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Será que um governo que consegue promover tantos ataques aos trabalhadores é incompetente?


Pessoal, a legislação permite 20% da carga horário de Ensino Médio à distância. Para que nosso projeto de EaD dê certo… Peraí? Projeto EaD?
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Linux Revenge

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You could have made a dual boot machine.
Keeping Windows for just in case.


Google Plus

April 2, 2020

One year ago today, we were all in hell, knowing that in a few hours we would witness the death of Google+. Those of us who were working frantically on the archiving project were at its bedside, watching it die, winking out region by region. Google engineers shut it down from east to west. One by one, India, Middle East, Africa, Europe, then at 12:40 PM, the northeastern USA shut down.

Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to grab some screenshots of various aspects of Google+ from within my account, shortly before the shutdown, for my own memories. Then I decided to publish them on my blog here:

A Walk Down Memory Lane


Seems like April Fools Day was cancelled this year. This is fine with me. I'm not in the mood, nor is anyone else, it seems.


I started my programming life on an Apple II then Macs so I have some nostalgia and intrigue in how someone got a Swift up to run under OS 9 :). Done on April 1st but not an April Fools Joke


A experiência com a elaboração de aulas à distância tem sido bastante angustiante. Sem que qualquer discussão pedagógica tenha sido feita, uma enxurrada de ferramentas tecnológicas tem sido jogada sobre nossas cabeças.


A diretora da escola. Gente boa, ela, mas diretora mesmo assim. Enquanto tomava as últimas providências burocráticas para submeter-nos ao home office, veio confidenciar-me os absurdos que ouvia dos pais ao telefone quando informados da suspensão das aulas.


Na Itália, 8 milhões de trabalhadores tiveram de continuar trabalhando até 21 de março. Ainda assim, é bom olhar como os trabalhadores organizados nos sindicatos de base reagiram quando foram forçados a ir trabalhar sem as mínimas garantias de segurança.


“Se é guerra, alguém vai morrer, mas não podemos nos matar para não ir a guerra”. General ao comentar o pronunciamento de Bolsonaro em 24 de março de 2020.


Contains a probably carcinogen. Great. How many billions of these have been ingested over the years?


Tabletop QOTD 2020-03-31

On the one hand, I'm more aware of the games that have higher sales. Well, that have more market penetration. Everyone knows D&D; it's one of the few RPGs that ever ascended to "household name" status. It's also the one most likely to be found in your average mall bookstore.

Of course, that's a feedback loop: get on bookstore shelves, get more sales. But that takes a heaver investment; you have to print more books that may not sell at all...

I'm more likely to be aware of specific company products. Monte Cook's products, for example, seem to hit my awareness more than most publishers.

But I don't follow the various blogs, podcasts, etc. that would keep me in the know of product releases or product reviews, so I'm not the best source to go to.

I used to buy RPGs because they looked interesting. Now, I wouldn't buy in unless I already had a group willing to at least try the game.
I like physical books but I also like sales. I tend to only buy physical games when they go on sale and only if they are at least 30% off. I prefer to read physical copies of books from cover to cover.

Where I like digital versions of RPGs is for reference sake, same with board game rulebooks. In that case though the PDF better be searchable. None of this we just scanned all the pages BS in 2020.


So, CDC is considering changing their position on the wearing of masks, finally, which they should have done a month ago or more. If they change their position, what happens in all the states and cities across the USA where masks are against the law?

Lots of places, like California, have outlawed the wearing of masks so as not to interfere with government facial recognition systems. You might be a criminal, you know. Criminal or not, they want to know everywhere you've been. There are lots of variations of such laws across the USA.

What now?
Few hours ago I found this: - complicated, and apparently unmanagable.






Tabletop QOTD 2020-03-29

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@Joseph Teller I never tried to build Batman in Marvel Super Heroes. It allowed for the concept of gadgets as powers (see Iron Man, or Spider-Man's webs, etc.) and it had a power, "Hyper Invention" which lets you make things with relative ease. It doesn't explicitly say this can be used to duplicate powers, but it implies it. But that's not a perfect fit; Wayne doesn't make most of his weapons, he hires people to do that for him. Rules as Written would require Batman to inventory all his gadgets and list each as a power derived from that gadget.

It would work. But it would be clunky and awkward.




I assume everybody knows this already, but I haven't seen any posts about it, so I'm puttin' it.

This nonsense has already killed people.

You'd think that Giuliani would be smart enough to recognize bullshit when a person claims that a drug treatment is 100 percent effective. There's no such thing. NO DRUG is 100 percent effective, Rudy, ya dumshit.



Literally right as I was almost asleep last night...not the first time that happened obviously :)

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In one episode of Dr Who, one of his companions suddenly figured out a logic puzzle that would allow him to regain control of the ship they were on and miss hitting into Earth, so he jumped out of the escape pod and ran back into the doomed ship to try it out, and then died.



Umm yeah want one :)


Insights into Why Hyperbola GNU/Linux is Turning into Hyperbola BSD - It's FOSS
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What it will look like when we have a competent person in the White House...hopefully beginning of next year after we vote Trump out of office...


This aged well...


Add compute resources to Rosetta@Home as well as Folding@Home. Both can use as many resources as they can in fighting COVID-19.