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"Federal prosecutors in New York are scrutinizing tens of thousands of documents relating to Donald Trump's inauguration in a sign that the investigation into the committee's finances is advancing."

"The President's Inaugural Committee handed over the cache of documents over the course of several weeks in response to a wide-ranging subpoena seeking documents, records, and communic
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To have thought about and to care about people who don't look like you. We desperately need more of this. Empathy.

"To have an ally — she’s a woman, but she’s not a black woman — who can speak intelligently and has thought about people who don’t look like you, that resonates,” said Roxy D. Hall Williamson, a 49-year-old who was in the audience. “She stole the show to me.”

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I’m for Senator Warren.

Too bad they couldn't have found a more illustrative pic to go with the concept...


Colorado cop Vanessa Schultz couldn't imagine why a hispanic teen might be running in Wyoming. So she pulled her gun on him.

"'Mr. Becerra, a diminutive 17-year-old Hispanic resident, was late one morning and running to catch his bus after leaving the apartment where he lived wit
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Just think of how many people in Wyoming and in Colorado are totally in support of militarized police and of course, guns everywhere.

This is not about the guns.....


My artist friend @cherrygig is close to 100 followers, just saying...


Tagesdosis 21.5.2019 – Madonna und die ESC Katastrophe (Podcast)


Content warning: 丧

Tagesdosis 21.5.2019 – Madonna und die ESC Katastrophe

one of my favorite articles

I miss Yonatan’s posts on G+

Tolerance is not a moral precept

killers whales play with their prey - clearly enjoying it


They have the rules that allow them to live, the rules of common sense and intelligence, but not regulations or laws.
All animals have fun like us animals.

'Belgische bedrijven gebruiken lastenverlagingen niet om jobs te creëren maar om hun winstmarges te verhogen. Ze kunnen dat doen omdat er te weinig concurrentie heerst.'

Goh. Had niemand dat verwacht? Geschiedenis wijst uit dat dit heel normaal gedrag is.

Misty Morning

It looks like the kind of weather where you drive by sound alone.

@Gizmo The Sane
Yes but it took off rarther quickly.

Je découvre

Est-ce que y'a des gens en France / Europe qui ont des choses dedans ? J'ai pas de compte Google je peux pas tester.

#privacy #google #purchase #gfree

Oui, je viens de découvrir qu'y figure un livre d'occasion, introuvable en France, acheté sur un site américain via Amazon ! Est-ce un d'eux qui a mouchardé ? Ou alors est-ce Google qui a lu le message mail de confirmation de commande (sur adresse gmail associée au compte)?

Je n'ai rien, mais tous les mails qui parlent d'achat, d'obtention de produits, etc sont sur un compte chez Gandi.

Does the user agent that shows up in toots reveal which source the user got Fedilab from?

No. It's the same with the link to


Is anyone else concerned about 5G?

Taken from his [Dr. Martin L. Pall, PhD and Professor Emeritus of #Biochemistry and Basic #Medical Sciences at Washington State University] report titled “5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them,” he states that: “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.”
#5G #microwave #EMF #radiation #health #risk #untested #technology #science #mobile #phone

To obtain more solid evidence, a team of scientists at the National Toxicology Program, a division of the National Institutes of Health, undertook an in-depth study. Their approach was to expose laboratory rodents to high doses of cell phone radiation over their entire life span and see if they developed cancer as a result. The study cost $20 million and took more than ten years to complete. Final results were released to the public in November 2018.
The argument that cell phones cause cancer lacks biological plausibility because the energy contained in the waves is too low to cause damage.

To the surprise and alarm of many, the investigators found what they called “clear evidence” that cell phone radiation could cause a type of nerve tissue cancer called a schwannoma in rats. They also reported finding what they said was “some evidence” in the animal studies that cell phone radiation could cause a brain cancer called glioma.
From that, seems legit, lol

La opinión de Hitler sobre los españoles: «moros y vagos» que adoran a una reina «ramera» #cultura #hitler


...for now... packing the courts is designed to eliminate this sort of thing.

#PeteButtigieg #foxnews #foxnewsTownhall
Pete Buttigieg is latest Democrat to empower Fox News. Fox News returns favor by trashing him

FAUX can't trash Pete. He's a strong guy , he'll carry on..

Chris Wallace actually complimented Pete---much to the chagrin of Donnie Dumbshit. The Twitter exchange ended with Brit Hume inflicting a second-degree burn on Mango Mussolini.

Adobe is now telling its users they can be sued for using old versions of photoshop

as a follow up post, here's a list of alternatives to adobe software. source attached.

If moving off of Lightroom, know that Lightroom edits are not visible to Digikam, Darktable, or RawTherapee. Be sure to export them to another format (I chose .tiff and exported them to a directory on my desktop, which I'll import once I've moved over my library).

meanwhile my students are discovering (once they can be convinced to switch) that darktable and gimp are actually in some ways more powerful than photoshop and lightroom.

...ironically this type of programs suddenly vanishing was the primary reason I started using FLOSS software.

They wanted to stop the foreigners stealing their jobs, soon the robots will be coming for their jobs. And they won't be able to blame the EU for that.
Also, I fear Bradshaw is deluded. Robots will be able to differentiate those things very quickly. Or the processes will be changed so that they will be able to.
Brexit Targeted Foreign Workers. Now Robots Are Coming
#Brexit #UK #EU #politics #robots #work

That's surprising:
Britain currently has the lowest density of robots in manufacturing among the Group of 10 nations, partly because businesses opted to use cheap and expanding migrant labor force in the past decade rather than buy new machinery to boost their efficiency.

Yes and no. It was well known to anyone who really looked and analysed what was happening and why UK productivity was lagging behind most other EU countries. Not so well known among politicians and certain parts of the press who look for simple solutions and easy scapegoats.


Content warning: 辱骂

Content warning: 辱骂

Content warning: 辱骂

Content warning: 辱骂






写爬虫不好找工作吧。想搞python的话,我觉得学 flask,django,外加mysql,redis会好一点。