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When I was in high school I had one of these for an alarm clock. It took forever to flip ahead 23 hours so I'd either never change it in the fall or I'd unplug it for an hour :)
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Google Maps adds feature to help prevent taxi kidnapping | TechRadar

Google Maps can now warn you if the taxi you're taking goes off course, giving you an alert if the car strays more than 500m off the intended route.

Of course, there could well be a valid reason why your driver has taken a detour (they might know about a temporary road closure, for example, or simply think they know better than Google), but the alerts could help keep you safe when you're traveling in an unfamiliar part of town by letting you know if something's amiss.
No, nobody's going to kidnap a taxi. It's just TR not checking it's headlines for ambiguity.

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Parliament debate on Tuesday is MPs' first opportunity to vote on the principle of the PM's EU withdrawal bill. #Brexit #UnitedKingdom #BorisJohnson #JeremyCorbyn #Europe

Schiff Returning the "Favor"

Twitter: Adam Schiff on Twitter (Adam Schiff)

The Republicans took full advantage of the fact and reveled in it. So much so that Moscow Mitch earned himself that moniker. He is fearing for his life in re-elections now.


Go for broke

but maybe think twice about pouring gas down a gopher hole and dropping a lit match in the hole.

We get marmots around here. They like sunny, dry, rocky sites. Fortunately, this means hundreds of metres away from where we live.

Mom and Dad catch 1 or 2 a year (in mom's garden) and release them a few miles away by the river. They are in their 80s so I imagine it makes for a busy day and good conversation.

Under digital surveillance: how American schools spy on millions of kids | The Guardian

Fueled by fears of school shootings, the market has grown rapidly for technologies that monitor students through official school emails and chats
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New gene editing tool could fix most harmful DNA mutations | The Guardian

Scientists have raised fresh hopes for treating people with genetic disorders by inventing a powerful new molecular tool that, in principle, can correct the vast majority of mutations that cause human genetic diseases.

The procedure, named “prime editing”, can mend about 89% of the 75,000 or so harmful mutations known to mangle the human genome and lead to conditions such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, and a nerve-destroying illness called Tay-Sachs disease.

The landmark work opens the door to a new era of genome editing, but scientists caution that more research is needed before it can be safely used in humans. Beyond proving its safety, another major hurdle is how to deliver the molecular machinery to cells that need it in sufficient amounts to treat a disorder. show more

Netanyahu fails to form a majority government
#RecklessPolitics #Netanyahu #Israel #Gantz #Rivlin

OK. I officially claim gross ignorance of politics in Israel. I did not realize that they had both a prime minister and a president. I never hear about Rivlin in the news. It's always Netanyahu this and Netanyahu that.

The president is officially the head of state. He has no real power and authority. Basically like the Queen of the UK (recall Israel was created in a country ruled by the British).

The real story is that when Israel was established David Ben Gurion, the influential leader, wanted to find an honorary job for Haim Weizmann. Up until 1946 Weizmann was the leader of the World Zionist Organization. Ben Gurion wanted to give him a job that recognizes his fame, but without real power. Weizmann is known for defining his power as: "the only place I can stick my nose in is my handkerchief".
As for direct elections: These were attempted in Israel. Recall that Israel has always had a ruling coalition. There was never one single party who had a majority in the parliament after the elections. One unexpected result was that people felt less compelled to vote for the two larger parties (Labour and Likkud, at the time). Direct elections were only held three times. On the first one Netanyahu was elected. But failed to keep his government and it collapsed after 3 years. Then Barak was elected... show more - No wonder Israel is even more of a mess than the US. Australia has multiple parties too and ranked ballots. That makes a huge difference. Australia isn't perfect, but their ranked ballots make their elections better than that of the US.

Hint/clue: Online ‘morality’ mob (said thoughtpolice) often turns out to be working, for a salary, for said "likely pedophile who has his own foundation and lots of ill-earned money"

Also/bonus: Said ‘morality’ mob wants to burn FSF, not help FSF. Concern trolls.


I wrestled to keep hold of the book I was reading for a full minute when it dawned on me that what grabbed it was not... alive.

I didn't so much surrender the novel as lose control of my hands to shock.

"Ahhh," the spirit sighed breathlessly, uncurling my dog-ears, "I'll treasure it, thank you."

"That's not yours!"

"It is now. Besides, you can get more. I'm stuck here."

"You died HERE? Doing WHAT?"

"Doing what I love; reading."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Paranormal


I looked around the gazebo; it was far away from town and I could understand being engrossed by a story.
"So you... read yourself to death? By starving..?"

