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[bookmark=]Based on a tweet by @Kristen_Arnett 😬



CDC rewriting school opening advice because the President threw a tantrum not because the evidence warrants it is why I'm going to be reluctant to get a vaccine approved by the this Administration unless it's also been approved by the EU or comparably reasonable gov entity. :(


[bookmark=]Explaining cancel culture to ordinary person amid pandemic and catastrophic unemployment situation



CW: Supreme Court Birth Control Ruling Harms Women's Health | Well+Good …


[bookmark=]'Gullah food is one of the oldest world traditions being practiced in America today. It is about ancestral ties and American living, adaptability, and creativity.'… # # # # # [/bookmark]


[bookmark=]‘Songbird’: Bradley Whitford & Jenna Ortega Join Adam Goodman & Michael Bay Pandemic Thriller; Filming Begins Today In LA



Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-07

RPG books are on a shelf in the office. Nearly all of our boardgames and card games are stacked (in a rather inelegant arrangement) onto one big bookcase in the den. (Exceptions are the games that have been moved to Broken Token boxes, which are on the partner bookcase to this one.)

We used to keep our games stored in a more space-efficient manner on shelves in the basement, but we found that "out of sight, out of mind" really held true for us, and we kept forgetting what we had. So we moved everything upstairs where we can see it.
Lots and lots of bookshelves. Like 15 of them in my game room.

I've got an article about how to sort your collection that people may enjoy. In it, I talk about how my shelves are organized


Dear #

I am pretty noob and I am still in the process learning... I have question about rendering settings... I have an old but still pretty decent GPU: a Nvidia 970M.

I did several Cycles tests (2560*2560, 128 sample) and I found out that using CUDA GPU+CPU @ 64*64 is 40% faster than rendering with just the GPU @ 256*256... And I am just figuring out why... When I bought my laptop that was the best card available, I bought it with the intention to learn better Blender, but it is just when 2.80 came out that I really started to study Blender seriously.

Now, since I am a # user I am wondering, thinking about rendering speed, if for the future would be better buying a powerful CPU like a Threadripper and a decent AMD GPU rather than buy another Nvidia card.

I mean AMD is always better for Linux but just focus primarily on rendering speed.


# # # # #

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i'm a lot more comfortable with the devuan community and developers (like jaromil) and where their ethics are, than debian's, official social contract or not.
i only (sid/)ceres, so i dont notice a slow moving aspect.

though, i skip a lot of the "which distro" dilema, with bedrocklinux. shsh. ;D [void|artix|gentoo|devuan]
They just recently got almost the same pace as Debian... Anyway I prefer Debian...


The only thing I dislike about Stargirl is the needless Ben Stiller-like painfully awkward moments, Its like one of the core features of the show and the only thing I really dislike about the show.


I don't know why by my brain keeps spelling it "decalf coffee". Maybe switching back to regular will fix it...
Coffee should be free of calves, shouldn't it? ;) Nothing beats a lovely slice of Professor Elemental in the morning!…/transgender-hormone-therapy-… "The current literature is quite thin, with a need for large, more carefully done studies to address concerns regarding more subtle harms." We need more research on gender reassignment treatments, so we can A) make sure they can do it even more safely and B) so people can't shove "god of the gaps" bad science into the holes. Just like any vice or even pregnancy there are rick factors for everything.


CW: Supreme Court: Trump can let religious employers deny birth control coverage …


Presenteei um sobrinho com “As aventuras de Huckleberry Finn”, de Mark Twain. Na escolha da edição, li debates sobre o uso da palavra nigger, e o termo usado pelos tradutores. Fiquei sem saber o que é pior: as novas traduções ou os novos leitores.


Compilamos e publicamos o fio do @0xggus sobre a tecnopolítica do 5g



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Aww. Ennio Morricone is dead. He composed my favorite tune to play on the recorder.
I've never associated GBU with a recorder. My wife and I used Gabriel's Oboe as the processional for our wedding. (I'm a movie soundtrack nut.)
That's very cool. As you probably know, I was a serious pipe organist in my younger days, gave recitals in Europe, etc., and played for events in the Los Angeles area in the 1970s, like weddings. Haha. Lots of weddings. It was rare that the couple requested special music outside the traditional tunes, and usually it was something like "We've Only Just Begun". They usually went with my recommendations.

For the recessional, I always recommended Purcell's Trumpet Air, and I had my own arrangement with lots of spectacular embellishments. I love this tune. It kicks ass. Diane does a good job on it here. Since this particular organ has a rank of Trompettes En Chamade, I would have put them to full use on this piece.


