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George Will quoted Robert Nesbit in his column today. I have to buy this book...



2020-07-31 15:08:28
Notable reaction to a lightening strike.

Some verbalizations were obscured by a tone however the specimen audio relays the subject’s contemporaneous insights.


Everyone used to ignore "the end is nigh guy" on the corner. Now you can't avoid them and people take them seriously. Social media makes that happen. Like nuclear energy it can be used for good but it is spiraling out of control and taking society with it.…
Self care is good. Avoiding behaviors which are detrimental to mental health is good too. Taking a walk with a friend has been something that has helped me back away from the ledge.

Avoiding social media just to deny one particular expression of humanity? I don't know, that seems a bit brittle. The sandwich board men (which I've occasionally been, but IMO mostly have been incorrectly accused of being due to my choice of hard words to convey feelings which make others uncomfortable) are part of our social fabric. It seems more resilient to make a place for sandwich board men where they can be kept an eye on so they don't hurt anyone else, themselves, or become president of the United States.



Been having a panic attacks for the past month dealing with misinformation on "leftist" anti-voting sleeper groups afraid that they are going to depress turnout. 538 gave me a recent wake-up call that A) true leftists are such a microscopic minority that no party even pays attention to them B) Progressives that were for Bernie aren't leftists and are currently more likely to vote than they were in 2016 and c) the people dumb enough to believe that voting doesn't work and both sides are just as bad on these groups weren't going to vote anyway. Going to keep at it when I feel like it, but not going to panic so much, they are statistically a non-issue compared to 2016.
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I'm fully convinced that there will never be a second wave because we will continue to be stuck in the first wave til we finally get a vaccine because Americans are so damned selfish and stupid just like the president who is actively making it worse.


“We are the Borg”...
2020-07-31 14:02:24
Under the microscope 🔬:

This is manufactured table salt.

Resistance is salty.
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Psalm 58:3 "The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies." Hitler was one evil baby.


Há 10 ou 15 anos, vi um militante do movimento negro ser impedido de entrar numa faculdade. Ele fez um escândalo, gritando a plenos pulmões, mas sem esboçar qualquer agressividade, até que chegou uma autoridade e permitiu a entrada.
Semanas depois, ele me explicou a tática:


O Rio de Janeiro acaba de entrar na fase 4. Dentre as mudanças, aumentaram a capacidade de academias e restaurantes para 2/3. Também permitiram praticar esportes nas praias. Mas jogar altinha não pode, porque, é lazer, e lazer continua proibido.


Thank you!!!!

iSurf Social Registrations open again!

Hi all!

Well, with some of the bugfixes and improvements that have gone in with system cleanup and performance, I've been able to re-enable some cleanup settings. That, in turn, has led me to re-open registrations for new accounts here.

If you know of anyone who's been looking to give a North American Friendica setup a go, do let them know!


Um aumento significativo da complexidade informacional é necessário para um comunismo não autoritário.


We have the chance to proactively avoid ecological catastrophe in space but the time for that is running out. Wouldn’t it be great to for once talk about how we avoided a mess rather than how hard it will be to clean it up?
2020-07-31 12:24:29
@BillGates @Microsoft Could we please add space environmental protection? See and I’m happy to chat with you # # #

LOL and @Andrew Pam double little feel-your-anguish l . o. l.
@Andrew Pam That's okay I like to know how the information looks propagating around the fediverse. I thought I had a good workflow. Incidentally I'm using DDG blocker and the latest Firefox. The posts don't render as Tweets but they do render content. It is a little annoying that I get the infinite spinner over top of them on D* though...


2020-07-30 23:27:23
@KWintie The concept of "earning" a vote makes absolutely no sense to me. If I vote for anyone I don't believe they've "earned" it. I just agree with their positions more. "Earning a vote" is essentially a made-up concept to justify an arbitrary purity test.


So many "leftist" groups are talking about what a terrible performance artist Pelosi would be as president. Like she's going to be president for the next 4 years. What part of interim don't you get? She'd be president for at most a month til she got this sorted out. And yeah she wouldn't do much as president because she has no mandate to do anything as interim, that would be the job of the ELECTED president. Its like people have really strong opinions on government with no understanding at all of it, and this would only happen if California went with their election and ahead of the rest of the nation and she won. Otherwise it would go to Chuck Grassley who would serve about as long.


