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2020-11-21 18:36:22
Loeffler is painting @ossoff –– a Jew who was subject to anti-Semitic attack ads by David Perdue –– as anti-Semitic, for not commenting on a 2003 speech from Obama's former pastor.

i start my emails “hello, i hope this email finds you in a well” and no one notices

The Republican Party’s embrace of a coup attempt is the biggest threat we face.

What a fantastic morning with my bride. We knocked out a 4.5 mile hike at the Crosswind Marsh in Belleville, MI.

The thing we worried about happening for years of Trump has happened. There are only a handful of GOP voices calling this out and only one that did it naming Trump's actions as egregious. It's maddening watching the GOP destroy the foundation of democratic government in the USA.
2020-11-21 14:43:03
According to The Economist's latest poll from YouGov, 88% of those who voted for Donald Trump think that the election result is illegitimate

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Maddening indeed. The lot of these bastards (i.e., the GOP supporting Trump) are violating their oath to the Constitution. There should be legal consequences.

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2020-11-21 14:57:23
"Having defied predictions of a down-ballot blood bath at the hands of voters fed up with Mr. Trump, congressional Republicans have seen there is little political cost..."
This is key. They think they've paid no price for irresponsibility and demagoguery. So they will not change.
Yeah, this would look very different if democrats had done as well as polling suggested they were going to. Republicans are looking at the polling-result delta and considering it a victory.

FML I’ve lost all patience with the Republican Party and their undemocratic bullshit.
2020-11-20 16:27:56
tl;dr - The Trump campaign wants to throw out in-person early votes in the Wisconsin’s two most Democratic counties but not its other counties.

2020-11-20 21:39:39
Fact check: FALSE. I *literally* showed up at the White House on the Saturday after Trump's inauguration to brief his incoming Senior Director for Intelligence Programs and drove him a set of classification guides on Sunday to ensure he had what he needed for incoming officials.

Larry Diamond, fellow at the Hoover Institution and at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute, says “I consider RCV to be the ‘master reform’...that can lift us out of our partisan stalemate,”

Lung cancer kills about 2 million people annually, more than any other cancer. But the development of more-effective therapies and means of diagnosis provide some glimmers of hope. See our latest Outlook.

Good morning, and happy #! Check out this purrfect bracteate in the shape of a lion's head.

A28587C: gold, #, Hamadan, # period (550–330 BC)


Ivanka Trump distances self from dad’s election fraud claims as her own legal jeopardy grows

If I'm staring at you with faint alarm and you're wearing your mask below your nose, it's because I'm wondering if you also hang your junk over your underwear's waistband.

Doctors, nurses use emotional social media pleas to warn Americans about deadly COVID surge…

2020-11-21 14:32:23
I don’t remember this episode of Curious George because I think I’ve watched everyone of them with my daughter. 😏😂😂

Good thing conservatives are extremely worried about cancel culture...or something...

GOP 2019: "Silence your protesting! You will obey the Law!"
GOP 2020: "Fuck the Law! Trump is President!"
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To the modern American conservative, power is the only thing that matters and the ends always justify the means.

Now, I'll qualify that by adding they also grossly delude themselves into being absolutely blind this is what they are doing, and will perform staggering mental gymnastics, involving denial, projection, cognitive dissonance, and adoption of outright dysfunctional absurdity, to convince themselves their blatantly hypocritical behavior 1) isn't, 2) is good and pure.
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@Icarus Anne Riley - Never mind. I think I misinterpreted the first quote.

GOP, June, 2020: "Silence your protesting! You will obey the Law!"
GOP, November, 2020: "Fuck the Law! Trump is President!"