[bookmark=]if you're at all concerned with how many babies another person decides to have you are a next level sex pervert[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]Yes @GOPLeader, @IlhanMN has long been on the side of dismantling systems of oppression & structural racism, as she stated.

It‘s revealing that *YOU* equated “oppression” w/ “our entire system” as you intentionally took a Black Congresswoman’s words out of context to target her.[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]Poe's Law is strong with this one.[/bookmark]


Tacoma has a month-long Gay Pride festival? Sweet!

I'm thinking the fact i didn't know shows just how gay I'm not. Ha. (I have it on good authority that "experimenting in college" doesn’t count, no matter how much fun it was.)
Experimenting in college means you're somewhere in the middle on the kinsey scale, at least.


“The slow (and then quick) death of CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, and your other favorite online comedy sites was not an accident,” Conover tweeted Wednesday. “It was the result of Facebook’s deliberate effort to kill the indie video industry, in part by massively falsifying viewer data.” So many good comedy channels died because of facebook


# is a multi system #.

Mednafen is a video # emulator that is based on code from several other open source emulators. Mednafen provides a simple, consistent interface for playing games from many # and # systems as well as the Apple II, # Lynx, and many others. Mednafen supports graphical effects, controllers, and can be finely tuned using configuration files.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: mednafen

# # # #


Refusal to wear mask should be as taboo as drink-driving, says Royal Society chief


[bookmark=]Millions should not be forced out of their homes in the midst of a pandemic, especially as cases are rising in our state.

Cancel rent and mortgage payments until this crisis is over.[/bookmark]


There a couple of idiots on #, but I suspect that both are the same person, that are constantly spreading # and # about #.

Their arguments are so silly and ephemeral that everytime I engage them the result is always the same: offences against myself and my comments deleted.

The inability to have a civic and constructive dialogue with these two individuals just leads me to one and simple conclusion: those persons are **saboteurs**!

I ignore the reason but they have a precise bias against Debian that cannot be based on the nonsense they repeat. There is a precise and captious scheme behind, **hence I invite all of you to not trust these two guys.**

# #

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I guess every human organisation has lights and shadows.
It's a pity. As a Debian user I'd like to read a discussion of all you (fans and detractors of the Debian project) on Diaspora. Perhaps an impartial third party could host the thread of discussion, with no deleted comments, just people trying to get their points across. Too bad this summer everybody seems to be more passionate than usual, so I'll have to read separate threads and arrive at my own conclusions.

Honestly there is no point at all. It is constantly accused Debian as entity while:

1. The DPL is in charge two years with only two mandates on a row.

2. The DPL serves more as coordinator under its own program and has very limited power.

3. Each Debian team is autonomous and it responds only to itself and when is time to freeze and release Debian.

4. Debian is made by volunteers which follows the do-ocracy philosophy and barely known each others beside the mailing lists who belong to.

5. Debian uses the funds that receives to pay its infrastructure and to organize its meeting. Probably this is the only area where the DPL is in charge.

For the rest accusing Debian is stupid, you can accuse each individual that you think is not conforming or acting under the Debian Social Contract; all the rest is pure millantry.


[bookmark=]Democrats have a # response plan with testing, tracing, treatment, social distancing, PPE, aid to states & localities, loans and direct payments - it’s the # that passed the House weeks ago before Senate Republicans stalled it[/bookmark]


Economists Think Congress Could Create An Economic Disaster This Summer


[bookmark=]I don't think I've ever agreed with something more

That's going to be a lot of personal preferences of course :). How about Star Wars Episode 1 :).
Not worst than Star wars IV and I know I'm gonna make myself a lot of ennemies ok that one. Another one 2001: space odyssey? I know a lot of people consider that one a masterpiece. All I see is a film, admittedly technically very clean, but boring and extremely pompous.


[bookmark=]"The 'heroes' of our past don't live up to the purity tests of the current times, ergo they must be burned at the stake and forgotten! Absolute Cleansing is the only course forward!"

Is this an Internet thing? Like, where are these people when it's time to vote?[/bookmark]


Talk about a hot mess lol
[bookmark=]This dude needs to learn about personal space and keeping in your own lane and shiz like that..

Looks like this person couldn't drive.
Or had a car named Christine...



This is just a staggering statistic. What other software projects, if any, have had a comparable number of contributors?
[bookmark=]Since the 2.6.0 Linux kernel release in Oct, 2003, through the 5.8 kernel release that will come out in a few weeks, just over 20000 different people have contributed to the project.

I think this release will be our largest ever, by number of changes, we aren't slowing down![/bookmark]


CW: Coronavirus antibodies disappear in some patients, Spanish study finds - Business Insider …