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Compact excavator day! Let's see what this entitles!

"Sem um corpo legítimo de líderes das manifestações para negociar, só sobram duas medidas unilaterais ao regime do PC chinês: ou repressão, ou concessões econômicas".

Reading this while thinking about how I'm going to code against three different projects today...

Is there a word for phobia of being shouted out by young girl in TV?

Christians are outraged over a lesbian commercial that ran on the Hallmark Channel / LGBTQ Nation

The perennially outraged far-right Christian front group One Million Moms (OMM) is in an uproar over a commercial that aired on the Hallmark Channel. The ad for showed two lesbians kissing on their wedding day.

#OneMillionMoms #homophobia #HallmarkChannel

Good. That sounds good.

Good luck! I fear the Tories are here to stay

#Jeex is a graphical hex editor.

Jeex is a simple GUI hex data editor. Jeex displays representations for the current byte, can open multiple views (of different formats) into a single file, can create bookmarks, search with regex, perform bitwise operations, and extract strings from a file. Jeex supports tabbed editing, meaning multiple files can be edited at once.

apt 📦️: Jeex

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #sysadmin
Jeex editing its own executable.

Don't forget to add the $400 wheels!

How much for the headphone jack?

So C# 9 will (hopefully) have 'records' which are like Kotlin data classes? That is one of the things I really miss about Kotlin so I'm pleased about that :)

Oh they are going to do cool things

#GE2019 Election roundup: Manifesto promises on climate change policy