Skip to main content… Why isn't this already a thing? Oh yeah cause we'd rather bust black people for weed than make cops go after what is for many of them, their fellow rapists.… Why isn't this already a thing? Oh yeah cause we'd rather bust black people for weed than make cops go after what is for many of them, their fellow rapists.

Listen to "Putting Jesus in His Place - Prophet, Part 2" by Daniel Rose ⚓…

Developers have already created Android, Linux, and Windows companion apps for the $27 PineTime smartwatch (designed to run open source software). Now there are two work-in-progress iOS companion apps and a new Ubuntu Touch app as well.…


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I have a pinebook and pinephone. They are neat ideas but fail in practice because of the same things that you always find in opensource projects of this nature: hardware intellectual property. In the case of the pinebook it is the firmware that does not allow for a proper sleep mode. The pinephone has incredibly immature software as well. They sound great on paper but are best avoided unless you are a CS major. Just save your money and get an Apple Watch / Android Watch. You will find yourself with much better use out of them.
@JRG Yeah I have a Pinebook Pro and while it is impressive for $199 in many respects it does fall flat as a device I would give to the masses. It wasn't designed to be that either. It's the same with the PinePhone and PineTime. I think the biggest impediment is lack of resources not hardware IP. These projects are a fraction of the size of one small subsystem team at Apple, Google, Samsung, etc. They therefore are behind the eightball and get further each day even if they started from a place of technical parity, which they of course do not either.
This is so cool…

I'm always torn emotionally on these billionaire space projects. I want their teams to do well and their passengers or payloads to survive but I also see the billionaires behind them licking their chops and strategizing how they'll use them to monopolize even more of humanity's and the planet's resources to the detriment of everyone else; marketing shtick about their altruism notwithstanding.
I, for one, am all for blasting billionaires into deep space

...also for the record I am not salty about people being successful in general, a common refrain from the billionaires' fan bases. Give me a Warren Buffet over the rest of these billionaires. I've felt less pissed off by my competition winning over me on things when I thought they were upstanding moral people who do the right thing. It's about principles not sour grapes.
I'm perfectly willing to choose sour grapes when the system that lets some people win and prevents other people from winning or even surviving.

Dying because you couldn't get access to healthcare due to limited hospital space is also a death caused by covid with a co-morbidity in the population of Dunning Kruger

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"Jaws" (1975): A benevolent mayor is doing a tremendous job saving his town's economy when a radical marine biologist conspires with deep state law enforcement to spread fake news of a shark hoax. People die but in the end the mayor is a stable genius who everyone loves. ★★★★
Don't forget: The mayor gets re-elected!

Late February, right after the Vaccine became available for the elderly, was the last time we had yesterday's COVID death rate. 2600 deaths in a day and rising. Vaccination is the only way to fix this but anti-vaxxers are sadly going to have to learn the hard way while killing people by clogging up the hospitals

A Boy Went to a COVID-Swamped ER. He Waited for Hours. Then His Appendix Burst.… #SmartNews Flatten the fucking curve!!! Get vaccinated!!

A Boy Went to a COVID-Swamped ER. He Waited for Hours. Then His Appendix Burst.… #SmartNews Flatten the fucking curve!!! Get vaccinated!!

Brene Brown once said “the cruelty culture fights shame with shame” and Einstein wrote “we can't solve problems by using the same kind of consciousness we used when we created them.”

Lord, this takes work. I look back at some of the things I’ve done, said, and written and 😳

The Constitution was not designed to cope, concurrently, with an insane President and a political party that could block action against that president merely because it represents enough people who don't give a shit that the president is insane.

As Adam notes, Facebook is lying. Upworthy was doing great on Facebook, as was my AMERICAblog and @davidbadash’s @gaycivilrights — until FB changed the algorithm several years back and destroyed our traffic overnight. That’s why right-wingers now dominate. It’s what FB wants.

Caused entirely by him and his cult

Trump predicts America will end in three years during unhinged Newsmax interview

Podcast release day! Check out this week's Simple Theologian episode that @revmikeumc and I recorded yesterday!…

@Brian Ó It's a shtick of Ken White's where people always ask if something is RICO or say that stuff that is definitely not RICO is RICO. The Colombo crime family case is actual RICO for once. RICO was actually invented to go after the mafia and similar crime sindicates IIRC.

I don't see Nate Silver commenting on 538's recall election like he normally would be. Good. More of that please.…

We set up bases in every nation, we should be setting up manufacturing labs on those bases to make vaccine for the world.

Nicee :blobcatgiggle:
> researching = running clinical trials at home
:0070: Why can't anybody think for themselves.

Em meio a essa intensa mobilização, a esquerda parece mais presa aos seus símbolos que à luta dos trabalhadores.

The @tigers are such a great watch these days. They have been way more than competitive than I anticipated. With the talent coming from AAA next year and the core that is being developed, man, it’s getting exciting.

Há 10 anos...

Vídeos documentam a série de protestos que tem ocorrido em Angola desde março e a forte repressão policial do governo de José Eduardo dos Santos.

Em 8 de setembro recebo o almoço, pedido por aplicativo. Pergunto para o entregador se no dia 11 há greve, ele responde que não sabe de nada, e continua:
— E ontem, hein?
— Ah, achei que ia ser maior!
— Será que rola impeachment?