont rly regret it esp now that this happened

fedilab is going to do this too. We only have our browser to turn to it seems

Ah shit
Hopefully niu is safe

Niu would not be safe the masto crowd tried to cancel the admin once already

However I am not (yet) convinced it will ever get that bad. This gab nonsense will probably pass without much fanfare and the app problem will prob be forgotten

Even if it did, someone (me if I have to) will fork what we have at the time and remove that crap from it
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Wait, what happened with niu admin?

He was dishing out some rational and agreeable opinions and some asshole screenshotted him and cropped out the bottom 2/3 of the post. The remainder, when taken out of context made him sound alt-right when he isn't. That post got around and it was a shitshow. This is why you don't use reddit spacing.

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Ah, so that's why Niu is banned by many instances.
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Though some instances block it for less exciting reasons - they refuse to block some popular block choices among big masto and by not blocking them they are a liability because if niu users boost a post from a server that is widely blocked that they aren't blocking, then all those other servers in big masto land will see it.
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Yeah, makes sense. The fact that instance level blocks are so popular at all makes me sad.
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you can do instance level blocks on a user basis. Dictatorial admins that block other instances for all their users should be ashamed

I am pretty sure that the admin over your instance blocks other instances too.
Start your own instance then?

Yes, but not on ideological grounds.

> Start your own instance then?
Ah yes, the age-old argument.

It is unacceptable and completely unexcusable that some admins block other instances on ideological grounds. And even worse is suggesting that I should just roll my own and not complain.

At this rate, Twitter is going to be more open than this shitfest of trigger-happy Mastodon admins.

I will keep complaining about stupid admins enforcing stupid rules that fragment the fediverse thanks.

I think it is completely reasonable to block if it really is just an instance for followbots, unlike most SJW shitty Mastodon instances on which admins block literally everything that doesn't perfectly align to their ideology.

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lolicon is legal. if you want to browse fedi in public, disable fucking image previews, i dont know how difficult this can possibly be

Welcome to Sweden.


i praise god every day that i dont live in a cucked country :backfromgab:

seriously though ban my instance, i allow everything you seem not to like

Your instances has not flooded the timelines yet. :blobbo:


fuck Sweden. Illegalising literal pixel drawings? Lmfao

Also not using a polarised privacy screen protector. Lol.

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their media*

Filtered word: nsfw

I totally get that, but mutes + reject media does the same thing while still allowing users to connect.
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screw this lets eat something

A brand new website for /e/!
Still monolingual and a few things to fix, but it should be OK at least for the next 6 months 😇
Comments/suggestions welcome!
#Android #opensource #privacy

Much needed.
Besides the confusion with the names, eelo and /e/, many things were outdated and search for practical aspects was difficult.


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Content warning: re: pleroma rec

Los tres principales ciber riesgos de recargar un coche eléctrico en una ‘electrolinera’:

Free speech extremists argue for the speech of those who perpetrate injustice at the cost the lives of those who fight injustice.

The original intention of freedom of speech was right of citizens to spread political ideas without being persecuted by the state. Nowaydays freedom of speech gets confused with the perceived right to express a private opinion publicly often accompanied by insults, discrimination and threats. Yes you can do that on certain platforms but it has little to do with freedom of speech.

It's like calling the police when your wife or husband is cheating on you.

yeah, I understand that very well, but damned if I can get free speech extremists to even acknowledge this.

I've literally had an argument here today where someone said that free speech was more important than protecting the lives of the people targeted by said speech.

Hence this toot.

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Facebook reveals its cryptocurrency Libra to the world

HN Discussion:
Posted by timcc50 (karma: 289)
Post stats: Points: 95 - Comments: 108 - 2019-06-18T09:00:12Z

#HackerNews #cryptocurrency #facebook #its #libra #reveals #the #world
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Prehistoric People Built Little Artificial Islands in Scottish Lochs
Researchers nudged the construction date of some these landmasses, known as crannogs, back to the Neolithic period.


Demon Core

HN Discussion:
Posted by agarttha (karma: 305)
Post stats: Points: 132 - Comments: 48 - 2019-06-17T18:17:14Z

#HackerNews #core #demon
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I hate to think about the poor suckers who put this thing together...

