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I've wasted enough brain cells on RMS but still disappointed that the "pro-RMS" letter has 3x the number of signers as the "anti-RMS". The #FOSS community has a lot of work to do. Reinforces why I'm publicly stating I'm not engaging with FSF or RMS or any events they are part of.
I find it very intriguing how you play with my words.
But anyways. I am here for fun and not fights and I do not want to spent my time with insults and getting aggreviated.
It seems you lot already are and therefore thanks for nothing.
@twinkybot We are aggravated and you not wanting to even start understanding or asking why isn't intriguing, it's annoying.

"If you're having to bend over backwards to prove someone isn't an asshole, you probably have unknowingly put your head up your own."
this has nothing to do with rms
@Stefani Banerian Correct it is general advice. There have been more than a few people in the news this could be applied to in the past month though lol.

This looks like a potentially very nice addition to the HTTP method types used for REST. The talks about caching ability for this compared to GET. It's request is more complicated but something tells me if this takes off they will figure it out #programming #IETF
Defining a new #HTTP method: HTTP #SEARCH

#IETF #draft

2 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by

2 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by

Do you like the blues?

I said, do you like the blues?

If you do, I've got a little something here you might like. 1989. Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray, live, doing blues improvisation. Serious fun. Like REALLY serious fun. This is the shit right here.

If you don't know who Buddy Guy is, he's the guitarist who was the strongest inspiration to Jimi Hendrix when he was learning. Do you hear me now?

Check it out.

With that amount of history I had to find my "new" discovery Gary Clarke Jr. play Catfish Blues. He did play it. What do you think?

Now let me dive into that new Kingfish rabbit hole.
Yeah, Clark is great, but Kingfish is even better. Kingfish is actually a prodigy, a genius, a freak. His playing is perfect. The only one I can compare him to is SRV.

And Kingfish can play any style. He loves the blues and that's what people want to hear. But, he can shred as well as anyone. He can bring Eddie Van Halen back to life with an Eruption that would blow your mind. This guy is something else -- a natural born prodigy.

When he's performing blues, sometimes he'll throw in some shredding and an Eddie lick just to blow your mind. I've never seen anyone like him.
Kingfish, I just heard a live performance now from a Dallas Guitar festival. Excellent Hey Joe version, very much playful and.. eloquent, if that were a word to use for musical expression. I might go with most of the attributes already.

No way can I call a contest, but that Live at the Surf Lodge would be fantastic to hear from Kingfish. I'll dive in some more, definitely.

Hmm, just got home from work to discover Prince Philip has died. I have two namesakes. My parents agreed on Phillip. My mother because of Prince Philip. My father after his father, Phillip. Now you know.
There's also a significant number of women who outlive their spouses, but when you start getting into your 90s, you're already past that point. Yes, it seems she still has a role to play in this transition.
Yeah, QE2 is a tough girl. She may not be affected by this as most are.

2021-04-12 20:00:01
Hundreds of drones were launched in the night sky in the city of Veliky Novgorod in Russia to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's journey to space.

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@Doc Edward Morbius ⭕​ @Doc Edward Morbius
I love (and appreciate) you and your big brain 😀
Just wanted to make sure I said that to you.
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@V. T. Eric Layton that is my Mastodon profile on (there are a few other dormant profiles).

@zlах ivаn is a Zlax sockpuppet. I thought you were referencing it.
Well, SHIT, brother... now you got me all kerflunkled. I just unfollowed the and BLOCKED it. I'll go fix now...

All's well. I'm easily confibrilated when sober. ;)
Heh. Yeah, I can't keep myself straight either.

I stick by my 1st Amendment rights, sir. Go get laquered if you must.
Nah... too late for lacquer. It wouldn't have time to dry tonight.

Milk and crackers, maybe. ;)
Milquetoast and crackers it is. Melba!

2021-04-12 20:32:42
Republicans had years to pass an alternative to Obamacare. Never did it. Republicans had years to pass an infrastructure bill. Never did it. Governing isn’t attacking the other side. Governing is getting shit done. Republican Party is not a governing party.

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At the core of the problem was when the Republicans (and naive Libertarians) adopted the silly notion that all government is bad. This made the person most likely to destroy government their hero - even with the notion that he may have cooperated with enemies of the state to destroy the government; because in their minds the government needed to be destroyed. This also made the anarchists at the gates heroes - and now the party is grappling with a sizeable constituency that worships the destruction of government. At some point, you'd think they'd need to walk this back a bit; but at the moment it's a challenge when there's a large voting constituency that thinks states should have the right to perpetuate slavery and all sorts of destruction if they want.

USA #1... being fucking self-absorbed barking ignorant.

India has overtaken Brazil as the second worst-infected country behind the United States...

That's just so fucking embarrassing.
Between mass shootings and covid... There's a band whose name is "and they shall know us by the trail of the dead." Seems topical.
The problem is only about 50% of USAmericans want to be vaccinated. That's no where near enough for "herd immunity," but certainly enough to allow another million or two lives to end.

One COVID-19 Strain May 'Break Through' Pfizer Vaccine, Early Results Show

"This means that the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine, though highly protective, probably does not provide the same level of protection against the South African (B.1.351) variant of the coronavirus," the study added.

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Hans FTW--it's been in development for many years that precede this particular corona virus. The variations are not going to be endless. Many, yes, but a finite number that doesn't exceed the combinations of any one spike varying with any other spike/spike combos on its surface. It's a lot, but not an infinite number and some of those combinations that have already been generated that are less--not more--effective.
Not all the variations will be on the "spike" though...