2020-07-30 16:47:18
“its not well known miles morales was afro latino so thats why people dont consider him a latino superhero“ his name is morales


2020-07-31 01:30:40
Follow our lead. Don’t let them immobilize you with fear. This is our moment. Move forward and fight for your democracy the way generations before us have. Be worthy of those that fought before us.


2020-07-30 17:23:13
The president is scheduling a press event in hopes that cable news networks take it live instead of airing Barack Obama's eulogy for John Lewis live because he's the biggest piece of shit on the face of the earth.



2020-07-29 10:08:12
How old were you when you realized the US stood for nothing?


2020-07-30 18:01:33
Barack Obama: "When we do form a more perfect union, whether it's years from now, or decades, or even if it takes another two centuries, John Lewis will be a founding father of that fuller, fairer, better America."


2020-07-26 07:00:00
The namers of this neighbourhood in Porters Lake, Nova Scotia appear to have run out of ideas.

google maps screenshot with streets "this street", "that street" and "the other street"
Yes, I’ve often thought: That’s all you could come up with? Lol


2020-07-30 15:27:46
She said while using Herman Cain's death to make a political statement for Republicans


Hi folks,

I am trying to install # however the # # doesn't recognize the # raid0 I prepared before on the terminal hence I don't have a place where putting the OS, unless I don't format the disk and break the raid.

I have been reading the # wiki and the official btrfs wiki during these days but I haven't understood if I can create a raid after the OS installation on the first disk, and then create the raid with the second. I haven't done this last option though.

I have very few spare time any suggestion that makes me save time is really appreciated, thanks!

# # # #

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No, those are entirely independent. You can most certainly use raid modes on any btrfs filesystem if you have multiple physical devices. You can create multiple filesystems each of which is spread across multiple physical devices, even the same devices if you use partitions.

For example, the first filesystem composed of sda1 and sdb1 mounted on / and the second filesystem composed of sda2 and sdb2 mounted on /home

Of course then it becomes inconvenient to change the space allocation unless you use LVM instead of raw partitions. But if you're going to get that complicated you might as well use subvolumes in the first place.
Thank you again for your kind reply... I don't need, actually, also the home over a btrfs. I was originally interested in snapshots and rollingback, then reading the documentation I realized that I could use a RAID on two identical ssd I have on my machine. A wise partition setup is good but an overly complicated setup might be not. I'll go doing further tests..


The election looks like a lose-lose situation. When Trump wins (which is - sadly - absolutely possible), then the US will drive into absolutism. When he loses, he will claim victory nonetheless.
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Did you always live in this much fear? How do you even sleep at night? Relax, everything will be ok this election season. If you are to worry about something, you should be more concerned if Democrats take control and fulfill their marxist agenda in this country.


2020-07-30 13:04:28
Get your absentee ballot.

Do it today.

Vote the moment you can.

This has to be an electoral college wipeout, and it has to hurt.

He has to be crushed, humiliated, and driven from office, public life, and society.
And then welcomed back to private life by the NY AG. :-)
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2020-07-30 13:09:40
I don’t rt Trump, but his tweet about delaying the election is a fine example of his propaganda tactics: float the idea (trial balloon) and have it amplified by allies until it becomes something possible. See my 2017 @PostOpinions essay:…
Saw this, probably the most alarming tweet in a long line of outrageous tweets.
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PS Yes I get that this is partly him trying to change the narrative from the worst 2nd Quarter Economic news in our history. The two go hand in hand though. The more things spiral out of control and he's losing the more he's going to try to subvert the lawful election. We can't just sit idly by and let him and the Trumpist Republicans do this.



2020-07-30 13:09:40
I don’t rt Trump, but his tweet about delaying the election is a fine example of his propaganda tactics: float the idea (trial balloon) and have it amplified by allies until it becomes something possible. See my 2017 @PostOpinions essay:…


With Herman Cain dead its lucky Trump still has Ben Carson, Kanye and Damon sex lady to be his backup black friends to show he isn't racist
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