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Come on, we also call it "our home", even if we don't own the house, right? Maybe this is nitpicking on the wrong aspect?
Maybe, maybe that's just part of the point.
Is it our planet, the planet of those to come, the land of our ancestors?

Gives property the right to rule and don't care about the others, being them in the future or now.
Our planet is dying
It is nearly impossible to now how the words were mend.
Are we, the generation before but that still is, part of that "our"?

If it's "their" planet I'd recommend to hurry up by weeding out as much as possible not only the older generations but the underlying roots of all this mess.

The fact that they see and feel the need to protect them self and their future property should make available lot's of energy to fight the fight for the survival of as many as possible in an environment as intact as possible.
Otherwise only a few will survive and it will be some kind of selected "hunter and gatherer" breed with lot's of access from the get go to wealth I guess.