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How Venezuelans are coping with the problems piling up on many streets. #LatinAmerica #Venezuela #Environment

Reasons to move to #gnu #gimp or #krita or whatever #freesw

ive been boycotting adobe for too many years to count, people should avoid non-free software in general.

its a shame that open source offers impurity in the wrong direction. if they said "of course youre going to use non-free software, the goal is to get rid of every non-free application and platform possible," id probably still be an open source advocate.

instead, they devote more energy mocking people who have already accomplished what they pretend to have as a goal-- openness (in the form of software freedom) and invent sophistry to say why free software isnt free (because if you write 100% free software but dont bother to build a community around it, its not really open. bollocks, but they make a thing of it every few years since i dunno, the 90s?) its gotten more like this, but open source was always this way.

what happened to me, is i bought the "like free software, only better" propaganda, and thought that sounded nice.

gradually i realised that they were doing a bait-and-switch. open source uses promises of freedom to gradually promote non-freedom... show more

as for things like openrespect, thats pure narcissistic behaviour. if you deal with enough narcissists, they never own their double standards. respect is for you to demonstrate, and for them to enjoy. microsoft can do literally any scummy thing to users, even to governments, no problem. you cant even put a dollar sign in their name.

this isnt the surface of open source. it goes all the way to the core. the only hope it has is the people who really are sincere-- but theyre look "good cops" in a corrupt brotherhood-- who might prevent a few black kids from getting shot, but they wont ever change the status quo. meanwhile the war on citizens is named "the war on police" etc. narcissism and monopoly always flip the blame onto the victims, and the worst offenders are painted as just defending themselves-- chinese communist party, apartheid in israel, microsoft vs gpl, and on and on and on. the reason we dont go after the worst offenders, is theyve done the most to rig society in their favour. the guy from enron scams the whole country and is buddies with gwb, while they bust martha... show more

Sometimes I find some accusations between countries like "US hackers", "Russian hackers", "Korean Hackers" or "Chinese hackers" pretty confusing. Like, if I was a hacker hired by these government agencies, how dumb do I need to be to hack a computer system in another country without masquerading my identity to another country? Even amateur hackers know to use something like multiple layers of VMs and Tor. With these techniques in place, I don't think it is trivial to just pin down the origin of any attack to one specific location.


terms like 'resources' are puzzling to me, given SIGINT collection are systematically automated dragnet storage. How do they even put extra resources in a specific investigation?

But Israel's Strike has been my favourite - we physically eliminated them and the attack stopped!


No, I think you are getting something wrong, things are never that obvious.

(1) Some government-sponsored attackers don't ever bother to masquerade their identities in many operations. They don't need to worry about retaliations, unlike individuals.

(2) Never underestimate the stupidities of government agencies. In one incident, US discovered a communication system used by the CIA leaks information, and some links even pointed back to CIA's own website...

So the conclusion here is that they are really sometimes dumb 😂 when they are not dumb, they just don't care -- or it is that you won't even know what they really care. Everything you get to know is because they don't care.

(3) Another possibility is that they are not dumb, but are intentionally playing dumb to carry out a greater plan. But this possibility can never be verified.

(4) Perhaps the most successful secret operations conducted are never reported by the news media.

I'm thinking about this too. If they are not dumb, it means that everything that has been accused of that we get to know, whether they are true or just political excuses, are probably just nothing. The real successful operations would never become known to anyone except those members, who might have long been eliminated.

As Argentina's former president goes on trial for corruption, Al Jazeera looks at the impact it could have on her future political ambitions. #LatinAmerica #Argentina #Politics

Unions are urging government to intervene to save embattled steelworks. #Business&Economy #Europe #UnitedKingdom



@nebula_moe @airy go 好学,没有太多魔法






@nebula_moe @airy
go 跨平台编译舒服



@kekeroro 这司机真是脑子有坑


Na, vielleicht gibt es dann jetzt endlich bald eine ernstzunehmende Alternative zu Android.

Sailfish hätte da potential, wenn die ein bisschen verlässlicher wären. Die machen viel richtig. Nettes UI, Ressourcen schonend, und es gibt auch schon ein paar apps.
Android - Huawei verliert Android-Lizenz und Zugang zum Play Store
Tags: #Huawei, #Android, #SailfishOS

via dandelion* client (Source)

Ja das mit den Freischaltcodes bzw. das man diese überhaupt braucht ist bullshit.

Das AOSP kann gar nicht betroffen sein, es ist Open Source und enthält zum großen Teil Code der nicht von Google stammt.

Das Problem an sich ist auch nicht Android sondern die CSS Komponenten sowie die Dienste inkl. Playstore. Also all das womit wir uns auch die ganze Zeit mit CM/LOS herumschlagen wenn man nicht gerade alles wieder mit Google verseuchen will.

Danke für die Aufklärung. Ich lebe ja schon recht lange gut ohne Playstore.
Ich dachte, die Codes braucht es, um den Bootloader zu unlocken.
Schön zu hören, dass Google gar nicht so tief in AOSP steckt.

v2.8.3更新以后图片打码不是黑屏而是变成模糊马赛克,更想点下去了 :0230:

Un tronc où les pics ont dû venir chercher à se nourrir...
#photo #photography


Bregman: "Los que apoyan a Cristina lo hacen por las medidas que Alberto no apoyó"

Myriam Bregman discutió sobre el armado electoral frente a la crisis de
Cambiemos y el régimen del FMI en el programa de Mauro Viale en A24.


