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Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-10

I buy them. Leave them in Itch and OBS, and forget they exist. I only bought them to support the creator and wanted the physical book.
Oh! I did pdf2txt some books of tables and use them to seed table roller programs.
I use Google Drive/Storage for my files on my laptops, and keep copies on thumb drives. A few I also have printed out in binders for use as needed.

About half are also baked up on an old school external hard drive and a small percentage of older ones are stored on Data CD Discs (this is mostly stuff from pre -2000).

All my computers have DVD/CD capable drives on them, even though thats out of vogue, its a feature I will continue to look for as long as there are companies making them.
@Keith Davies - I've started moving towards Calibre- I have my most used books duplicated in my calibre library. I have so many books that it's a slow process moving towards it.
And can I say that I wish you'd put your script somewhere that I could take a look at it!
@Chuck Dee automation was key. I tried to do it manually, and going through to update the metadata manually sucked.

I'd be happy to share the scripts with you, but they're kind of in pieces right now. I made a version specific to purpose when I did this in the first place, then I had some changes that I haven't finished. Sending the scripts now would be doing you a disservice.
I can understand that @Keith Davies - thanks!
When I get it touched up and working again, though @Chuck Dee, I'll shoot you a copy.
Wow, Nothing like this. I have a 4TB drive, it has an RPG folder, that folder has a folder for every game.

It works well enough for some things but not for others, like generic sourcebooks and a lot of the ORS stuff. Do I put it in its own game folder or with the edition of D&D it emulates, etc?

This is how the root of my primary RPG systems folder looks.
Your google drive has a mirror on your computers, each system has a copy sitting on it. That should have been untouched if they closed your account.

(I have a thumb drive copy of everything I can anyway, in case of hard drive failure or loss of internet access. And I maintain a backup email address with another company that important emails are auto forwarded to from my google email).
@Joseph Teller - exactly. I never upload anything to a cloud provider that does not have a copy locally. I'm not sure of anyone that really uses it in that way- other than for google documents, which is the reason that I try not to use google documents.
Yeah, the account I lost was 99.95% used for Google+. I'm guessing I posted something that pissed someone off somewhere? Maybe? Anyway, it didn't hold anything I needed, except G+ which I wasn't backing up very often.

Not a large scale loss, but it made me far more diligent about exporting / backing up my things -- Google Docs for example -- stored in other Gmail accounts.