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Voice Assistants: those services where you can ask it anything and it will respond with 'I did not understand that'

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The sale of the .ORG registry to Ethos Capital would erode the safeguards nonprofits and NGOs have against arbitrary censorship and price gouging. Sign on to the petition to #SaveDotOrg.

#Funkwhale/ #podcast friends!
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We've gathered several user stories to better understand the needs of podcasters and listeners. Now, we need to assign priorities to each story, to decide what we're going to work on first.

This poll is open to anyone with an account, you can create one at

Subscribers test group poll:

Creators test group poll:


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Starts: Saturday December 14, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

Finishes: Saturday December 14, 2019 @ 3:00 PM

As per information on the sdtj profile.

Cost £2 donation

Location: Paignton Library and Information Centre
Great Western Road

December South Devon Tech Jam

What we would like to do:

  • Set up a server to run for example
    CraftBukkit minecraft server
  • Set up RetroPie system
  • Complete switch configuration
  • Usual bring own project theme
  • Look at some YouTube videos on how Data is used, check we can set the projector
    up fully before presenting videos in January

Das Friendica Logo
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Reminder South Devon Tech Jam is This coming Saturday - 14th December 2019 11 - 15:00 at Paignton Library
@Paul Sutton @Devon & Cornwall GNU / Linux user group
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Desde 2012 é publicada a revista Relatos da Fábrica com reportagens sobre as condições e a luta dos trabalhadores no Delta do Rio das Pérolas (Zhujiang, na China). O Passa Palavra apresenta os textos em português.

"Fizemos uma grande carreata pelo centro e fomos ao velório do companheiro de trabalho assassinado, prestar nossa solidariedade à sua família. Mesmo motoristas que alugam carros, e que, portanto, tem o custo do aluguel a pagar se somaram à manifestação".

When historians investigate ancient civilisations collapsing, they consider famine, drought, war, incurable diseases. They don't envision a civilisation that has the means and knowledge to survive, but chooses, inexplicably, not to.

I feel that's happening to us now.

But why?

"AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast executives aren’t going to like Bernie Sanders’ new broadband plan."

"The wide ranging proposal, released Friday morning, would all but demolish big telecom’s stranglehold over the broadband and media sectors, unwinding decades of unrelenting consolidation, imposing hard new limits on how much broadband providers can charge for service, while opening the door to significantly broader availability of community broadband."

"The proposal pulls no punches when it comes to the U.S.’ broadband woes."

#Bernie2020 #broadband #election2020

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Watching the Project for Awesome Live stream. If you've got a buck or two laying around and feel like decreasing world suck, here's the link. Of course, don't feel obligated.

Here I am trying to get in the holiday spirit by watching a Christmas movie and none of the four streaming services we pay for has "Die Hard" on it...

Yippee ki-yay...

There's something revolutionary going on with the video for #OutOfTouch by #DoveCameron that I can't quite explain. It's the way, and the intensity with which, she acts out her own, presumably very personal, words. I've seen proper acting in video clips before, but not like this.

We are falling further and further behind in containing the negative effects of bad actors on social media. This problem cuts across literally every aspect of modern society. If we don't address it there will be ever more catastrophic problems.

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