"No, I was quite capable of multi-tasking - I could read, walk and eat at the same time. No, I died DOING what I loved; that'd not what killed me."

"So what killed you then..?"

"I was unexpectedly crushed by a giant hailstone. No way of avoiding it. Book I was reading
had a happy ending though, so I kindda I went out on a high note."

Wilden ze zelf de gevangenen uit Cuba niet overal behalve in de US laten wonen?

Pete Hoekstra: ‘Het ophalen van Syriëgangers is de enige realistische optie’ - NRC

Het aanbod staat: de Verenigde Staten zijn nog steeds bereid om te helpen bij het repatriëren van Nederlandse Syriëgangers. Het kabinet hoeft alleen maar te knipogen, zegt Pete Hoekstra, de Amerikaanse ambassadeur in Nederland. „Wij geloven dat deze individuen het minst gevaarlijk zijn als ze terug zijn in hun eigen land”, zegt hij in zijn Haagse residentie.

Als Pete het zegt, kunnen we het rustig negeren.

Dat is ook weer waar ja.

UK Man Invents Aluminum-Air Battery In His Garage | CleanTechnica

Imagine, if you will, a lightweight, inexpensive power source with 9 times the energy density of a lithium-ion battery. Got your mind wrapped around that concept? Now imagine that power source uses recycled aluminum, one of the most abundant metals on Earth, and an electrolyte so nontoxic you can drink it.
#technology #science #power #BatteryPower #ecology #EV #ElectricVehicles #science

Online 'morality' mob has more of an issue with a person having the opinion that the word "assault" is overused (to the point of ejecting him from his own foundation), has no issue with an actual likely pedophile who has his own foundation and lots of ill-earned money

No biking today, needed to get to Nordhorn for my Flu shot. After that we cleaned the house a little, had lunch somewhere in town and I started to get the leafs out of the garden

Protests around the world in pictures | BBC News

In cities around the world, people are taking to the streets.
Here's a look at seven places that are seeing varying levels of demonstrations - from peaceful marches to violent clashes.
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Streetwise: Capturing iconic moments of daily life | BBC News

Street photography is a genre that relies on chance encounters in public places.
For more than sixty years photographers at the world famous agency Magnum Photos have excelled in this genre, capturing iconic moments of daily life. Often candid or quirky, poignant or humorous, their images provide a compelling view of street life throughout the world.
A new collection of this work, Magnum Streetwise, brings together over 300 photographs drawn from an extensive archive by the curator Stephen McLaren.
#photography #StreetPhotography #Magnum #Streetwise

"Die heutige Rakete startet außerplanmäßig in der Antarktis"
"Die heutigen Raketen starten in ungekehrter Reihenfolge, alle Passagiere die in der ursprünglichen Mond Rakete saßen, fliegen somit zum Mars"

十万个冷知识(六十四) 在英国,两个陌生人有1/300的概率是亲戚

Links 22/10/2019: Pacman 5.2, Shame of Disney+ DRM, Microsoft's DRM Scheme, Microsoft Reprimanded for Privacy Abuses

NETT, dass die HUNDES--re-G I E R --ung so viel für die WEB-Sicherheit der BUERGER tut.....

....oder auch nicht?!!!! ", Die öffentliche, öffentlich finanzierte BUERGER-PC-RETTUNG-vom-ROOT-Kit.-Spezial-I T -sicherheits-SEITE ist nun für BUERGER & ihre ROOTKIT.PROBLEME gesperrt...

EBENSO weigert sich KASPERSKY TOTAL SECURITYX , diese ROOTKITS zu entfernen..

DUMMDREISTERWEISE , ---ja, wie ungeschickt/politideotisch ist das denn?!, findet Kaspersky duese Rootkits noch, entfernt siewe aber aus GRUENDEN politischer VIORGABEN nicht mehr!!!


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Welcome to the TUESDAY #CheckIn for October 22

And Tuesday swoops in. Looks to be another beautiful Fall day in Missouri, which pleases me.

For today, I wonder, what are your 3 most used apps or websites? In no particular order, for me it would be Microsoft To Do, Telegram, and Edge browser. I have to stay organized with To Do, my wife and I communicate mostly via Telegram when apart, and my browser of choice is Microsoft's Edge browser on both mobile and desktop (I use their new Chromium based one on desktop).


What is #CheckIn?
It’s a longstanding daily tradition started by Lawrence (LD) Williams on g+. Peeps throughout the world check in to mingle. It’s been likened to what folks do around a water cooler, on a front porc... show more

Couple games I play and email on my phone, chrome and email on my work computer.

Firefox, Mahjongg, Linux in general. For family matters whatsapp. No windows in our home