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"You can't cure stupid" - old axiom 
"...but maybe a virus can kill it."  - COVID-19 addendum to old axiom



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2020-08-14 18:40:09
A new button at the bottom of our site that I think y'all will like:…



2020-08-14 18:02:05
We have to see the blatant attacks on our Postal Service from Donald Trump and Louis DeJoy for what they are: An attempt to silence the people and undermine our democracy.…


2020-08-14 13:53:31
1) Prime time hearings, now.
2) Subpoenas to Trump WH and camp officials. This is a RICO case
3) Visit local post offices with cameras - show people what is happening.
4) Events with those getting Rx late
5) Involve governors
5) No rest, no vacation. Go to war for our country.


Young leftist: We've only got a little over a decade to fix climate change!
ME: Biden has a plan to get us on full renewable by 2035 using many of AOC's ideas from the green new deal and is supported bay all of the party. Trump wants to bring back coal
Young leftist: Biden is bad and Harris is a cop! Its also not a good enough plan so I don't see any difference between the two parties so I'm not gonna vote for either!
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Trump has dealt seniors, who represent 23% of registered voters, 2 devastating blows in a matter of days… #


People at # podcast can speak for hours without mentioning, not even one time, the word #...

I start to think that is done intentionally... 🤔

# # # #


2020-08-14 14:08:45
Coal will fall below 20% of US electricity supply in 2020 – it was 50% in 2010 (!).

It’s the first time since the late 19th century that renewable sources provide more energy than coal
in the US.


Open SmartNews to read 'Franklin Graham warns Biden-Harris ticket ‘should be a great concern to all Christians’' here: or you can directly access the content using this link here: If you elect two actual……


Open SmartNews to read 'Government watchdog says Trump’s acting Homeland Security chief is not legally eligible to serve in the role' here: or you can directly access the content using this link here:


2020-08-14 14:33:42
I need every person who says voting for Biden is the same as voting for Trump to consider how different the past 20 years would have been if Al Gore had taken office. You know, the guy who believes in climate change.


Nailed it again :)
2020-08-14 13:22:51
“He is a f&*king moron.” - Rex Tillerson, Trump’s former Secretary of State

Clue is the key, definitely.


2020-08-14 14:50:41
Racist attacks on @KamalaHarris and her eligibility to run are enraging.

Conspiracy-theorist Georgia GOP candidate is horrifying.

Kanye...I can’t even.

But this is what we should be focused on. Trump is trying to suppress the vote and steal the elections by crippling the USPS.


Conservatives play the long game so they always vote lockstep. People left of center play the short game and demand a perfect blitzkrieg victory or nothing at all. That is why the right always wins.


Conservatives play the long game so they always vote lockstep. People left of center play the short game and demand a perfect blitzkrieg victory or nothing at all. That is why the right always wins.


Young leftists: To end tyranny and the authoritarian state we MUST riot and destroy property and disrupt the gears of infrastructure and if some innocent people get hurt that is the price of FREEDOM!!!
Me: How about voting for these imperfect candidates who come from a past age when social norms were polar opposite to what they are now to stop the conservatives from winning their long game strategy of packing the courts so that Fascism can reign and harm is at least reduced and you have time to regroup and spread your ideas.
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2020-08-14 10:11:06
This is an interesting idea, from Michael Cohen's new book: That Trump always accuses his opponents of crimes and corruption not just as propaganda, but because he may genuinely believe that "everyone is as corrupt and shameless and ruthless as he is."…

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I used to get very little spam. Two months ago it started to pick up. Now, it's a firehose.

It's all Trump related garbage. I'm getting emails from (allegedly) every member of the Trump family, past, present, dead, or alive, out to third-cousins twice-removed.

Anyone else have this problem?
I am getting an amazing amount of spam calls. Fake charities, scam alerts from 'Amazon' or 'Apple,' a slew of auto-dialers where no one picks up.
We closed down our landline because of the persistent calling by the renowned Microsoft scam call centers, multiple times a day, form foreign numbers, local numbers and withheld numbers, so bloody annoying!


I am going to start criticizing Biden and Harris and hold their feet to the fire the very second they win the election, just as I did up until the day the primary was decided. Now however is the time to win so we still have a democracy and functioning government so we can regroup and pick better leaders for next election as the demographics of voter will be very different next time, and Biden will either not run or definitely be challenged as he would start his second term at 81.


Looking for some explaination about BTRFS

I am viewing from diaspora (pluspora pod), and I see images.

I've been using btrfs with Debian for some time, but only a relatively simple situation. I use it on some of nfs file servers because of the way reflinks work. I have a number of nfs root installs, and also small 30GB SSD. In this situation, there are a TON of duplicate files, and reflinks are the awesome solution. It lets me fit a lot more installs on a 30GB SSD than would normally be possible.

But there are some annoyances which keep me using ext4 otherwise. It's not really a block device, so I can't put a swapfile or virtual machine qcow2 file on it (I think).

Still, maybe I can help a little bit?
What I like of BTRFS is the snapshots feature, but what I dislike is having two disk and use it separately as Windows does. I have been always used LVM for striping the data over multiple partions but BTRFS has modern features that are missing on LVM even though to create a RAID (10) was quite complicated.

From Linux 5 you can have a swap file but with some limitation, in my case I got a third SSD disk where I will place /boot a phisical swap and and another partition, the last two will lie over an LVM luks partition... 🤓

That about sums it up.


Kamala Harris' Favorability Rating Higher Than Trump, Pence and Biden's: Poll… meaning she's going to help the ticket


Trump admits he’s stalling pandemic relief to make it harder to vote…


2020-08-13 15:46:21
I don't understand his point. Isn't Kasich and Sanders joining forces a sign of the incredible mandate from prominent politicians across the spectrum that Trump must be defeated?

This is DEFINITELY what I signed up for.…


Welp they are running with it...I don't know why I'm shocked...
2020-08-13 15:46:27
Trump campaign's Jenna Ellis tells me @KamalaHarris' eligibility is "an open question," when asked about this retweet.

"It’s an open question, and one I think Harris should answer so the American people know for sure she is eligible."

Harris was born in Oakland, California.…
Soooo Trump's eligibility to be President is also an open question, right?


I just heard of the center-left "Third Way" think tank thanks to @TheEconomist Checks and Balances podcast episode with @ThirdWayMattB . Looks interesting. Hive mind thoughts on the organization? # #


Did that to a meme factory today, bascially telling people both sides were the same so dont bother voting and let the active fascist win. That'll show em and somehow move leftism forward


Will not be buying merch, will be sending out postcards to help people register to vote by mail.