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2020-09-14 20:34:01
50 days. Just 50 days for us to organize, mobilize, and make sure everyone we know is registered to vote. Time to roll up our sleeves and stand together for a better future.

2020-09-14 20:48:33
The Photographer Who Captured The Final Years Of Tsarist Russia, Then Vanished

The Guillotine: A Symbol of Freedom from Tyranny or the Horrors of Runaw... via @YouTube Communication and understanding mob mentality is essential

2020-09-14 15:01:18
This is potentially very big news: Astronomers have found evidence of what *might* — MIGHT — be life on Venus.
It occurred to me that signs of death would be signs of life.

Somehow there's a flash fic or something where that's the punchline.

Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" covered in 1st century CE Latin w/period(ish) instruments.
"What music you listening to?"
"Oh! 1990s?"
"No 90s" LOL

2020-09-14 18:02:14
I ask my supporters for the Noble Piece of Prize to endorse this nomination. Far more deserving. Big win for America here. Sad Trump doesn't see it.

2020-09-14 17:47:08
Speaking of raving paranoids in the Trump administration, here's Michael Caputo - HHS spox - saying that CDC is engaged in sedition and that his life is in danger.

2020-09-14 14:39:08
Quem já leu o Polanyi deve lembrar que, pra ele, o mercado de trabalho não surge na Inglaterra antes do fim daqueles abonos pagos aos pobres. E de onde vem a força política das transferências de renda agora? Coluna nova:

2020-09-14 13:31:59
Excelente a reflexão trazida pela @irrideo

2020-09-14 16:45:30
The situation continues to escalate in frightening ways.


Ex-Trump official nukes the president and the GOP for being so ‘desperate’ they’re blaming Biden for COVID-19… #

2020-09-14 15:34:45
“A broken-up Amazon would be great for shareholders. It’d be great for innovation and small business growth. But it’s bad for the billionaire CEO. This kind of concentrated power corrupts —and that’s bad for our society.” @profgalloway at @NYSenate antitrust hearing

In Poland it's quite common practice, if something in politics or internal market goes wrong to start discussing about abortion.
It is steorytypical trick used by politicians to start discussing completely unimportant and controversial matter, because they can divide people and hide really important topics.
Usually I have never ever vote for politician who stated such discussion, because it is a proof he or she has something much more important, to hide.
Yeah, US evangelicals didn't even see an issue with Roe vs Wade until Jerry Falwell realized it was easier to sell other evangelicals on abortion than segregation which is what he really wanted and anti-choice politicians were much more likely to be pro-segregation.

2020-09-14 14:39:12
Irresponsible social media companies + legacy right wing talk radio + Trumpian GOP disinformation = Major barriers to fighting and reporting on wildfires disproportionately affecting the GOP-voting fans of right wing talk radio.

2020-09-14 14:33:59
This investigation is meant to be a retrospective look into Biden's conduct as vice president - but Johnson is saying that it's about whether Biden would be a good president.

In other words, a Senate committee is being deployed as a force in the presidential race.

2020-09-14 14:30:02
This site makes use of the data and code for our election forecasting model. It's a clear example of how open-sourcing our methods, code & data can improve election coverage by decentralizing the discovery process. (Plus, the interactive charts are nice!)

Elogiando o marido, que acabara de morrer, dizia: "Nem todo mundo consegue ser motorista. E ele foi um excelente, o melhor. Nunca perdeu prazo ou carga, sempre trabalhou direito, sustentou a casa batalhando. E sempre bêbado. Não é todo mundo que consegue."

Publicamos hoje a nova coluna da @irrideo
"Em que estado de desenvolvimento do mercado de trabalho a renda básica surge novamente como uma força política?"

Publicamos a tradução de mais um artigo do livro "Lutas na pandemia" organizado pelo @NotesFrom_Below
"Esta crise revela então a divisão social do trabalho contemporânea e as novas lógicas de exploração."

2020-09-14 06:40:37
红二代已经形成共识,将江山交还给民选政府 – 蔡霞爆饭局讨论令人震惊 -

2020-09-13 18:24:52
@cowboyspirit_01 这是改良中共,把所有问题推给习一个人承担的套路,以此,其他权贵二代趁机脱身免除被清算的责任。



2020-09-12 19:21:46
When you replace your non-working code with something copied from StackOverflow

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2020-09-13 14:30:11
Still confused as to who to vote for? It’s pretty simple:

If you want a President WHO WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH during an emergency or crisis, vote for Biden.

If you want a President WHO WILL LIE TO YOU during an emergency or crisis, vote for Trump.

Too me, this election is not just about switching my vote from Trump to Biden, my whole world view changed. When I look at my old tweets after I add them to my pinned thread, I feel like that was a different person who was afraid & hateful of diversity & change outside my bubble.

2020-09-12 14:57:25
Candidate #1 is campaigning like we’re in the middle of a once in a lifetime pandemic.

Candidate #2 is campaigning like he doesn’t give a fuck if people get sick & die.

Vote for Candidate #1.

Unless all the polling is utterly wrong, Trump will only win by the very narrowest of margins meaning he cheated to win by spreading lies and breaking the post office and attacking the election. Unless he wins by a clear blowout, he will have literally only won by cheating mathematically. Democracy didn't happen if he wins. We will fight not because he won, but because he openly and blatantly cheated.
trump (x)

2020-07-30 18:29:41
Hello. My name is Coronavirus. You don’t want to wear a mask? Prepare to die.
we just got finished watching the princess bride zoom reunion. It was amazing, and wowie were they all in a political mood.