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New #JennaOrtega interview and photo shoot in Cosmopolitan "Jenna Ortega Is a Better Adult Than You" (The title in the preview seems to be different and not something she says in the interview):

What is a good PeerTube host? I have some videos I want to post of some code analysis. I originally created one off Mastodon's but after two videos it wouldn't upload anymore and I think it is now defunct.

If Breyer gives the GOP a chance to pull a Merrick Garland style blockade and then seat another justice to make the already most conservative court in a century even more conservative with a 7 to 2 majority I'm going to be furious. Time is running out dude

He shouldn't have to be pressured to retire. He and RBG should have retired early in Obama administration. If he lives into a Republican administration and they get to stack the already most conservative court in over a century with yet another right wing jurist I'm going to be furious. I already probably won't outlive the current imbalance much less the effects of what they are going to do to this country in terms of civil rights, voting rights, LGBT rights, corporate rights over citizens rights, and I could go on. That's assuming it "just" stays with the current 6 to 3 imbalance. Him letting it get to 7 to 2 imbalance though!?!?! Fucking A man wake your ass up.

I don’t normally advocate violence, but given that a fundamental principle of Nazi belief is that Nazis are allowed to slaughter anyone not-a-Nazi, whenever they feel like it, because Nazis are just that special, I consider punching a Nazi to be be de facto self-defense.

So professional math nerds found a new set of prime numbers. Some other professional math nerds asked "what if?" And then asked "What if in base 31?"

And I'm all like "Why the fuck is 'Base 31'?"

And then I was all like amateur math nerd for an hour and loved it.
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I love, love, love that this post about math a one of my most Liked posts this month 😀

I love my circle of peeps here in the Fed.

When Satan compliments you, maybe you are being a bad person
Yeah, that's some damning "praise"

Joe Manchin: Any Voting Rights Legislation Has To Make Trump Supporters Happy #SmartNews Soooo..... take away more black folks rights????

Joe Manchin: Any Voting Rights Legislation Has To Make Trump Supporters Happy #SmartNews Soooo..... take away more black folks rights????

'Imagine saying to a room full of Black people: It's too hard for me to watch that trial' #SmartNews

'Imagine saying to a room full of Black people: It's too hard for me to watch that trial' #SmartNews

Economist Paul Krugman: Republicans have no meaningful objections to Biden’s infrastructure plan — they simply 'want him to fail' #SmartNews

👍🏼 🦖🦕

Somebody please help me understand why you pitch against your own shift?

hOW CAn BiDEN CoUNt SEmIcondUctOrs aS inFrAStrUCture?!?!

This seems like another variation on the 80/20 rule (80% of your work goes into 20% of result, 20% of your work goes into 80% of the result.) It would be super cool if all this surveillance software could figure out ahead of time what takes 80% of the time for 20% of the result and then distribute the work across several people/teams/whatever so it's not a slog.

Looks like some really good QA test.
@Michael Vogel I just flash back to the first program I wrote and passed off to a QA team. I did my own testing and was certain I wrung out most of the big bugs so they'd just find nits. I think it took them an hour to overload me with major bugs that I missed lol.
Yeah, but QA is right. Filters don't always match the way the developers think they should.

Yup. Mine was but only because i had the chance of dying for the nations war machine

Yup. Mine was but only because i had the chance of dying for the nations war machine

75 is kind of early. My sympathies for his family, it's a rough road.
Awww, dammit.

I love that @Cardinals fans give a standing O to returning players and that Yadi knows it’s coming and steps in front of home plate.

God damn that bible pushin' man

If there is a god, he will. 😀
Wow - the family silver!

2021-04-08 19:16:33
🤿Want to deep dive on ownership and build out your ownership model with our Co-Director @JessxDesign and the ever-amazing @Ruffin?

Join us next Wednesday for a workshop at Shift 2021 hosted by our incredible friends at @Zebras_Unite 🦓

2021-04-08 17:43:06
This thread explains so much. Why the App Store is full of scams, why rulings are so arbitrary, why its impossible to get clear answers. Apple hires essentially unskilled people to do the reviews, yet claims they're necessary to protect people. You can't have it both ways!

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Typically 13 minutes for a review? What is even possible to test in 13 minutes?
That's for a new app. Updates average 6 minutes.

This is a topic I've been trying to get my brain wrapped around from the perspective of both the investor and the founder perspective. I'm *stoked* that there are real world solutions already being used rather than it being a theoretical thing. Reading up far more on this topic!
2021-04-07 02:08:48
I get asked at least 2-3x a week about how people can invest in cooperatives. So I finally took some time to write down my best thinking on the very unique challenges, and opportunities of investing in cooperatives. Here is Part 1!

DNA Reveals Humans Interbred With Neanderthals a Surprisingly Short Time Ago

Hell, I didn't need to have a study done to know this. Just look around you. This past four or so years in the U.S. have brought many Neanderthals to prominence in government, media, and elsewhere.

Me to undergrads: this is hard, please give yourself grace.
Me to grads: this is hard, please give yourself grace.
Me to colleagues: this is hard, please give yourself grace.
Me to myself: you were late to an important meeting. You are a failure and fraud. Just quit.
Yup. This is one habit that makes my already great emotional deficit worse and contributes to the external factors already denying me purpose and meaning in life.

(Virtual) Day #1

Pedimos a alguns de nossos colaboradores frequentes que escrevessem sobre o retorno de Lula à disputa eleitoral. Esperamos, com isso, promover um debate o mais amplo possível. Esta é uma contribuição de Ricardo Mezavila ao debate.

2021-04-08 01:18:26
This is fucking amazing, and everything I wish more high-profile cis writers would do right now. Thanks for this.

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Capitalizing on the misery of others is an American value and it's evil.

2021-04-07 13:03:04
GOP: Any effort to prevent corporations from expressing their views through unlimited political donations is a violation of free speech

CORPS: people should be allowed to vote

GOP: well that's enough of that

2021-04-07 18:11:31
If you believe that 1-Capitalism self regulates and adjusts, but 2-You can't pay these people more because they will lose jobs and businesses will go broke, but 3-Capitalism is great for prosperity, then something there is contradicting another.

102 of 365

It’s interesting how breaking out of a routine that you’ve developed messes with you. It took a long time for my legs to wake up. Even then, I felt like I was walking in sand the whole time.

It will be easier tomorrow. #movement


30 Days of FreeBSD

I'd like to start my 30 days challenge with FreeBSD, I resumed and repaired my (previous) old laptop to see if I can do everything I do normally with Linux (Devuan, Debian and Ubuntu) with FreeBSD, especially with my main workstation (Devuan).

I have been pretty tired about Linux since a while and I look forward to get rid off all the toxicity that every days poisoning the free software culture.

Looks like the BSD realm is cleaner, more resilient and more unix mindset oriented.

I look forward to a positive outcome and make the use of computer funny again!!!


#freebsd #opensource #freesoftware #linux