My opinion of FSF at this point is it is a dumpster fire. This editorial captures the details of my opinions very well.
@Brad Koehn ☑️ I heard of that episode but didn't realize it was on video. I can't stomach watching that though so I'll take it on faith that that's what happened in the video lol.
The FSF has largely become irrelevant. Their decision to cling to Stallman only accelerates the pace.

TIL to contribute to FSF projects you assign your copyrights over to them exclusively not granting them non-exclusive perpetual distribution rights like with Apache CLAs. Wow that is crazy. I wish there were good copyleft alternatives to GPL even more now.…

I'm just saying what the U.S. Constitution says in Article I Section 8 paragraph 1 Item 8.
IANAL but It's common language in these sorts of legal documents. It's capturing an irrevocable nature of the contribution. Once your patent or copyright expires you no longer would have the right to control it's distribution anyway so the term of the contracts will have been met and for that particular contribution it'd be moot at that point.
Frequency doesn’t make 'em legal. Sorry. What happens after expiration is Public Domain.

We made a new recipe from @simplyquinoa tonight and it was delicious!

Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato + Spinach with Chickpea Pasta



MaXX is one of those Window Managers I dabble with and enjoy. The font work is very helpful in readability on modern displays.
2021-04-12 22:34:00
In the upcoming version of MaXX, it will be possible to have the classic IRIX 4Dwm window manager look with anti-aliased text. Meaning the Window Manager's look is independent of our SGI-Motif look, which can be classic or modern. There's a look for everyone.


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for the very first time, I am reconsidering my atheism

Meanwhile middle-aged me feels triumphant if I can get one pull up out or get out of bed without straining my back lol.
2021-04-12 21:50:11
Johanna Quaas, the oldest gymnast in the world at 95 years old..

‘Dumber than a jar of paste’: GOP senator mocked for complaining Biden not tweeting enough #SmartNews

‘Dumber than a jar of paste’: GOP senator mocked for complaining Biden not tweeting enough #SmartNews

Biden's message to Republicans and Manchin: 'Republican voters agree with what I'm doing' #SmartNews

Biden's message to Republicans and Manchin: 'Republican voters agree with what I'm doing' #SmartNews

2021-04-10 19:21:02
Them: be like Jesus

Me: ok *drinks wine, calls people hypocrites, upsets men in power*

Them: not like that

Me: 🤷🏽‍♀️
I'll see if can dig up references.

My nephew @ZachVogt30 is out here dominating dudes. They probably sent some baseballs to the NCAA offices to check them out... #filthy
2021-04-12 20:48:56
The Eagles cruise to an 11-1 victory in game two securing the series sweep over IWU, to run their win streak to eight straight.

🔵 Eric Meyer: 3-for-4, 3 RBI
🔵 Dryden Schroeder: 2-for-4, 3 RBI
🔵 Brian Campbell: 2-for-3, 2 RBI
🔵 Zach Vogt: W, 2H, 0R, 7K, 5.0IP


It's ironic that to these people rambling on like a nagging caller into the Howard Stern show regularly and having Twitter tantrums are a sign of competence whereas I think they are the exact opposite of that.

Actually, I suspect they’re complaining because it denies the anti-American seditionists the opportunity to flood the zone with poo and stir up outrage. Seriously, what’s the president going to say that isn’t already apparent? "Yep. We're doing the jobs we were elected and hired to do."
When I was a stay-at-home-dad and my kid would go quiet I'd check up on them to make sure they weren't choking on a Lego or something.

I guess not having a child-like person in the Presidency is a bit of of an adjustment for these folks.

Any news about #HyperbolaBSD?

One year ago (more or less) the Hyperbola project announce to rebase their distro over a blend of BSD implementation. A ambitious project but totally worth, however after that announce haven't followed any other updates so far...

Does any of you know if they are still working and moving forward on this project?

This project is extremely interesting and a has great potential to be a real thing and a breaking paradigm!

Some links for who missed the entire history...

#freesoftware #linux #bsd #openbsd #freebsd #opensource
The big ones that are popular have been eating all the other solutions since the 1970s. Like it or not, few users want to use something practically no one else is using. And few developers will join up with a project that practically no one is using.

At least we're fortunate to have at least two strong contenders - Linux and BSD - that have a long enough history that they likely aren't going away any time soon.

What's more alarming to me is what has happened in web browsers. Web browsers had gotten way too complex for hobbyists to develop and maintain. So one by one, they either switched to being based on WebKit/Chromium or just quietly went away.

Now? The browser wars are over, and it was a rout. There's practically only two browsers left - WebKit/Chromium and Firefox.
That is another good point, in regarding of this I am actively dedicating time studying Gemini and working with some Italian folks for the Italian translation.

Mega-complex whatever is the typical attitude/footprint of corporations' behavior, that is why I am always cautious to invoke their support, since you can't control them and those doesn't deal with you the trade-off is always risky and totally in the hands of the stronger part.

Public statues dont store history, books do. Public statue embody what traits we value. Museum statues show us what traits we used to value. #conferatemonuments

Public statues dont store history, books do. Public statue embody what traits we value. Museum statues show us what traits we used to value. #conferatemonuments

Today's Earworm

Woke this morning with this tune playing in my head.

Oh...I remember that one! Thanks for posting!

Before coding with #Kotlin the #Java interoperability was my biggest concern. I had been burned a bit by complications with that aspect of Scala, especially with collections. For the most part Kotlin's "just works"™ which makes Kotlin my go-to JVM language if I have any choice
2021-04-12 14:05:03
Kotlin and Java interoperability is smooth, which means you can use both of them in the same project.

Check out the tutorial 👉


Check out today's podcast episode of the Knee Jerk Devotional, daily spiritual insight for the short attnetion span. Listen to "107. April 12, 2021". ⚓