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Zeta Phi Beta bans transgender women from membership

I never really understood the attraction of the Greek system anyway.
Zeta Phi Beta, a historically black sorority founded at Howard University, says transgender women are not eligible for membership. A “diversity statement” adopted by the Zeta Phi Beta International Executive Board on Jan. 12 states “an individual must be a cisgender woman” to join the organization. The statement at the same time says the sorority “values all people, regardless of race, age, gender, gender expression, ability, disability, creed, religion, or walk of life.”
#trans #transgender #ZetaPhiBeta

And the leading cause of death among trans women of color? Violence against them.

You'd think that people who historically fought against oppression would be more accepting.

... L'Hora de L'Acudit!!!(Perdoneu!!!)...🤦😎


no fa falta netejar-se el cul per veure si es sua, les capes que te, el gruix, etc...
Ho sento ho havia de dir.

Algú Ho Havia de Dir!!!...👏👏👏😄💪💪💪😉

Ostres, @coloco , tens raó! Podries haver-ho dit abans...

torcarse el cul es tot un mon...😂

250+ Examples of Natural Remedies Beating Pharmaceuticals....
One of the greatest if not the greatest triumph of biomedical science today is its role in validating ancient healing modalities that long before the advent of science, and even recorded history itself, were passed down "orally" from generation to generation in the vast body of folkloric medical knowledge that still forms the basis for the majority of the world's primary health care system.
These so-called "natural" or "alternative" modalities, which our species owes its present day survivorship to after eons of dependency on them, are increasingly gaining the attention of men and women in white lab coats intent on unlocking the mysteries of how they work, and in many cases, why they work better than patented, synthetic, chemical-based medications.
#Natural #Remedies #... show more

Natural Substances Versus Drugs.....403 Abstracts with Natural Substances Versus Drugs Research


NSA Recommends Dropping Phone-Surveillance Program

HN Discussion:
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This reflects confidence that they can get all the information they want from Google. Failing that, the phone company can give them what they want. Google apps track even iPhones.

Amazon fired hundreds of workers a year from a single warehouse over "productivity"

空调坏了,谁能告诉我该如何熬过这30度的夜晚 :0171:

Louise Michel: La tarea de los maestros, esos soldados oscuros de la civilización, es dar al pueblo los medios intelectuales para rebelarse.

I got three five dollar bills in change. They are so new and crisp. They even smell nice. Newly printed bills are nice, but nothing beats Traveler's Checks. They were so beautiful. Does anyone else remember them? So beautiful. The way they slid over one another, the sound they made, how they bowed, the little envelope they came in, your signature on one side, and then you sign it again on the other side. So perfect.

it sounds like you REALLY like money. lol

Thanks for your comments.

I really liked traveler's checks.


Really is @Di Cleverly Thank you


Is the USA trying to provoke World War III !?

#war #peace #oil #sanctions #Iran #shipping #politics #global #trade #economy
First the Trump administration unilaterally smashed a multinational, UN-endorsed agreement, the JCPOA, or Iran nuclear deal. Now the waivers that magnanimously allowed eight nations to import oil from Iran without incurring imperial wrath in the form of sanctions will expire on May 2 and won’t be renewed.

You said it!

I don't think the US under the Trumpanzee's has any idea what it is doing or any goal in mind.

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VW-Studie: E-Autos sind klimafreundlicher als Verbrenner #CO2 #Elektroauto #Elektromobilität #Kohlendioxid #Umwelt #VW #Volkswagen #ifo-Institut



Due to internet maintenance outage, today’s #CHECKIN has a diff. format. Doors are open. Self serve hot/ cold drinks bar is ready.

You know what to do! 👋 😘

Hiya All!
Really sorry for tardiness this am and no tagmentation grenade! Internet still out. A first time experience for this time of day! I managed to get a live 24 hr support tech who predictably contradicted info provided by auto messaging. I.e who knows what’s actually going on except service to this general area is out! (Sigh)

(Checking stock in our self serve drinks and appies bar...)

@Griff Ferrell if you’re ever looking for grass to mow...

