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The fuck? How are they letting them get away with this??? We can't do something like that without a million lawsuits and massive freakout about rigging the election??? #
California appears to be backing off legal threats against the state's Republican Party over its use of unauthorized ballot drop boxes.
They better be doing this because they have something better in mind. This is mindboggling to allow.

Nearly 900,000 Americans filed for unemployment last week and more than 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since May, but Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are focused on ramming through a Supreme Court nominee.

Their priorities are crystal clear.

And letting them get away with it
No, it's deliberate, calculated anti-democracy voter suppression.

It proves they have betrayed our Constitutional values. Again.
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2020-10-17 13:49:59
This Trump tweet is not a good way for him to help himself with the NE-02 Electoral College vote.
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2020-10-17 14:09:27
A Breitbart article about a Russian disinformation campaign amplified by a New York Times reporter.

There. Fixed it for you.

WTF. 2016 playbook all over again.
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I'm going to be on @amjoyshow with @TiffanyDCross to discuss why expanding the court is better way forward than hugging oppressors while they rob you.

I know actually trying to win is a controversial position around some parts.

To paraphrase Toni Morrison: the very serious function of disinformation is to distract you. To keep you from doing your work. Great piece by ⁦@emilybazelon⁩.

I'm on board with this idea: "If Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, they should set 18-year term limits for Supreme Court justices—effective immediately and applying to sitting justices."

2020-10-17 02:24:21
This whole story. It’s a real problem that Ohio Secretary of State is taking advice from discredited vote suppressor extraordinaire Hans von Spakovsky.


2020-10-17 03:24:00
I hear the Hague is nice.

2020-10-17 00:41:07
The @nypost smirking at Biden telling his addicted, despairing son he loves him reminds me of @mercedesschlapp’s Mr. Rogers sneer: deeply shitty people showing their ass by ridiculing decency.

2020-10-16 23:00:19
pretty impressive for Guiliani to step on his own dick this bad with this attempt at ratfucking

Dear Ignorant White People
Could you please stop embarrassing all white people?
The Embarrassed White People

2020-10-17 03:21:42
At least two sailors have tested positive for the coronavirus while serving aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the aircraft carrier that earlier this year was the site of the largest Covid-19 outbreak to strike the U.S. military

2020-10-17 01:16:04
Why won't Trump denounce QAnon?

Because 21% of Republicans who know of the conspiracy theory say it's "very accurate." Another 17% say it's "somewhat accurate"…

2020-10-17 00:28:53
"But Tom, when you say 'vote them all out,' you can't possibly mean every one of them in the GOP, because..."

2020-10-17 02:18:04
Senator did your Libertarian conversation encompass the topic of the President sending federal agents to Portland, Oregon, against the wishes of the mayor and governor? Did you ask him about this report?…

Just another Trump supporter threatening mass murder if he doesn't get his way

2020-10-17 01:45:01
“We can’t just invest in highways—we also need to invest in the technology underpinning the information superhighway.” Here’s how Congress can invest in digital infrastructure to aid recovery:
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2020-10-16 14:26:30
Wow, 2 million people have already voted in person in Texas. That is really something.