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I don't have class, but I'm going to bed early

Compact excavators are cool!

Cherry juice is cool!

Well damn. I didn't realize he was in his mid-80s. Figured the right thing to do would be to watch Moonstruck with a glass of wine after a pasta dinner so...

Whoever said "may you live in interesting times" can fuck off...

You probably know that it is a Zen master's curse. 🙃

@manuelcaeiro ☕ You probably know that this in fact isn't true :-)

I see you prefer the original say to Chamberlain's interpretation of it.

As a big advocate of the #fediverse to get out of the walled gardens like Facebook, and ironically Twitter, I think it'd do a lot of good for them to be involved in ActivityPub (the W3C standardized lingua franca of the federated social media platforms). It'd solve two problems: developer horsepower and critical masses of users. There are potential problems too of course, but I'd be willing to start cautiously optimistic.

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So what if it's not performing as well as a few exceptional corporations? If being, say, only 6th highest is "failing", then sign me up for "failing"!

As far as social media sites go, Twitter is like in the top three. It's in an extremely rarefied stratosphere. There's pretty much nothing they could possibly do to be doing better. And just like Facebook, they're in the position of doing whatever horrible things they want with absolute impunity. Like Facebook, they might occasionally "apologize" with a disingenuous non-apology, and then they just continue doing it anyway.

The bottom line is that they're in the exact opposite of any sort of desperate position.

In contrast, look at Tumblr. Tumblr actually has a sizable user base, but no one has been able to figure out how to make any money off us. Infamously, Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 Billion only to sell it at $3 Million.

Now, there is a site which could be desperate enough to try something radical to somehow turn things around.

Or heck ... $3 Million is such a comically low figure, that... show more

"So what if it's not performing as well as a few exceptional corporations? If being, say, only 6th highest is "failing", then sign me up for "failing"!"
--That's my problem with modern day vulture capitalism in one concise sentence. It shouldn't matter but it sadly does.

I suppose it does. Still, I don't understand how it translates into any sort of leverage Mastodon and others could have over Twitter.

Irish names: where all letters are silent and a completely different set of letters are pronounced instead

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That's true. And it's what the Democrats who call themselves Democrats are doing. Obviously, campaigning on the health care policies which swing voters favor was critical for the wins in Kentucky and Louisiana.

Oh, I am aware that there's that one particular candidate who isn't going to be altering any of his positions. I actually do not favor that candidate either. His inflexibility is, in my view, more of a flaw than a virtue.

I fear too if the democrats choose a rather radical candidate, like Sanders, they will lose voters. This was a huge risk seen with Corbyn, and the risk materialized. I think that was the point of the tweets.

Wow, this is great news! #AnjliMohindra and #LauraFraser in #DoctorWho. Two of my faves...

Twitter: BBC Press Office on Twitter (BBC Press Office)

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Example 117 of people Hacking impact (#Hi): more Decentralization..."just people helping people"...Please share it forward! #Justhanks

Reading about assholes hacking Ring cameras, then live-streaming how they scare the crap out of people in their own homes.

Hey, God, bring on the fucking Giant Asteroid already. This "human" experiment is over and done.

Hey Conservatives: Clinton is irrelevant. Obama is irrelevant. Biden is irrelevant. Trump is POTUS; fucking get over it already and pay attention to what Trump does, instead of getting distracted by people who are not relevant to what Trump does.

#GE2019 #GeneralElection2019
How come a party that has only 44% of the vote, gets an absolute majority?

How come in such an important, historic election, only 67% bothered to vote?

How come 29% of people have now determined the future of the country?

Well, I guess we're done with Britain then, and with the British(*). They willingly and knowingly voted for the hatred and for the chaos. They own it. #GE2019 #GeneralElection2019 #ukpol

(*)With the possible exception of the Scottish and the Northern Irish. The UK will break up.

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Translating engineer to blockhead... I think.

If the people in the UK in this #GeneralElection2019 #GE2109 again vote for the policies of hatred, they have done so with their eyes open. No excuses.

Compact excavator day! Let's see what this entitles!

"Sem um corpo legítimo de líderes das manifestações para negociar, só sobram duas medidas unilaterais ao regime do PC chinês: ou repressão, ou concessões econômicas".