Pssst is still in that conf call? 😜


ProtonMail now offers elliptic curve cryptography

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I'm like three hours into this shit and I'm surprised at how much more I'm able to hate it every minute

There's a kid standing on a table like Beto and shrieking, and her parents need to be in jail for not getting her to shut the fuck up. I'm too hungover for this shit

I can't hear anything out of my left ear except this child's nightmare screech. And she's like ten. Way too old to be doing this shit. It's clear she has never been disciplined in any way in her life and does not realize how absolutely not cute it is


She's still just standing on the table yelling "GRANDMA!" over and over and over and over and

If I had ever behaved like this in public with any adult member of my family, I would have been actually murdered

She left. Her grandma is still here. She seems unconcerned.

Oh wait now she's back, chanting, "Let's go!" like a nightmare version of the Ramones

OH NO :oh_no:


Hand dryers v paper towels: the surprisingly dirty fight for the right to dry your hands | The Guardian Long Read

For a century, the humble paper towel has dominated public toilets. But a new generation of hand dryers has sparked a war for loo supremacy
This one is a long read, and will probably need more than one... um... sitting to get through. But it's surprisingly interesting and informative, and amusing in places. And there are ecological factors you might not have considered.

So, automatic hand driers or paper towels? I wash my hands of the whole subject.

#environment #ecology #hygiene

heh, "lowgiene" :)

@Phil Stracchino
"cloth-loop towels" - Gosh! I remember those. Haven't seen one in decades, though.
"they taught us not to pee on our hands" - good argument from the ladies, but simply not true when it comes to men, as there's often a small, invisible amount of spray given off.

@Peter Lindelauf "lowgiene" - 😁

I used the public toilets (as we call them here in the UK, which makes me think the author of the article isn't local) in a hospital a few years ago - one of the major teaching hospitals in central London. A guy came to the sink next to the one I was using, saw me washing under my fingernails and said, "Wow! You're hygienic! I don't even go that far and I work here."

"Yes," I thought, "and I bet you wonder how bugs like staph. aureus spread. This is one of those bacteria that can be carried (with no harm to the carrier) inside the nose. One doctor absent-mindedly picks his nose before doing ward duty and another patient dies.

It's still like it was in Victorian times. People really need educating.

Yellowcake uranium. The crumbly, sweet, forbidden snack. I just want one bite.

melts in your mouth, then your mouth melts

yellowcake is not more radioactive than just natural uranium. It's basically almost safe.

Not that eating it would be a good idea though. But we do eat a lot of other radioactive stuff, like nuts and bananas.


yeah, but you'd definitely get some radium jaw

oh. damn. It just occured to me: Banana cakes ARE generally yellow(-ish), because bananas are! And some of them contain nuts, too.


No, I mean it IS possible to eat a radioactive yellow cake, and it will be yummy too!

A guy just sat down with a sweater over his hospital gown, on some Yeezy Season 7 shit

Study Suggests Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S… Physicians advocate for changes in how deaths are reported to better reflect reality. Analyzing medical death rate data over an eight-year period, Johns Hopkins patient safety experts have calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical error in the U.S. Their figure, published May 3 in The BMJ, surpasses the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) third leading cause of death — respiratory disease, which kills close to 150,000 people per year.
#Study #Errors #Death #Physicians #Hopkins #BMJ #CDC HEALTH #MEDICINE #DOCTORS #USA

#ENVIVO |Canciller de Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez: apelamos a los gobiernos, parlamentos, fuerzas políticas, movimientos civiles, a la acción de la ONU, detener la insensatez de EEUU de querer atacar una isla

We’re launching support for elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). Now your encrypted mailbox can benefit from faster and more advanced encryption. Learn the benefits of this new encryption method and how to upgrade your email addresses.

if I mark my old keys as obsolete is it OK? I will still be able to view my old emails but not send new ones with those keys right? Ty

Hi! You’ll still be able to read your old emails as long as you don’t delete your old RSA keys.


Hehe yea, better run for cover...

This one is really nice. Perfect contrast and toning for my taste. ;-)









Those seconds when your phone seems to be bricked after an upgrade... And suddenly `adb logcat` starts dumping stuff 😅

YouTube just recommended this trailer to me.... and I am actually quite surprised. Sounds like an interesting and fun movie.

#yesterday #beatles