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Real conservatives understand that my rights are the same as your rights, and that an attack on one person's legal rights is an attack on everyone else's legal rights. Many who call themselves "conservative" in the US today are nothing of the kind. They're radical right-wingers, who divide everyone into the deserving and the undeserving, and who think the state should discriminate accordingly. But because equal rights are a well-known liberal value, they claim the opposite tribal name as their own.
I really dislike markup-abuse-based screaming, but it seems required:

THIS IS A CULT OF POWER. There is no ideological, or moral, or strategic, or strategic consistency. IT IS ABOUT POWER AND NOTHING BUT POWER

(And yes, @icarus makes that point in comments. It needs to be headlined.)


XCode install takes so long it makes the Visual Studio install seem lightening fast....
I wonder how many lines of code in xcode
Xcode download was about 15GB

Wow. That's all I have to say about this.

No wonder we can't control the epidemic. What a great example she's setting for everyone, especially children.
Responding to the original article - yea it's tough. The US system relies on little people all giving up a little bit in misery and money to the 1%. When that fragile system collapses all that's left for all of us is to bitch and moan, help the helpers, and make the best of it.
@Martin Seeger - Here in California it is almost the case that everybody is a minority. When I lived in San Francisco I lived in the old Russian/Ukrainian district (Inner Richmond) that was evolving in the new Chinese district, but with the largest Synagogue in the city. I bought my rugs from an old Persian trader who had photos of himself on camels in the 1920's. It also had a large Catholic high school (attended by my favorite comic, Gracie Allen) and the club where Robin Williams got his start.

Our ballots are printed in something like 13 different languages.

It's fun. It's like old Baltimore with dozens of ethnic districts. (I remember one night we were at a German restaurant in Baltimore and my friend kept trying to order a Mexican beer.

At least the reaction was more positive then when when my wife and I were in Ghent and she tried [and failed] to order a German beer. Now her favorite beer is a Belgian style one made in Quebec, (La Fin Du Monde

Search questions

@Friendica Support

Hi! I've got questions about searching, especially hashtags.

First, how can I exclude Twitter from the results? I'd like to see fediverse hits, but Twitter just overwhelms it with garbage. The node I'm on has Twitter enabled, and even if I delink my Twitter account, it keeps showing Twitter hits.

Secondly, hashtags seem like a good way to follow things in the community. I figured I could save a bunch of searches for topics I'm interested in. Problem is, there's not (that I can see) a separate screen for those, so pretty soon they completely overwhelm the posts from my friends. It would be great to have a separate tab for those.

Thirdly, although the tag searches bring in things from Diaspora that I don't see on Mastodon, when I do a search for the same tag on even a small Mastodon node, I get a ton more hits from the Mastodon network than I see doing the same search on Friendica. Are they being filtered somehow?

More broadly, how does one stay in touch with the community of people with a particular interest in Friendica?

Thanks everyone!

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Currently there is no way to exclude the hashtags from the network page. But it sounds like a good idea. Could you file a feature request at our repository for that? Concerning the differences in hashtag results: It always depends upon the posts that are known locally on the machine. And this can be very different on each machine, independent from the used software.

The administration is undercutting a major public lands law that the president used to greenwash his abysmal record.… via @WIRED

Who needs Russia? Loudest attacks on US vote are from Traitor Trump

If America
had adequate contact tracing
we'd already be
and supporting
any individuals
who've done coke with Donald Trump Jr
over the 2 weeks.


Giving people in this kid's position a way to connect themselves to the world in a moment of danger is one of the few positive things social media has given us

Gathering students and teachers under the same roof isn’t foolproof.

But research shows that's not what's triggering the surge of cases across the nation or around the world.

"Donald Trump is endangering America's national security for his ego," writes Senator Tammy Duckworth

2020-11-21 01:46:25
“Allegations of serious fraud should be taken seriously...”

All due respect @SenMikeShirkey, isn’t it that evidence of serious fraud be taken seriously? Wild claims without evidence are nothing more than wild claims.

I know these milestones like 250,000 deaths make us stop and appreciate the magnitude of it all but also stop once in a while for a random number like #251,639 and think of how that exact person was a loved one whose death could have been prevented

Inside the lives of immigrant teens working dangerous night shifts in suburban factories