Let me expound a bit more, I was being dismissive. The really cool thing about the ball of plutonium is all the theory and science and technology behind it, all of this focused in the creation of a precise and powerful object, an object more like a symbol than a thing- a work of art.

Much like ICBMS, with those incredible engines - the focused power of a controlled explosion, an immense exothermic experiment in action. And the ballistics, with a beautiful arc traversing half the globe at high altitude and arriving with such precision at a precalculated location. With its plutonium payload. Surely a work of art. You have to love this achievement to attain it. This is the hand of Dr. Strangelove.

Found: The Only Recording of Frida Kahlo’s Voice, Probably
In the recording, she likens Diego Rivera to a toad.

reminds me of the intro to me gustas tú by manu chao

Charles Kellogg Sang Like a Bird and Drove a Giant Tree
The vaudeville entertainer turned a California redwood into a mobile “Travel Log.”

"Freedom browser" trend continues | Librefox: Browse With Freedom.

This project aims at enforcing privacy and security of Firefox without forking the project.

500+ privacy / security / performance settings, patches, addons & cleaned bundle of Firefox (updater, crashreporter and Firefox's integrated addons that don't respect privacy are removed).

Librefox is NOT associated with Mozilla or its products.

#LibreFox #Firefox #freespeech #opensource #deleteMozilla

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Plötzlich Gegenverkehr: Krasse Reflexe bei einer Rallye in Kroatien

The Cypress That May Have Inspired Dr. Seuss’s ‘The Lorax’ Has Toppled Down
Now there’s nothing left of its whimsical crown.

Over 180 people killed in eastern state of Bihar, which is witnessing the second-longest heatwave on record. #Weather #Asia #India

How surveillance-savvy protesters in Hong Kong are hiding their digital footprints. #AsiaPacific #China #Politics

发霉啦:我在家收拾衣服 我忘了我儿子已经13岁了,于是我徒手从他床底下把他双硬梆梆的袜子给拿了出来。

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无厘头研究:如何制作一张完美的可丽饼 用物理学知识找出做可丽饼的最佳方法。

Taxpayer-funded smears and a well-published but fake activist - we examine worrying twists in the US-Iran online battle. #Media #Iran #DonaldTrump #MiddleEast #Journalism


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Thelma Cabrera desconoce resultados electorales en #Guatemala

El movimiento de la candidata Cabrera, agradeció a todos sus militantes y simpatizantes por su respaldo

what do u do when u can ping but telnet doesnt work. restart doesn't help. ima call ghostbusters on this one

find a remote code execution exploit in the ip stack

im gonna find a local hammer and smash this garbage

A Dentist-Turned-Horticulturalist Made a Record Just for Plants
Dr. George Milstein believed that all plants needed to grow was water, sunlight, nutrients, and a swinging-Sixties soundtrack.

Me he descargado una app que me convierte en mujer. Y aunque parezca malvada, yo me daba.

Ay, mira, no.
Dani, vuelve.

Primer post sobre las jornadas. Como no podía ser de otra manera es de @victorhck nuestro comunicador mas tenaz. Lo que mas nos gusta la invitación final de que cualquiera puede ser la que organice las siguientes. Por cierto no te hacíamos de tan lejos:)) Gracias por venir.


laptops also use electret condenser microphones.

As far as I know a lot of smartphones have only one speaker and are ‘mono’. Perhaps this means they might not be able to capture audio.
you could just switch back and forth very quickly, or leave the speaker as a speaker during playback/conversations. of course you would need firmware that does this, but if theres one thing that shouldnt surprise people much these days, its how insidious technology is when big government wants to spy on citizens.

@rf Здравствуйте, я ZFS. Не хотите ли поговорить о фрагментации?
P.S. Как такого вообще избежать можно? Про рецепт дефрагментации знаю, но он не удобен и в горячем режиме невозможен.

Фрагментация в 2k19.
Я думал, только на винде такое возможно.


да я тоже так думал. Кстати, в интернетах пишут, что на 128к блоках у ZFS, мол, фрагментация не такая уж и большая проблема...