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We've heard a lot about Barrett’s faith – but it's from Republicans who are determined to push the false narrative that Barrett is under fire for her religious beliefs. She’s not. As AU has noted, Barrett’s record – not her religion – is the issue here.

New Columbia Study Blames the White House for at Least 130,000 ‘Avoidable’ COVID Deaths

Why would anyone want to belong to a party that makes it *harder* for people to vote?

The U.S. will have 21,000 fewer polling places in 2020 than four years ago, a 20% drop from 2016.

2020-10-22 19:05:36
Using the rhetoric of minority rights to justify the literal disenfranchisement of racial minorities is one of the most maddening parts of contemporary American politics.

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Declaring fuckruptcy has become a common method of starting your life over with at least a moderate chance of accumulating a meager amount of fucksavings. Now that's a fucking worthwhile notion.

I want someone to run ads in Michigan saying "Be a grownup; leave your gun in the car when you go vote."

Since an alarmingly large number of white folks have clearly lost the ability to act right, Michigan’s Secretary of State announced that people will not be able to openly carry guns at polling stations.
And it'll fall on poll workers to try to enforce this, and it's likely someone will get shot.
"Leave your gun in the car, keys in ignition, full tank of gas & see how thst goes."
Don't forget the extra ammo, might need it.

Twitter adds a step saying "Hey, you might to actually read this article before re-tweeting it" and - wait for it - Republicans lose their shit (again) about being "picked on." Ladies and gentlemen, the modern American "conservative": biggest fucking whiney snowflake since Kindergarten.
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Those are good points and well taken.

If you’re tired of hearing “every vote counts”...TOO BAD. Every vote does count, and if you won’t believe us, you’d better believe this illustrious panel of people who lost their political races by only a few votes! #

2020-10-20 22:57:41
The action taken to sue Google for antitrust violations by the feds is akin to closing the proverbial barn door not only after the horses have left, but also after those now billionaire horses have trampled over key parts of the economy and society.
I completely disagree about Microsoft opinions you present. All of their systems are based on very old and inefficient NTFS technology. This simple fact they cannot change ( why? Nobody knows. Probably because they don't have technological competency) destroy nearly everything they want to sell: any single restart if the system is related to problems with file locking mechanisms they cannot repair.
O basically no. They may have great interface designers, but to have valued products you have system engineering this days...

Jaime Harrison on Lindsey Graham postponing debate: "He's on the verge of getting that one way ticket back home"


Bill Barr is still somewhere?
Mcconnell appears to be zombifying.
Graham is scared to death of money in politics.
Trump's thrown a complete tantrum on 60 minutes and somehow thinks it's a good look.

Anyway, what's for dinner tonight?

Dear "Freedom of Speech" whiney bitches. I want to hear your bitching and moaning in defense of the uniformed police officer who wears his "Biden-Harris" facemask next week. Oh, wait, you'll be fucking silent, you fucking vapid, self-righteous, hypocrites, while your whiney bitch buddies scream bloody murder about the libtards trying to intimidate the voters!

Jesus fucking Christ, the police union reps even defend this. Oh, hey, let's even make unions look like shit to our biggest supporters: the libtards! (Yes, libtards are the biggest union supporters.) Fucking idiots.

Trump posts full '60 Minutes' interview showing him walking out… #

This whole thread on the "Dems were mean to Bork" BS line. Why would anyone want to put the Saturday Night Massacre hatchet man on any court? It's a sign of complete moral depravity and/or spinelessness. It should disqualify him from serving on The People's Court much less SCOTUS
2020-10-22 14:34:12
One more time:

Bork was given a full hearing in a Democratic Senate, which resulted in a 5-9 vote against him.

Bork then demanded a vote from the full Senate anyway, Democrats obliged! And he was again voted down again 42-58, with six Republicans voting no.

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Why would anyone want to put the Saturday Night Massacre hatchet man on any court? It’s a sign of complete moral depravity and/or spinelessness.
Don't ask questions if you're going to answer them in the next sentence.

It's days like this that I wish I kept up with my daily meditation practice...Serenity now!

So, those kids Trump and ICE put in cages? You know, the kids who got stripped from their parents, then sexually assaulted while in cages? How likely you think they'll grow up to be monsters?
Friend of mine yesterday said "What if that was the Republican plan? Use ICE monsters to turn immigrant kids into monsters, so 10, 20 years down the road, the Republicans can scream 'See ?! Immigrants are monsters!' "
American monsters making immigrant monsters, so American monsters can congratulate themselves for being "the good guys."
God, I hope my friend was wrong.
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38 fucking times Trump fucking said COVID-19 would magically disappear. 220,000 people have died in the United States from COVID-19. It only requires 10,000 people for a municipality to qualify as a City. That means 22 US CITIES have been wiped from the map, while President Donald Asshat Trump pooh-poohed the virus. That's 22 CITIES SO FAR - how many more thousands of human lives will be snuffed out - leaving grieving friends, parents, children, co-workers - before this pandemic ends? How many deaths is "too fucking many"??
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And, you know, "Let's re-open the economy," as if 220,000 dead people - lost consumers, lost jobs, lost lives - is somehow "good for" the economy? Fucking stop killing people for a month or two, and then those people that didn’t die can also go back to earning and spending money, and making the economy work. God, this isn’t rocket science, and it is also basic human decency.

Another reminder of how much damage to the judiciary we will now face. Imagine four more years of them filling it with people like this?
2020-10-22 16:15:37
"Republican-appointed judges, like Republican voters, believe that voter fraud is real and racism is a myth, when in fact the reverse is true."

While we make fun of Christian music for being cheap and terrible because there is such a big market for it, sadly there is so much pagan music out of there that is just awful. Found a few artists I really enjoy in spite of being atheist and wanted more. OMG, the half-assed and cheap pagan music out there is painful. Lots of repetition in their lyrics or trying to shove syllables where they don't fit because they can't be bothered to put the effort into making an actually good song. Semi-quality pagan music is the tip of a pile of utter garbage music # # #
Sturgeon's law: 90% of everything is crud.
We see a lot more of the crud these days because it's easier to share.

2020-10-21 22:17:37
I’ve seen the movie. Do you normally tuck your shirt into your ballsack over and over?
This is gaslighting in a nutshell. You didn't see what you blatantly saw.
Huhuh, nutshell.
I regret making a nuts reference accidentally and I regret nothing!

Loved those books as a kid. This is a nice, fucked up way to capture modern America.

Watching Republicans ram through a second stolen SCOTUS seat to place a corporatist theocrat on the court so they can fuck with American's rights for a generation has me *really pissed off* and spitting nails.
And it's so total mindfucking that they just disregarded their own arguments they had presented 4 years ago, when Obama wanted to fill the vacancy several months before the election.

2020-10-22 14:20:14
Someone Alert the Mainstream Media: Court Packing Happening Right Now (rather than some possible hypothetical in the distant future) could be interesting to cover!

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2020-10-22 01:53:03
I think its awesome that powerful people are nervous a movie coming out in 2 days.

Pennsylvania’s New Vote-by-Mail Law Expands Access for Everyone Except the Poor

How do I get on this committee so I can spend 180 straight days literally screaming at people?