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Fictional and real space ships to scale.

This is pretty cool.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - Other missing craft are the 1902 manned artillery shell that hit the moon in the eye, the Buck Rodgers/Flash Gordon ships (with buzzing and sparks), Clarke's Rama and Childhoods End ships, Blish's Cities in Flight. The Silent Running bio-dome ships. The Last Starfighter ships. The craft from Earth Girls are Easy. ...

Was Dark Star in there?
Negative. And yes, Rama and the domes from Silent Running are pretty egregious oversights. You'll have that when youngsters make videos like this. Hahaha.

I could add the ship(s) from When Worlds Collide and C-57D from Forbidden Planet

2020-09-30 04:01:44
Trump is the one lying about Hunter Biden. And I, for one, do not support spreading false gossip about a politician’s child. Just sayin...

2020-09-30 02:51:20
Re "stand back and standby," people who work in monitoring and de-radicalization and otherwise studying white power groups are sounding red alerts and sending emergency signals about increasing violence from now through the election, and after, regardless of winner.

The brown shirts have officially been activated.

2016-05-04 02:38:49
A clusterf*ck.
In a dumpster fire.
On the deck of the Titanic.
Headlined by Nickelback.
At Waterloo.
Covered by CNN.

America, I hate to break it to you but your father is a racist abusive alcoholic so you’re gonna live with grandpa for a while.

I’m a teacher. I would never in a million years let a classroom turn into this.

I’m a teacher. I would never in a million years let a classroom turn into this.

Yes. You freely get a few trillion from Congress... then freely distribute it to a ton of entities and individuals who don't need it.
I was more thinking about his tariffs, personally injecting himself in corporate deals, interfering with federal acquisitions and regulations to help his buddies and donors to the detriment of everyone else.

2020-09-30 03:51:47
A plurality of voters who watched the debate say they now think better of Joe Biden and worse of Donald Trump.

2020-09-30 03:34:01
Fuck people that think these two things are comparable.

2020-09-30 03:35:43
Undecided Ohio voter on CNN panel, asked if Biden's "clown" remark bothered him: "He’s spent the last five years calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas... Is it great that Joe called him a clown, no. But when the shoe fits—when the clown shoe fits."

2020-09-30 03:39:11
How anyone could have watched that debate and came away from it not sure of how they will vote in November ... is beyond my meager ability to comprehend.

Enable remote_self Can you please enable Admin > Site > Policies > Allow Users to set remote_self. I would love to be able to pull RSS posts into our Friendica feed, just as an extra for our projects. Keep people up to date on Friendica.
I am trying to use the reshare but I do not know how. Can you please tell me?
Ah well ok. I thought it is automated. So there is no automated way to post RSS feeds to my Friendica page?

2020-09-30 03:19:25
That debate went far beyond politics. It was about fundamental issues of character, decency, and morality. How you perceived what happened speaks volumes not about your political views but who you are as a person.

@Nate_Cohn If a basketball team is down by 10 points and their strategy is to get naked and poop everywhere it doesn’t get them closer to winning the basketball game.

And please don't let it slip by you that tonight the President of the Untied States refused to condemn white supremacy--not once, not twice but several times when given the opportunity while telling white supremacist groups to "stand down and stand by". #

Literally 328 million people in this country to choose from and *he's* the one in the White House now.

From what i can tell, Trump locked down the wife beater and white supremacist vote tonight.

Meanwhile, Biden won the vote of every frightened woman who has seen that look of rage in a man's eyes, everyone who has faced down a bully, & every decent person who cares about racism.

2020-09-30 00:07:42
What a coincidence, Chris Christie is also the name of one of the @ABC debate analysts

2020-09-30 02:28:21
The Proud Boys are ecstatic tonight about getting mentioned in the debate tonight.

"Trump basically said to go fuck them up! this makes me so happy," writes one prominent Proud Boy.

Wallace claims that the economy is recovering faster than anyone expected. Look at the early forecasts and you’ll see that’s nonsense.

The shutdown was meant to be brief, and have only a temporary effect. Instead, the virus has dragged on, and that has damaged the economy deeply
Wallace works for Fox, doesn’t he?
Yups. Everything he said was framed to help trump

Biden, among other things, talks about soothing our divisions, being prez for Dems *and* Republicans. Trump gave the Proud Boys a new slogan, refused to denounce white supremacy, and made up total bullshit about election integrity, and worse. It's not close,vote #

The President Of The United States refused to condemn the white supremacists and Proud Boys and I'm not sure why the rest of the debate isn't just about that.