Myriam Bregman en A24: "La izquierda tiene un programa claro, queremos debatirlo" - YouTube

Myriam Bregman discutió sobre el armado electoral frente a la crisis de
Cambiemos y el régimen del FMI en el programa de Mauro Viale en A24.

Al referirse al panorama político la legisladora del PTS-FIT dijo que
"Alberto Fernández tiene que decir qué va a hacer. Dijo que va a pagar
la deuda, ¿va a aumentar las jubilaciones o las va a planchar porque el
FMI lo dice? Macri deja un régimen del FMI manejando la pólitica

Política /
FMI /... show more


Huawei’s HiSilicon makes global call for doctoral degree holders


"#HiSilicon, the #semiconductor arm of #China's Huawei Technologies, has launched a global talent hunt to accelerate new technology #research and #development (R&D) in a bid to build up its lead in the information communications technology (ICT) sector and beyo... show more

And all the while America thinks charging a million dollars for degrees is a good idea.

Hondureños protestan contra privatización de la salud y educación

Durante la protesta también hubo consignas en rechazo al presidente y su proceso privatizador



Our newest cat really likes to eat… roses

that's an elegant cat. Also makes flavoured poo.


🎼 Hello ✨ did you know that I just released a third album not five minutes ago?
It's called Hyacinth! It's shorter and more personal one than Alma and Journey and leans more into the electronic/synth vibe^^
The cover art was made by @Mirima (thank you!^^) and you've probably already seen it from when I released "Cold" and "Clouds" :p

As per usual, you can listen to it on
▶️ Bandcamp:
▶️ Soundcloud:

Hope you'll enjoy it!
Cheers °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


Intel y otras grandes tecnológicas de EEUU siguen a Google y cortan sus relaciones con la china Huawei

Toute petite adorable chatoune qui dort :blob_aww:

Hey, les sysads dites moi : ça coute vraiment si cher que ça d'héberger du mail? Sécu, stockage, tout ça…?

J'ai du mal à piger 😞

Ce n'est pas cher, mais c'est vraiment chiant pour faire ça bien (disons que c'est cher en temps) : configuration DKIM, DMARC, SPF, antispam, réputation du domaine, des IPs utilisées, choix techniques des logiciels et configurations, etc.

Federation report: in the last hour, received 10705 toots from 537 instances. We can see at the moment 59.61% (62.80% excluding of the network statuses and are connected to 7366/5280 known instances.

Starts activity logging faster and I like the UI changes.


I was skeptical of watches and found them ridiculous. Then one day I won one in a photo contest. I found that having a smartwatch reduces looking at the phone by about 90%. These days, I almost never look at my phone, because I can see texts, time, and gate info for travel on my wrist. I only allow a few notifications, so the watch has become handy. The classic question is, "If you leave home and find you forgot your watch, would you go back for it?" to which I answer, "No." I don't go back for the phone, either unless I absolutely need maps or expect an important call.

I don;t have a cellphone but I do have a watch. It's a Timex, cost me $60. It is amazingly accurate, though to about 5 seconds a month.

#Qwant travaillait déjà avec Microsoft pour compléter son indexation mais là ils sous-traitent carrément l'indexation tout en indiquant qu'un OVH n'a pas les moyens de faire ce type de chose.
J'étais déçu sur le positionnement de la loi Copyright mais là cette encore une autre étape :(

Mouai on dira que s'il ne s'agit que d'utiliser Azure au lieu de GCP ou AWS pourquoi pas meme si a lire que le partenariat est plus important que cela. Ils ont des intérêts economiques communs.

En même temps ils font du blé en passant par bing ads…

Ah oui, j'ai oublié de vous montrer cette magnifique fleur blanche l'autre jour 💮

Camomille sauvage ?


Content warning: ultra cursed

Urteil gegen „Lifeline“-Kapitän: Claus-Peter Reisch geht in Revision #Seenotrettung #MissionLifeline #Lifeline #Flüchtlinge #Europa #Politik #Schwerpunkt

C'est drôle, cette histoire de #Huawei : ne pas avoir accès aux applications Google ne signifie absolument pas perdre l'accès aux services Google.
J'ai accès à ces (maudits) services depuis mon Android sous @e_mydata à l'aide des applications disponibles chez @fdroidorg.
Applications qui sont libres et tout aussi efficaces que les machins officiels sans le côté aspirateur de données personnelles.

Les gens... :blobmeh:

#Android #Google #Fdroid #efoundation

Tu as accès aux services Google ou tu as accès à une alternative ?

Ça dépend des services : j'ai accès à Gmail, à Youtube, pour Maps, c'est une alternative et pour les autres services, j'sais pas ce qu'il y a d'important 🤔

depuis l'application Gmail et Youtube ? ou via NewPipe et Mail ?


NewPipe et Mail :)


Ouai donc, tu oubli Drive, tout les services Play (vidéo, musique, livre) a mon avis quand même. Et probablement 90% des jeux du playstore qui need les service Google comme Pokemon Go ou encore certains services comme Netflix.


Le problème ce sont les apps spécifiques à des boîtes ou services et qui ne sont dispo que chez Google (et Amazon?): sa banque, les transports comme la SNCF. J'ai ce qui me faut sur fdroid sauf ceux là. Google doit pouvoir couper l'accès à Yalp (permettant plus anonymement de télécharger les apps du store Google) dès qu'ils le veulent.
@e_mydata @fdroidorg