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Better Friendica Documentation Needed, e.g. Glossary and FAQ

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!iSurf Support I created my account today. I have attempted several times to change my password, but it says "login failed" and then "password unchanged"

Is there a page I could view to verify if I'm doing it correctly?

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I disabled all of my Firefox add-ons and extensions, etc. Tried again. Still failed.

My password is still the same one I was assigned when I first signed up yesterday. (If I could find the emoji for "shrug" you would see one of those right now!) I've not been able to change it at all.
Also been looking into the other apps myself, ranking them. Will probably make a peertube review on them. One thing none of the other apps can do is save to specific saved folders which is why my app is still the best one for me.

Network link error

Hello all. I first mentioned the fact I was getting gateway errors when going to the main site link which is rendering the network link. For a brief period of time it was just ungodly slow (taking minutes to render) versus not working but for the past couple weeks it is back to being nothing but gateway errors. I posted a comment to the Friendica Matrix forum as well because I think it is a change to the code that is causing the problem not a configuration issue. The reason I say that is because it makes no sense to me that the flag over the network title should have 220,840 posts (attached). Also going to other places directly avoids trying to return the general posts query thus avoids whatever insane data build up it's doing. With the current state of things Friendica is basically unusable to me.

I'm thinking it's my Twitter connection that's causing the problem. Just sitting there typing this out the received posts could go up to 30 or 40. That's roughly 30-40 per minute. The Twitter bridge settings are a bit opaque but I think I've configured it to not stream my Twitter timeline over any longer. I should just get posts I created, maybe now even with replies I created, and responses to them. I think...
I've disabled the ingestion of tweets from my Twitter timeline too. I think me tweeting over there should still post over here but that should be it.

!iSurf Support Hey sorry to bother again but I think outgoing federation is having problems. It's been like this for at least a week, maybe longer. Checking my account from the D* pod my posts are 5 days behind. On the they look like they are 3 days behind. Not sure if the workers are backlogged or if there is a bigger problem with Friendica's federation code but just giving you a heads up.

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Seems much improved. I just replied to your DM. Sorry for the delay.
I appreciate your unsung efforts to keep it running.

What nodes/instances are shown in the "global community"?

!iSurf Support
Hello. is there a list of what nodes/instances are included in the "global community" when I access it here on iSurf? I notice that I see posts from the Diaspora server I have an account with, though I haven't seen posts from there reflected here.

I guess I'm just wondering how the interaction with outside Diaspora networks works within iSurf.

!iSurf Support
So I was under the impression that if you had to port your account, none of your old posts went with you because I ported my key over from an instance that I don't think provided that option a year ago. Just downloaded my backup and looked through the code and it looks like all my posts are saved. Is this the case because if so I've been telling people wrong things. It just doesn't download your saved files and videos yes? Also is this process still in experimental or has it moved beyond to just standard now?

!iSurf Support
Hey Guys,
Is it possible to put the language filter in? I have to use mastodon to find new people to follow because going to global is just full of people posting in languages I can't read. Which is great but useless to me. Thanks!
Lol I mispelled your email "Been talking to Hypolite Petovan about nomadic identity something hubzilla has for in case a person's instance collapses(example personal tragedy), you will have a backup running in the background of everything you post through mirroring on another instance. He thinks there is a roundabout way of doing this that I'd like to try out and see if there is a way to ensure one's history is always safe someone.
The only way for friendica account to mirror another friendica account is " Your admin must have enabled remote_self in the site settings." Is it possible you can do that? I'm sure the site software has so many options its hard to know what half of them do. Thanks, and thanks again for the language filter, its got some bugs, but better than not having it!
Nm turns out they fixed the problem I was trying to find a solution to two upgrades ago. lol

!Steam Punk

Daily Steampunk.

Not sure if I'm allowed to share merch from a company but I am supposed to say who the artist is. I will avoid it in future.

Build your own Nempnett Thrubwell Steampunk Kitchen Timer.


!Steam Punk

Daily Steampunk

Artist unknown after a deep search on google image search. How hard is it to sign your art?

Daily SteamPunk

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Daily Steampunk #steampunk

Meetings update

Due to the current CoronaVirus (Covid19) situation all Physical meetings of the DCGLUG are cancelled. However we are hoping to host a virtual meeting via every month.

DCGLUG Website

Please see mailing list for updates and information.

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