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Shit wrong with the USA
"Us and Them" has always been the downfall of humanity; that and short memories.


My blog views shot thru the roof the last two months. Either that was all of you (thank you!) or someone else picked up on my blog and spread the word. Either way, this makes me happy. I said a lot of cool shit (okay, and some real snoozers), so, thank you for telling your friends about my blogs! or (both work)


As if killing yourself to thumb your nose at anyone was ever a good idea




Physics :)





Salute to Little Richard - who influenced him, his music, and who he influenced in his career. Tuesday 5/19/20 1-3 pm pacific time (grid time) in the Rockhouse parcel.


Confesso que não tinha noção da violência que nós, professores, sofreríamos com essa quarentena.


Estamos exaustos, atarefados, esgotados e vistos pela sociedade como bibelôs.


Quando os enjeitados da mobilidade social ascendente formam a base dos novos quadros do governo, a retórica do “fascismo acuado” em luta contra a “velha política” esconde a luta por postos estratégicos no Estado.




Just to give you an idea of how truly infinitesimal we are in the grand scheme of things...

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Tabletop QOTD 2020-05-15

Borrowing from the idea of the Pluspora Check-in get some tabletop conversation going. If you have any questions that you want to get on the list to be asked, let me know. Also, if you'd like to be added or taken off the list of participants, let me know.

Has the advent of affordable 3d printing tools affected your gaming at all?

I haven't actually bought a 3d printer yet- I use thingiverse to print what I need. But it's getting to the point that I am looking at one. I've been getting a lot of use out of printing scenery for games, extra (or improved) pieces for games, and other accessories for the table.

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FDM printers don't have that curing time issue - but they're still not fast.
Just made me very tempted to get a printer. Along with that I really regret not getting a laser cutter back when I could afford it. Deanna and I looked into and and strongly considered it and decided against it. Looking at what people charge at cons and even on Etsy for the stuff I think it would have been a very good investment. I don't think a 3d printer would pay off as well, not now that so many people are already in that market. It would just be nice to be able to print my own stuff instead of paying someone else to do it.


That's the very definition of it's time to change my underwear!
If the aircraft doesn’t appear to be moving relative to you, but is getting bigger, then you’re on a collision course.

If I had a passenger who videoed that without telling me, they’d need alternate transportation home.


I'm still on my post-BioSphere 2 sustainable space colonization reading phase. After finishing one book now reading about Salyut. Still I think it'd be neat to be in one of these simulations. I wonder where I can sign up :).
@Szymon Sokół It's not quite so bad. The distance between Earth and Mars varies between .5 and 2.5 AU, for a maximum round trip latency of about 45 minutes (still less than one hour).

Depending on one's communication mode preferences, this can be a feature rather than a flaw. (For me, it would be a feature.)

Note that we're not talking solitary confinement in this case - there are still a small number of other crew members. Although again ... solitary may be a feature rather than a flaw...
@Isaac Kuo 45 minutes is good enough for Diaspora etc., but for Discord/Telegram it sucks a bit.


Wow that looks like a neat project! - the specs look very nice.
@Michael Vogel
  • How do the Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and audio ports work? Is there a way to switch them between nodes?

There are 8 USB on the board. Each pair of USB connected to a particular node. 2x USB routed to the top/master node, 2x to the second node, 2x to the fourth node, 2x to the 6th node. HDMI and audio connected with a top/master node.
So it looks like a USB hard drive would go to nodes 1,2,4, or 6. Shared data goes over Ethernet. Management & real time clock is via I2C.


I just donated. H/T to @WalshFreedom for retweeting this :)


A notional representation of my efficiency through the day recently. I'm getting back into my night coder space like back in the day

A coworker of mine, since the epidemy started, is getting up at 16 (4pm) and staying up till dawn. I am joking that she finally succumbed to her vampiric nature.
I have definitely found I do more coding in the evening now that I have a home office set up. I find myself working on more personal coding projects like I used to before having kids.


Pela esquerda: não chegar, não se misturar, não conversar; pela direita: apresentar-se, argumentar, acolher e ser simpático. Não estaria aqui uma projeção em pequena escala da situação política brasileira?


Três breves aproximações em vista de uma abordagem da questão da "sombra de Deus" e da "sombra do tempo".


Trump is pathetic


In today's lesson in why you run your marketing across third party observers...

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The Republicans have made it easier to carry guns anywhere the fuck you want in many states.
Similarly, the Republicans have blocked many state Universities from setting their own, local, "no guns on our campus," making it easier to carry guns on college campus.
The Republicans have raised interest rates on college student loans.
The Republicans are now making it *harder* to report and investigate allegations of rape on college campuses, meaning rapists are less likely to be penalized for committing rape.
Moral of the story: The Republicans don't want *anyone* going to college.
Well educated people are their foes, because they don't vote for republicans:
@Rasmus Fuhse Bingo!
Well-educated people, even with a decent high school education, can smell the bullshit the GOP amd their handlers, are selling, which is why they've been destroying education since Reagan.
Yeah! Actually that's sadly true.


Wait a minute...I think I may see a pattern...
Well, that's depressing. This is why we need mail in ballot everywhere.


Reminds me of the intro school announcements in Grease. "If you can't be an athlete be an athletic supporter." :)


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France gives online firms one hour to pull 'terrorist' content

This doesn't just apply to terrorist content but child abuse and other content,

However it does seem to have big implications for services.
im not an anarchist, but its like governments are hellbent on proving how fucking worthless and stupid they are.
French authorities consider everything is terrorism if you oppose them, and have a long story of don't following its own rules

Just an example: representatives telling "of record" to journalist that street protestation is a sort of "cultural terrorism"

And since 2015, exceptionals laws against terorism were integrated in the common law. In France, the authorities decide if you're a terrorist or not



Publicamos o texto dos @WorkersAngry sobre trabalho em meio à pandemia.
"Enquanto muitos na esquerda esperam e pedem ao governo para lhes dizer o que fazer, muitos trabalhadores por todo o mundo deram passos limitados em direção ao controle."





What opening up with pervasive testing and tracking looks like but it's not here it is in South Korea. One person spending one night on the town infected 153 people. How can we responsibly talk about relaxing things while substantially under performing on testing and tracing?

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Which is why I am thinking that within the space of the next 7-14 days or so, we are probably going to see a big spike of infections in places where people have been ignoring the fundamental guidance...


Dear @Dell, I wanted to look at your products on your site to maybe buy something, but your cookie wall's opt-out function was blocked by another cookie wall. So I'm looking elsewhere.