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Another blog added to my RSS Feed. H/T @brianweeden


“America had the reputation of being non-ideological, super pragmatic, problem solvers, par excellence,” he said. “This image of the United States was an earned image, of people seeing America do almost a wondrous series of things. . . . We became known as the can-do country. If you contrast that with the image of the U.S. today, it’s kind of depressing.”
America's greatness began with the abolition of slavery and ended with Vietnam war. My opinion only, of course.



Trump Administration: "States are on their own to get their own supplies since the national stock pile is for 'us' not 'them'" (whoever "us" is in that context is baffling to me). Also the Trump Administration: "We'll confiscate whatever you order to do with it as we see fit." This is why you have central planning around these sorts of things. As usual the ad hoc off the cuff style is screwing everything up.
"us" is swing states, whose votes he's trying to buy through shipments of vital medical equipment.


Muitos colegas professores não tem a compreensão da dimensão do processo de educação, e por isso ficam numa exaltação tola da tecnologia.


Publicamos hoje a última parte da série "Enquete operária: Uma genealogia".
Embora a composição de classe identificasse o capitalismo com o trabalho industrial e com o mundo social criado pelo boom pós-guerra,


Tabletop QOTD 2020-04-04

In person is much better in almost every possible way, but sometimes online is the only option.

Does Milliway's offer takeout?



I periodically listen to Rogan for specific episodes that people I know/like are on or the one COVID-19 episode he had. No more. "The pressure of being president of the United States is something that no one has ever prepared for. The only one who seems to be fine with it is Trump, oddly enough." What a a fucking joke of a statement unless he was being ironic, which he wasn't.
Lots of odd comments from Rogan in that article. Trump has obviously deteriorated mentally. Less so physically because a) He was already pretty far gone in 2016 and b) Wealthy invalids being babysat 24/7 by family and servantry don't get the kind of wear and tear that people who work for a living get.
He looked like shit in 2015/2016 now he looks like hammered shit. Yeah lots of weird statements. If not for the whole transcript I would have thought he was being sarcastic. He wasn't. He's just a shitbag.



It's nice to see that for a moment at least the people who keep society running are getting media attention.



Dear Bill,
I am going to miss you. I have been listening to your music to stay cheerful in this time of fear and darkness. Thank you for sharing your gifts!


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Every word of this...
I think they'll be perfectly happy to deny this happened the way it did, and probably willing to rewrite the numbers of people who died. There are Holocaust deniers aplenty, why not covid-19 deniers?
Yeah, I think they were aiming to start accusing New York and California of having "sanctuary cities" for Chinese people.

Just one little problem with that plan - California has done a relatively good job of controlling the crisis, and even the trumpflakes know that there are a ton more "Chinese" people in California than New York.


Wisconsin Governor Finally Moves to Postpone State's Primary Elections, Shift to Vote-by-Mail

Julia Conley, staff writer

Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Friday called on the state's Republican-led legislature to hold a special session Saturday afternoon to take up legislation that would delay the state's Democratic primary and a number of state and local elections set to take place Tuesday, April 7.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers called on the state legislature to meet for a special session Saturday to take up legislation to postpone the Democratic primary along with state elections, set to take place April 7. (Photo: Getty)
Some good news!


Ah well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This week I've coded in Kotlin, Python, Java, and C# (back and forth). Kotlin/C# still my favorites but Python lets me do some stuff very quickly. Java just felt annoying "Why are you making me do it that way?!" Can we ditch Java for Kotlin finally or get modern shit in stat?


Temos desafios de organização e autodisciplina, que vão definir os conflitos sociais, para lidar com novas formas de precarização e controle social. Todo cuidado é pouco.


I've seen some brazen CYA maneuvers but this takes the cake...

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It's not brazen. These are criminally insane minds which by definition operate that way.

Or a smoking section in an aeroplane...


This crap pisses me off. We should make it as easy as possible for everyone eligible to vote to vote. Period.
Yes, if people were allowed to vote, they’d be kicked out on their asses.
Rigorous voter suppression has been a mainstay of american politics since the country was formed, with the 3/5 compromise. They've had to get sneakier since 1964.