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Trump thinks he gave the perfect speech...this motherfucker...
2021-01-12 15:43:36
Trump on speech just before deadly riot where he said "fight" or "fighting" more than 20 times: "It's been analyzed and people thought that what I said was totally appropriate."

National Guard members spent the night on the House side of the Capitol ahead of Biden’s inauguration — 160 years after Union soldiers were quartered in the very same place at the start of the Civil War.

No, you ratified a mob by returning to the capitol to pursue the seditionists goal: Challenging electoral votes on the basis of no evidence. You promulgated Russian propaganda during impeachment. You violated your oath. You should resign, be expelled or be voted out.

2021-01-12 04:45:40
Per Politico, Rep Al Green (D-TX) was recognized on a flight to Houston tonight, with enough insults and threats directed at him from Trump supporters in flight that they arranged for police to meet the plane and safely escort Rep Green through the terminal

2021-01-12 14:53:33
I live in a community surrounded by Trump supporters. My extended family are Trump supporters. My childhood friends are Trump supporters. I understand Trump supporters enough to know the real problem is that THEY need to better understand the cancer Trump is to democracy.

2021-01-12 14:55:42
It’s not up to the GOP to excise Trump. Yes he’ll be gone in 8 days, but if Trump still wants a hold on the GOP, he’ll have a hold on the GOP. It’s his call, not the GOP’s. Because this has moved well beyond Trump. It’s Trumpism. And Trumpism is now the GOP base.
Good piece Liz.

Trumpism isn't a cult...or something...
2021-01-12 14:50:42
Jeremiah Johnson prophesied Trump would win in 2020, got it wrong, and apologized -- noting that Trump was prideful and the church wrongly put Trump on a pedestal. Look at this message. This is what happened. The sickness is in the church real and widespread. I've seen this also:


Local GOP officials warn the party they will put Trump allegiance first - Raw Story

Deny them use of any and all GOP corporate logos/trademarks (yes there's a hint of sarcasm there). Make them start their own party.

Trump and his lackeys spent the last four years discouraging investigations into right wing extremism. It looks like his insurrection has put an end to that interference, even before the new administration is sworn in.

2021-01-12 14:39:04
The reality that a lot of elite media didn't want to acknowledge for years is that the Capitol rioters are Trump's base. They're the same folks who go to his rallies and chant "lock her up!" & "send her back!" It's never been about economic anxiety. It's always been about hatred.

2019-05-02 18:52:53
Interesting exhibit in Berlin on role of regular German agencies / civil service implementating Nazi policies, thru Ministry of Labor specifically. Eg, memo asking guidance on what to do w pension payments due imprisoned Jews



I have a bad feeling about the US Inauguration Day 2021. I strongly feel Speaker of the House Pelosi should be in California that day. You who know me from the G+ days, know I saw this shit coming. The next 10 to 20 years are going to be ugly, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train.

João Bernardo discute nosso olhar sobre a pintura a partir da obra Las meninas de Velázquez.
"Se uma pintura for uma obra de arte, deve ser vista estritamente como uma pintura abstracta."

I'd say Trump worshippers can go fuck themselves and be done with them, except the fucking lunatics are plotting to fuck everyone else to satiate their damn martyr complex. Sucide bombers in the making. Bloody assholes.
no u r xtremist
@PersonMan m'kay. Sure. May your day be awesome, anyway.

This is worth reading. A lot of useful information, although I find her narrative flow a bit unfocused (or maybe poor choice of focus methodology?). Anyway, still worth reading.

2021-01-12 04:36:34
We cannot have reconciliation without justice. We cannot have justice without truth. And we have some leaders who either don't know the truth, or are unwilling to speak it.

How dose McCarthy have a call like that and not vote to impeach and ensure he can never hold the presidency again? Grow some backbone congressional Republicans and put country over party!
2021-01-12 04:21:02

In a call with Kevin McCarthy, Trump falsely blamed "Antifa people" for the violent insurrection at the Capitol.

A White House official tells Axios that McCarthy said: "It's not Antifa, it's MAGA. I know. I was there."

@jonathanvswan scoops…

2021-01-12 03:49:59
The January 6 atrocity is making it easy to forget just how criminal and horrific Trump’s January 2 call to Ben Raffensperger was. Nobody who helped Trump with that should ever be secure in their job or public position ever again. Don’t forget them, or the call.

Democrats can save themselves with this One Weird Trick: Reject the Trump census… #SmartNews
People were worried for 8 years that Obama would take your guns. Just another republican scare tactic to keep their herd in line.

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2021-01-12 00:20:55
All these Republicans going on Fox News today saying that it’s up to Joe Biden & the Democrats to “heal the country,” “unite people,” and “lower the temperature.”

Fuck that. You don’t get to burn my house down and then tell me I have to shake your hand and buy you dinner.

2021-01-11 20:05:48
A lot of the national conversation right now seems to be revolving around whether people who have chosen to believe damaging lies that aren't true should be catered to and treated with kid gloves or whether they should be treated like adults who can handle the truth

2021-01-11 13:06:31
Top: Last summer, BLM protesters formed a chain around an isolated officer who was about to get the shit beat out of him.

Bottom: These "patriots" dragged a police officer away from the Capitol and beat him within an inch of his life while others looked on and cheered.


Geraldo concedes that Trump's insurrection crossed the line, but he blames it on Democrats being mean to him.

2021-01-11 22:47:27
check out the report, it will make you smile🌞

“This is what I’ve called the third phase of clean energy, where building new clean energy is cheaper than keeping fossil fuel plants running.”…

Let's talk about Trump changing the story this week.... via @YouTube

Eli Saslow & Derek Black - Leaving the KKK and White Supremacy | The Dai... via @YouTube

Eli Saslow & Derek Black - Leaving the KKK and White Supremacy | The Dai... via @YouTube

Let's talk about Trump changing the story this week.... via @YouTube

Sounds like a good plan to me...
2021-01-11 22:09:46
Very real concern among Rs working on senate races that Rick Scott, who backed the objections to the PA results, won’t now be able to raise money as NRSC chair as companies balk at giving to Rs who took that move.

You're going to see this take spreading today. It is bad.

Telegram is not like Parler. It is a popular app all over the world, used by tens of millions of people who are not Nazis for secure communication.

It is also the ideal app to track Nazis on: stable and east to archive.

A post from Gwen Snyder, saying that with Parler down white supremacists will be back on Telegram and the app needs to be removed from Apple and google.

2021-01-11 19:55:12
BREAKING: DC Attorney General is looking at charging Trump and others for inciting violence — via CNN.