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Just learned has the ability to turn off infinite scroll, that's going to be invaluable to stopping me for the never ending mindless binge trying to read everything and forcing me to stop and wait for the next page to load, questioning if I should stop and it gives me a sense of completion I used to get with facebook, # # #

The End of ICE

No, no, not that ICE. A different ICE.

Well, well. There it is. Europe has already been moving in this direction. As usual, California leads the way to the future in America.

Governor Newsom announced that as of Jan 1, 2035, it we be illegal to sell gasoline or diesel powered vehicles in California. Since California is, by far, the largest auto market in the USA, this will drive it. After all, today's low-pollution, high MPG, safe, seatbelt-equipped, airbag-equipped vehicles are all a result of California leading the way and forcing Detroit to improve its products.

By the way, Ford Motor Company chimed in, in full support of Newsom's announcement, saying they were already in the process of electrifying their most popular products, including the F-150. I hadn't noticed the vaporized fuel smell that much until I was in that job for a few weeks - then all of those odors started irritating me!
Keeps a nice heavy blanket of insulating hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, so we all stay warm and dry.

Tent residents presented 3 demands to the city 1) Provide housing or hotel rooms at least through winter 2) Open a Safe Outdoor Space immediately 3) Leave residents alone at whatever reasonable spot they move to, no sweeps or police. # didn't respond to the demands. Pt. 2

The .2 trillion package is still nearly a trillion dollars over what Trump said he'd be willing to sign.

New custom:

If you tell me "Trump is defending the Constitution," I'm going to ask "specifically which part?"

Before you say the second, remember Obama was more pro gun in action than Trump.

Going to give Babylon 5 a spin for the first time ever. Seasoon 1, Episode 1: The Gathering #
Babylon 5 is really good. Amazingly good for how long ago it was made.
Some great casting, including a few familiar faces from other franchises.

I'll see if I can fix that issue with it not displaying in the popup tomorrow....I reported it to the developers of the popup and the RSS stream plugin that we are using. I worked a lot on this today. Tomorrow I also have to work on the video for the TROM 2 campaign...ok. Tomorrow! #
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Oops that was the Babylon 5 pilot. Solid start. Acting and dialog on par with TNG Season 1. All CGI ship/space effects just couldn't be pulled off realistically in 1993 so feels like a game but still pleasing and impressive for the era. #

This was an ironic day for me to pick off watching Babylon 5 for the first time :) #
2020-09-29 02:47:53
# premiered on this day and my life changed! Still trekking 🖖🏻

Oh wait, there’s more ....

The absolute richest person in the world, much much richer than the people you know, who I hung out with all the time and who gave me money just ‘cause they thought I was cool, they loved me so much, told me Trump looked like a dang tangerine cheeto mango !!


2020-09-29 01:14:15
BREAKING NEWS: White House Campaign to Send American Kids into Unsafe, Potentially Deadly Conditions Was More Advanced and Coordinated Than Previously Known

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I shouldn't be surprised by yet another malevolent action by the administration, but I do still have capacity to be pissed anew.

NEW: Trump yesterday repeatedly accused Hunter Biden of receiving millions from the wife of the late Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, who is described in Ron Johnson’s recent report as corrupt. But Trump himself sought millions in deals w/Luzhkov’s government.

More than this, with friendica I can tag people/pages, create events, comment, all of that. And all of these, except the comments, will be available on our TROM Live page. You can click these tags and mentions from our posts directly. It makes everything more connected. I am excited to see how this works. In a way it is still in testing phases for we'll see.... #

2020-09-28 17:28:41
It's been so obvious to anyone who spends a lot of time online (it me) that Black people are particularly targeted for the "my vote doesn't matter" and the "both sides are the same" voting deterrence arguments... but now someone found proof proof.

There was no "economic populist agenda” once Trump was elected, wrote the former RNC spokesman.

NEW: Teenagers are twice as likely to become infected with the coronavirus, according to new CDC data released today. (PLUS meta-analysis in JAMA last week)

A brief thread on why this matters. 1/x

A system that allows Millionaires and Billionaires to pay less in taxes then Middle Class Citizens isn’t broken, it’s carefully designed.

2020-09-28 01:15:50
Like caged birds that think the ability to fly is a disease, the CCP never understands the power of values, rules, and freedom behind America's int'l alliances. Even "free world" offends them as being passe. The CCP threatens the world but blames the world for being vigilant.

Join @DrawTheLinesPA to meet citizen mappers getting ready for 2021.
Whatever happens with bills & votes, the more we know about # & # the more powerful we are in the fight against #.
Wednesday, Sept. 30, 5:30 pm

Once home to as many as 20,000 Wichita people and covering an area of 5 miles, Etzanoa is considered the second biggest Native American city ever discovered in North America, aside from the Mississippian city of Cahokia...

I'm starting.

I will use my personal Friendica account to post updates about my work. I think it might be a better decision since Friendica is interactive. My posts and TROM's Friendica posts, along with anyone who helps with TROM, will be pulled into a mega Live at the same TROM-Live address. #
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What you need to know about # #

I thought maybe Trump hid his taxes because he was just a lousy businessman and didn’t want everyone to know he wasn't as rich as he claimed to be. For our country’s sake, I wish that were the whole story – because Trump’s financial debt & entanglements put our country at risk.


In Phoenix, incumbent prosecutor Allister Adel is squaring off this fall against Julie Gunnigle, who is running on a pledge to lower Maricopa County’s incarceration rate by 25%, perhaps transforming the legal system in a county home to 4.5 million people.

Conservatism is the new punk rock. 😄🤣🤣🤣😂

Who is Jesus? Part 6: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

I'm live right now recording the # podcast. Come be part of the conversation.

I cannot see any RSS feeds

I have added (followed) a few RSS feeds such as but I do not see any posts in my timeline nor do I see these sources as "contacts". Is this an issue with this instance? Cheers and thanks a lot for your work honestly!

Enable remote_self Can you please enable Admin > Site > Policies > Allow Users to set remote_self. I would love to be able to pull RSS posts into our Friendica feed, just as an extra for our projects. Keep people up to date on Friendica.

2020-09-28 21:23:01
Not an overstatement. Trump's run for the presidency was a scam, his victory a surprise to him and he then focused on fleecing all of us for as long as he was living on the public dime. Again. He's been living on the public dime a long time.