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Something y'all might consider is stocking up on surgical masks or the equivalent before Amazon, etc., runs out of them.

Goggles are also a really good idea but they look kind of weird. ;-)

Bahahahaha. There's my genuine LOL of the day. I see why you've been with her so long. You're both equally nuts -- as am I. I love it.

And now I understand how she puts up with you. She doesn't have to. :-)

Police nab suspect in attack on transgender woman in NYC subway

Cops have nabbed a suspect wanted for terrorizing a transgender person on a subway in Manhattan, the NYPD tweeted Monday morning.
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Republicans still plan to protect the Orange Shitgibbon.

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Here it comes...

Worried Democratic Operatives Scramble to Fund a Network to Take Down Bernie Sanders

"A group of loosely affiliated Democratic operatives have been in discussions about putting together an effort to attack Sen. Bernie S
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Miguel Serras Pereira defende uma reformulação do que se chama de democracia, propondo a extensão dela de forma direta às relações econômicas.

Why Nazi atrocities against gay men must never be forgotten

Rudolf Brazda died in 2011 at the age of 98. He was a gay man born in what is now eastern Germany. There was nothing exceptional about his death, but he was the last known LGBT+ survivor of the Nazi concentration camps.
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It's not just big tech that has a responsibility to stop tracking people online. Any website owner can protect their users' privacy by dropping invasive code like Google Analytics, as @LauraKalbag has.

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Menstruation and the Holocaust

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# is a simple # #.

pdfsandwich is a tool that uses the # OCR to extract text from image-only PDF files. Once text is extracted from the PDF it is inserted into the PDF behind the images. pdfsandwich is useful for making machine-friendly scanned PDF files.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: pdfsandwich

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!Progressive Refuge

Free software contributions



Is there any reason why the get involved page at

is not linked to the helper site at!/progornoprog/infra/learn

This would make it easier for people to decide if and how they can contribute to projects ?

I will do a follow up post to this, as this question, has been prompted by issues trying to figure out which Debian desktop choice should be downloaded.

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Hi Paul, the "What can I do for LibreOffice" website was developed by volunteers as an extra way to get involved, on top of the main "Get Involved" page that you linked to. Perhaps we should consolidate them into a single page, when we have the time – any help would be appreciated! 🙂 👍

I think just having a link between them would be good, it would make it easier to find both sites. one of the issues peopple have trying to help is trying to find out how to, and what is needed.

Just because I'm a glutton for punishment I'm experimenting with using the @PINE64 Pinebook Pro throttled to 408MHz setting. Surprised how snappy some things are (TeXmaker) and how glacial others are (LibreCalc). Kinda #

So, there's a question. What's the fastest clock speed consistent with # ? I think my first guess is 233MHz, the StrongARM-powered version of the RISC PC from Acorn, around 1996.

"The 233MHz StrongARM gave a performance improvement over the 30MHz ARM610 of more than 800%."

@hankg @PINE64

What can you use instead of Google and Facebook?

Just found this on the bbc website

What can you use instead of Google and Facebook?

Has some interesting suggestions, not much in the way of suggestions for the fediverse, but at least it gets people talking about the topic.

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Nesse momento que muito se tem noticiado sobre as chuvas em Belo Horizonte, a leitura da coluna de Marcelo Lopes de Souza ajuda a situar as quuestão em uma perspectiva mais ampla.

This is 2020. why is this still happening? Time for the corporates to grow up and treat the people, who generate the profits, for your over inflated salaries, to be paid properly.
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As a person coming from a # background, information about # and # often feels alienating. Some things I'd really like to see:

1) # web pages (re: structure and language).

2) Reasonable # (re: hardware, OS's, firmware, etc.) -- NOT the same as conflicting compromises (i.e. Google).

3) # information -- e.g. freedom to revise code is irrelevant to most people, rather it's a matter of transparency.

4) # behavior -- i.e. not a boys' club.

An Instagram live by # has been saved temporarily at the # profile . She talks about doing the emotional scenes, not having watched her own parts, the first table read and self doubts

PS the 408MHz Pinebook Pro idea came because the standard "OnDemand" CPU throttler's lag was causing insane lag in LibreOffice Calc and Writer. After fixing it by using "Interactive" I figured let's see how things go when always at 408MHz.

Hey, I didn't realize you have a pinebook. What do you think? I've looked at them but am worried the arm processor is going to mean I have to compile a lot of stuff from source that right now apt-get handles.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Jenna's Insta takeover of the # account starting now-ish

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So glad # is releasing music again. I'm noticing how much I missed that.

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If there are only five pieces of candy left in the world, and someone comes up with a way to stop all wars ever, I think it’s ok to let them have one of the pieces of candy.

Bring our railway into public ownership now!

If you’ve ever taken a train in the # , you know that rail # has failed - leaving you with rip off fares and shoddy services.

Now the private rail companies are failing one after another. This is our chance to take back our railway!
  • Transport Secretary Grant # has said that South Western Railway is “not sustainable” and it’s the “end of the franchise” for Northern
  • Boris Johnson says the "bell is tolling" for West Midlands Trains
  • The East Coast line is already in public ownership after Richard Branson and Stagecoach failed to deliver
Keith Williams is carrying out the biggest review of the railways since 1994. Tell the government to put passengers first!

Grant Shapps and Keith Williams: bring our whole railway into public ownership!


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I really want to rewatch season 2 of #. But there's so much I still need to watch for the first time. Or need to actually do.

A tarefa era separar os documentos que ela recebeu. Instatisfeita com o ritmo do trabalho, gritou: “Que merda que vocês tão fazendo aqui? Vocês só podem estar mamando nas tetas do Estado! A pesquisa no Brasil sendo desvalorizada e vocês não colaboram!”

My housemate bypassed 3 other milks to drink the silk soy milk BUT MY NAME IS ON THAT ONE! You're gonna have to drink the STORE BRAND SOY MILK that I BOUGHT FOR THE HOUSE!