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NFL’s Saints Fight to Shield Emails in Catholic Abuse Crisis

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I'm watching the Impeachment trail highlights... Adam!

W-2 time again, so let's recap:
* Cost of employer-sponsored health plan: 25% of gross wages
* Cost of all taxes withheld: 10% of gross wages
Capitalism - wheeee!
Fucking bullshit. Give me single-payer universal healthcare so we can fucking join the civilized world, already.

The answer is not single payer universal healthcare. The answer is multi-payer universal healthcare. It is multi-payer universal healthcare that is successful in other countries in Europe and Israel. Single payer failed.

For the US, fixing Obamacare by adding the non-profit public option and drug price controls achieves multi-payer universal healthcare for ALL Americans. The economic and jobs impact of multi-payer universal healthcare is positive because the non-profit public option forces private insurance companies to compete which keeps prices under control. This was originally part of Obamacare (which in the 90's was Hillarycare) but the Republicans and Independents are the ones who blocked the public option.

Single payer allows prices to skyrocket forcing citizens to cover costs like they do in Canada is >50% tax burden. Even with those high contributions Canadians are having to go without adequate healthcare. The lack of competitive salaries for medical personnel in Canada forces them to come to the US to work for higher salaries and benefits.

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Playing around with EndeavourOS

Today I had been playing around with #, I was doing #, and even if I had some initial quirks I found the experience pleasant.

I mean the only reason why # hasn't a normal installer it is just arbitrary and it is a strategy to avoid to have too many people requesting assistance for nothing. It is a good strategy indeed, I did a full installation once, made a ton of disasters and never played with it anymore.

But this is a friendly way to install Arch... I am not sure I will install EndeavorOS on a real machine, I am not interested in Arch since I do not share the same vision, I prefer the way how # handles technology... show more

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Community out again on # in Maynooth. Week 59 (I think!) # # #.

We all need to get out and canvass now!

@MaynoothTT @trocaire @MaynoothCycling @GreenCampus_MU @gretathunberg @DeptIntDevMU

When Computer Crimes Are Used To Silence Journalists: Why EFF Stands Against the Prosecution of Glenn Greenwald

This week, prosecutors in Brazil filed a criminal complaint against Glenn Greenwald, an internationally lauded jo
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I love the game probably for reasons many gamers dislike it. It’s the one I use most frequently anyway...

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez hit back at JPMorgan CEO over comments on socialism: 'That's funny'

"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) each took shots at Jamie Dimon this week after the JPMorgan Chase CEO derided socialism as something that leads to 'eroding society'."

"Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, two self-described Democratic socialists, pointed to the 0 billion Wall Street bank bailout lawmakers passed in response to the 2008 financial crisis to argue that Dimon’s stance was hypocritical."


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Yet another glowing example of Republican maliciousness.

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The usual warnings/advice on polls applies.

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The usual warnings/advice on polls applies.

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What you need is OpenStack to manage clusters of Kubernates managing clusters of Docker containers 👍

Disappointing but the data is the data....

● NEWS ● # # ☞ # Global Summit: Call for Proposals and Scholarship Applications

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HackSpace’s 25 ways to use a Raspberry Pi

The latest issue of HackSpace magazine is out today, and it features a rather recognisable piece of tech on the front cover.

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Em meio ao debate sobre a necessidade de manter a nota 6 na CAPES, a coordenadora estava revoltada porque quebraram a cafeteira e não avisaram: “um absurdo! Eu abro processo se preciso for para fazer pagar! Ainda mais nesses tempos sombrios que vivemos!”

As mobilizações em Hong Kong estão tendo como resposta uma revalorização do nacionalismo na China continental, transpor as separações parece fundamental para o sucesso de qualquer mobilização.

Diaspora API is now in the main development branch which means we can start experimenting with it. Going to fire back up my projects that did this.

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