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Major Twitter hack pushes bitcoin scam on Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Apple, Uber, Biden accounts, collects $$$$

the following accounts have been compromised, and who knows how many more
- Barack Obama
- Joe Biden
- Jeff Bezos
- Bill Gates
- Kanye West
- Mike Bloomberg
- Elon Musk
- Apple
- Uber

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All these system hacks throughout on the day polls show things breaking even further away from Trump. Something tells me Vlad is having his team work overtime to help his favorite capo...


[bookmark=]I don't think I've ever agreed with something more


First, polls are snapshots not projections. It means a lot can happen over 100+ days. Second polls aren't bullshit but general election polls need to be looked at through the lens of the Electoral College in the US. A far enough spread at the nationwide level pretty much guarantees an EC win but it's a huge number for Democrats, like 10 points (Biden is at 9 right now). Biggest takeaways from the graph I get, in my amateur opinion are:

- The polls are a lot more steady than they were in 2016
- Biden is more popular than Clinton was throughout the period, but so has Trump been. The gap between them though has been more steady and larger. Look at how long they were very close to each other.
Trump's lower 2016 numbers earlier in the year don't mean much, considering he was in the middle of a primary contest. No such excuse this time around.

The data is encouraging, but it's really hard to compare without context.

The only real "lesson" I can draw from these numbers is this:

Any of the "doom and gloom" progressives who proclaim Biden will definitely lose (and we should quickly nominate someone else) really need to somehow back up that claim with ... something. Except there isn't anything they can back it up with. They're just bitter and not thinking straight.


Eles pagam 443 reais, e isso não inclui o custo dos dados móveis que temos de usar para fazer esse atendimento remoto.


Por que reabrir bares, andar de transporte coletivo e trabalhar em espaços fechados é tão perigoso?


I just got asked a survey question about what my biggest worry about the United States is. You know, the usual bullets "Education," "Crime," "Healthcare," pedestrian pablum.

So, I clicked "Other" and filled in the box with:

"That the GOP are running actual Nazis and sexual predators as candidates and defending them"
That's a pretty good answer. Punchy, brief, to the point.

Well, now that you mention it, I do have a highlands claymore that's taller than I am. I bet that'd make people think about distance.


It's amazing how many people - the kind who would throw punches at greeters - fail to grasp that basic concept that just because they're allowed to walk thru the doors, doesn't mean they have a "right" to be allowed to do so.

We saw the same thing when Target stores decided to ban guns in the stores - ammosexuals lost their shit about their "rights being violated" - and nope, it comes back to the store is private property - no one got any right to do WTF they want, be it guns, masks, shirts, shoes or diapers on their heads.


[bookmark=]I don't think I've ever agreed with something more

The Postman

S6 is cool too, I used it on Obarun. Arch should have remained systemd-less, but that's just my peronal opinion.
Any distro should be init-agnostic, in terms you should have the opportunity to have the one that fits best for you. Linux is the only OS where users matter and aren't just customers, most distro are community based for that reason.

Systemd is not anymore a viable solution for a personal PC use, it has been shaping with the cloud in mind, who care about the cloud? I would love to have the most easier but yet secure and best init available for my personal use.

Since systemd is tailored around the sysad/devops/whatever we need now an init that is tailored around the end users and does exactly what a init should do, just that.

We need basically more choices...
a well written essay. he has identified the problem, and writes clearly about it, without profanity. . .


Concerns raised of corrupted data as Trump orders bypass of CDC… via @msnbc


It's kind of weird that pseudo-libertarian conservatives tout the principle that "I have the freedom to do whatever I want as long as I'm not hurting anyone," but then when the people they're hurting say "you're hurting us. We need you to stop doing this," the principle becomes "I have the freedom to do what I want EVEN IF it hurts someone else!" - Bryan Lower (facebook)


I'm sure you're all familiar with Dr. Brian May's work with Queen. Check out what he rips out here with Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe's Wurm. Haha. Yeah, he can play guitar.

And where is music like this today? Hmm? Today it's toned down, minor key, mindless, repetitive, hypnotic pablum -- music to commit suicide to. Where is the uplifting music like this? I guess the A&R guys have been instructed not to accept it. Why?

Anyway, enjoy some genius from 50 years ago, played today.


I've never made this face because I haven't had this happen yet despite best efforts. #

@David Thiery it seems crazy until you make the switch. Then it seems crazy to do it any other way. You never, ever do large deployments in this model (by "large" I mean lots of changes). Nearly every commit ends up as a deployment, so the changes are tiny and the errors caught very quickly.
@David Thiery shameless plug: I help companies make these kinds of transitions for a living, and know how to make them successful. If there's an appetite for this kind of change, I'm your guy.


Pretendendo reunir os músicos em torno das contradições de sua profissão, o manifesto Música na Práxis surge da colaboração de 12 trabalhadores músicos que experimentam e pesquisam a exploração e a precarização do trabalho no capitalismo contemporâneo.


[bookmark=]O @passapalavra publicou hoje nossa denúncia a respeito da pressão sobre os profissionais da saúde em receitar medicamentos sem a devida comprovação científica. [/bookmark]

google is the mass surveillance gateway for usa gov't, the cia, the nsa, etc. google is a national security threat to private citizens and to other countries.


During a heatwave, I find it interesting to keep an eye on the EIA data for the US power grid. No surprise that consumption is up to 676 GW right now. I'm pleased to see that the wind is blowing and wind power is providing 1/12th of the total or 50 GW. That's pretty darn good if you ask me.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) an interesting friend. And a good story it is true...when I had people helping out at my modest house I aways fed them although I never had millions in money!
Yeah, he knew how to manage workers properly, which is one of the reasons we got along so well. You pay them well. Usually, he'd give them extra, like a tip, at the end of each day or week. Like an extra $100 bill, especially if they had family to take care of. Plus feasting like a king. And he had a good sense of humor. People would crawl over broken glass to work for him. That's how you do it and how you get the very best people.
I am the patient non bitching person they know can wait a bit when things get dicey....I am kind and considerate and I do not treat the worker like some lower class person.@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ)


Huawei what are the actual techical arguments


I just wondered what the actual technical arguments were for the UK and US bans on using Huawei for 5g comminations.

Asking to try and make sense of this, the media don't appear to be giving us the full picture.

@Paul Sutton


A great milestone has been reached in the county where my younger daughter lives in Georgia. One out of every fifty people has Covid-19.

Imagine that.
Hope she stays healthy!



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