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2020-12-01 22:07:15
They confirmed Mick Mulvaney for Trump's OMB, a partisan Republican member of Congress, who was known to support Republicans and criticise Democrats, as Republican elected officials tend to do.

Reporters shouldn't framed this as anything but "GOP displays ludicrous bad faith"

Here's something for everyone to consider.

We need to organize here and get to work. On January 20th, we all need to be ready with emails written discussing all of these topics that need addressing, ready to send. On Jan 21, we must begin a constant bombardment of all congresscritters discussing what we want. A dozen different emails to 600 congresscritters, and repeat every few days. Plus regular phone calls to your own rep and senators.

Biden appears to moving in the right direction, but Congress needs a lot of poking with a cattle prod set to maximum jolt.

Waddya say?
Suggested areas of focus:
  • Covid-19 / public health / healthcare
  • Economic health and justice
  • Long-term threats and risks: global warming, energy, resources, pandemics, natural disasters
  • Political corruption and dysfunction
  • Justice reforms: police, courts, prisons, bail, addiction, violence, white collar crime, institutional discrimination
  • Media reform
  • Monopoly and antitrust / privacy, censorship, propaganda, manipulation
  • Foreign policy and relations
  • Military policy: preparedness & alignment, ongoing conflicts, Guantanamo
  • Science, technology, education
Critiques / suggestions welcomed.

Using XCode to write an app for the first time in years. I don't think the Apple devs dogfood it. I know there is some part of me being unfamiliar but it's way more than that. I've used ProjectBuilder/InterfaceBuilder/Xcode versions as far back as NeXTSTEP. This is the worst.
Really? I haven’t tried it in ages, but it looked good.

When a Philadelphia oil refinery exploded, the federal air-quality score for south Philly showed one of the year’s cleanest days. It’s just one example of how the U.S. EPA’s air monitors fail to capture pollution via @MacMutual @lailakearney @LauraSanicola

I wonder what, if anything, they're actually measuring.

Looking for some inspiration...

When the desktop Linux was still something funny to do, windows managers were a daily topic... Before Wayland is going to crash all those windows managers without enough manpower to go after it, I would like to have some fun again but I cannot decide with which Window Manager I should start to play with.

Here are my points:

1. It should be stackable and if also tilable better;
2. It should be configurable trough a simple text file;
3. it should have at least a panel and windows border;
4. it should be still in development (a bit is enough);
5. at your choice!

I was thinking to begin with # and #, the latter is really complete and probably the last one to be in the middle between a pure window manager and a natural desktop environment. But any suggestion I haven't taken in consideration are absolutely welcome!

# # # # # # # # # #

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Fvvm3 looks promising, it is on my radar too, however Debian still has version two:
F(?) Virtual Window Manager
 FVWM is a powerful ICCCM2 compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager
 for the X Window System. FVWM requires relatively little memory.
 This 2.6 version includes new features like full support of the EWMH
 (Extended Window Manager Hints) specification, internationalization,
 improved window decoration code (no flickering anymore),
 bi-directional asian text support, FreeType font support
 (antialiasing), image rendering, Perl based module library, support
 for PNG images, side titles and much more.
@Daniel Well .... it should be possible to compile it on your own. ;)

"You can't cure stupidity, but maybe a virus can kill it."
"Stupidity is the most powerful force in the universe."

This fucking sucks.
Truth! Plus that massive party in Manhattan etc. etc. etc. Perhaps this is the 'purging' of humanity.
@Kenny Chaffin yep. I'm so disgusted with the self-absorbed, self-congratulatory worship of ignorance in this world, that I've no longer any fucks to give for anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, who manage to kill themselves. I have regrets (and rage and sorrow) they also kill their children, families, friends, and innocent people.

We need to do MUCH better than this, but still more promising
2020-12-01 12:36:56
Huge, genuinely era-shaping news out today. The Paris Agreement is working. Latest pledges would put world on track for 2.1C of warming. Five years ago the trajectory was 2.7C to 3.7C.

Trump understood the main rule of navigating hyperpartisan politics: Always be acting. Stay on the offensive. Do everything at once. Blitz.

Biden should do the same as president, says @drvox — only to improve lives this time.…

'We CAN talk,' said the Tiger-lily: 'when there's anybody worth talking to.'

Iconic Puerto Rico telescope collapses after decades of astronomical discoveries 🔭

Intelligence and Stupidity are separate things, and can appear in the same person. The actor, James Woods, for example. By numerous accounts, he has an IQ of 180. But, his politics? Jesus fucking Christ, dressing up Stupid in erudite language doesn't make it any less stupid.

Woods has stated that he was a member of the Democratic Party until the impeachment of Bill Clinton, commenting that "every single Democrat without exception stood behind a convicted perjurer."

Yeah? And by that standard, it's way beyond hypocritical, all the way to absolutely inexcusably full of shit, to support the Republicans party.
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Now the U.S. Has Lots of Ventilators, but Too Few Specialists to Operate Them… Almost like education is actually valuable or something. Who would have thought!

The gummint is not advertising it, because Trump axed the advert budget. Trump couldn't kill the program, but he could undermine it, because Trump is a petty little dick. The gummint would advertise if Trump and his enablers would let them.

How to sign up for Obamacare

The gummint is not advertising it, because Trump axed the advert budget. Trump couldn't kill the program, but he could undermine it, because Trump is a petty little dick. The gummint would advertise if Trump and his enablers would let them.

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2020-11-30 14:11:06
Our earnest pursuit of social justice doesn’t have to be (can’t be) to the exclusion of other Christian convictions.

God is a liberator, but He also demands our obedience and personal transformation. We must be Just (&) Holy.

Social Justice (&) Moral Order
He is also a bronze age myth

Me: smile for your school pics

My kid: 😶

Me: no, you have to try

My kid: 😬

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I first ran across OSNews back when BeOS was big. I even wrote an article for them once way back in the day. I don't comment much on their site but read it regularly for operating system news, especially alternate OS's. Happy to subscribe.
2020-12-01 13:57:53
We just launched the @osnews Patreon! Want to support OSNews? Here's your chance!

There were too many sentences that I wanted to use as my lead in post here. You have to read the whole thing. Totally on point. No, we won't forgive and forget what Trumpists have done to this country.
Can’t read the whole thing; not a subscriber. Found serious problems in the first few paragraphs tho.

Today is giving Tuesday. Please consider partnering with Amy and I in our ministry.
2020-11-30 22:36:05
Tomorrow is “Giving Tuesday.” If I’ve made an impact on you over the last year through my writing or podcasting, please consider making a donation to my work in building faith communities.