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This will come as no surprise....Trump is lying again.

“Just 0.5% of Turkish exports were steel sales to the U.S. in 2018,” Charlie Robertson, global chief economist at Renaissance Capital, told CNBC. “Turkey won’t allow its sovereignty to be undermined by the U.S. refusing to buy the steel, which Turkey can sell elsewhere.”

Unless we were about to buy Turkish steel on Monday, then the 'sanctions' that Trump is bragging about did absolutely nothing.

NO! WAIT!! HE is the MAGIC WARRIOR of the TARIFFS! They are BOTH swird and sheild! "NAFTA BAD" ..."I'M MAKING THE >greatest deal, ever< with...wait for it! Mexico and Canada! STABLE! STABLE! STABLE! genus stabilus moronus.


right and wise decision by slackware

I may take a look at slackware again - after about 20 years...

Gunfire in western city of Culiacan left blazing vehicles strewn across streets and sent residents running for safety. #Mexico #Drugcartels #Crime #LatinAmerica

Since white people have ruined, "Bye, Felicia!" I'm gonna bring back, "Go home, Roger"

A strange man meets you at a crossroads, he says "would you like to hear about my deepest insecurities?"

The aged figure seats himself, gestures for you to follow suit, and finally speaks: "I have reached the last part of my life. I should be fully developed, I should have nothing but memories to dwell on. But I still wonder, I worry that my own legacy is beyond my knowledge. Have I hurt people but never heard about it? Have I dissapointed those who are silent still? I cannot know, the time for knowing has passed. So my life is unresolved, like a bad novel."

this is legit the book ecclesiastes in the bible which is an old dude dying being like << fuck dude...>>

I have just oppened Ecclesiastes up and yes, it is amazing.

I think my favorite thing about it is it's clearly processing where he goes between being like << fuck living fuck it all >> and later is like << life is beautiful enjoy it >>

I will get to that part eventually!
Though I am technically a Catholic intellectual, I have very little bible knowledge.

Ain't that the Catholic way, know the Catechism, know the history, know the saints, know the doctrine. Got a lot of shit to know on top of the bible.

Well, I wasn't raised Catholic. I go to a Catholic college and took a Catholic seminar course. I know Augustine, some Ratzinger, Dante, a smattering of other stuff.

Catholicism is wild. I'd look into liberation theology, it's Marxist Catholicism and is pretty spectacular. I can only imagine learning from the outside. Growing up in it you kinda just learn it as you grow, but that's a good bit to learn outside! Augustine is good, take...I like Aquinas better cause he's more fun for social justice.

My dad was a Catholic and mentioned liberation theology a bit. I was the only non-Catholic and the only gay person in the seminar so it was very strange to intergrate into that community. And even if your favorite isn't Augustine, you have to love "give me chastity but not yet"

O yeah that sounds real weird. I get it tho, I'm big trans n queer n take birth control n am sexually active and tradcats Hate me. They're more judgemental towards their own who aren't traditionalists than outsiders, which is interesting.
Augustine has the Best one liners

I feel that my Catholics probably have similar feelings towards me. One of the things I learned to appreciate was a serious faith and I'm always impressed by how you've stuck to yours when you talk about it here.
Do you know about Dorothy Day by the way? She was a Catholic activist and I think you might like her.

El vicepresidente de #EEUU y el presidente de Turquía acordaron un alto al fuego al norte de Siria por 120 horas

Según Pence, la pausa en la ofensiva tiene el objetivo de permitir que se retiren las fuerzas de las Unidades de Protección Popular

#Sozialsysteme #Digitalisierung #Politik #HartzIV #UN
Insgesamt laufe dies auf eine völlige Umkehr der traditionellen Vorstellung hinaus, dass der Staat den Bürgern dienen solle.
Soziale Schutzsysteme würden im Rahmen der "digitalen Transformation" zunehmend durch Big-Data-Analysen und weitere Technologien befeuert, bei denen es darum gehe, Entscheidungen zu automatisieren, menschliche Schwächen zu identifizieren sowie Individuen zu überwachen oder zu bestrafen, holt Alston weiter aus.

Dear Hentai Game Ad: You promised me your game would make me lose all control of my body, I did not and I am extremely disappointed. I will be calling Mr. Hentai personally to complain.

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Guten Morgen D*

Heute mal einen sehr frühen Morgengruß 😊

Wünsche einen schönen Freitag!

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Guten Morgen.
Ein schönes Herbst Bild.

systemd, for when you want to show support for the famous UNIX mantra of “do many things and do them terribly”

Wer plant denn so zum #36C3 zu kommen dieses Jahr? Hat wer Lust ein diaspora* assembly Organisationskollektiv zu gründen? Also ich wäre dabei :) Gibt es sowas vielleicht schon und ich habe es übersehen?

Ich wär auch dabei, hab zwar auch nicht viel Ahnung, aber kann versuchen zu helfen :)

finde ich sehr gut Jonne, auch bin ich interessiert mir diese Kenntnisse drauf zu schaffen. Eigentlich wollte ich ja auch zum Camp ein Village anmelden, bin aber daran auch gescheitert. Wenn ich (oder wir) das nun die nächsten Jahre lernen können wir das in vier Jahren vielleicht :D


Privacy pop-up exhibit shows people in The Glass Room shouldn't throw phones – though they may well want to • The Register


Drinking wine, eating pizza, and playing old DOS games. Thanks,!

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IN the Navy we called 'em "monkey's fists". Usually tied in the end of a heaving line, to provide some weight to help with, uh, heaving the line :-). Most often without anything like a marble in the center.

I stand corrected. Monkey’s fist. Was thinking of the ball inside.

@Rob Bosch, weet jij of er ergens gekeken kan worden naar de Belgische versie van de slimste mens? Ik zie dat ze online staan maar is dat alleen voor de Belgen? Ik ga niet een e-mail adres invullen als ik ze dan toch niet kan zien :-)

Nee, sorry. Geen idee...
Ik kan ook nergens vinden of je van buiten Belgie uberhaupt de uutzending kan bekijken....

为了东京奥运会,日本首次进口了埃博拉病毒 他们担心游客中有病毒携带者,所以决定提前研究出对策。

诺贝尔获奖者:人类永远都不会生活在另一颗行星上 基本上可以认为都是遥不可及的

「谷歌」云游戏平台Stadia将利用AI实现负延迟 AI根据你之前的反应,提前生成了之后“会”发生的画面

功成名就:一只顶呱呱的腊肠狗 2019年韦比奖得主、吉尼斯世界纪录保持者、北爱尔兰年度社交媒体风云人物

Insane. The Sinaloa Cartel has more firepower than the Mexican government.