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Tabletop QOTD 2020-08-06

Ho boy.

For RPGs, there's only a handful that have been played compared to the number I have. GURPS and Dragon Age have been played. I'm hoping to change that soon.

For Board Games I'd have to really think about it, but the number is much higher.
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Ummmm - probably 5-6, due to not replaying the same game a lot. Definitely played:
Fate Core
Fate Accelerated
Dresden Files
Dungeons and Dragons
New World of Darkness
Monster Hearts

Enough to make that list - but I am worried Monster Hearts falls off. The different Gumshoe games probably don't make it except *maybe* Night's Black Agents and Gumshoe One2One, but hard to say.
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I have no clue how to calculate this for RPGs, I'm going to guess like 5.

Board games I can at least go off my BGG logged plays which I only started doing in like 2005 so it's missing about 20 years of game plays.

Looks like 21 games played at least 21 times. I would guess due to missed log plays etc, it's probably closer to 25
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Based on my logged plays, I'm a 31 for Board Games right now.

And on the RPG front, I'm ... a 5.
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Rpg, probably a 3. AD&D, Travelers and Caves, a game created by a friend.

Board and card games are a complete mystery. I will note however, that @Joseph Teller mentioned a card game I grew to like. Munchkins.
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It's impossible to be sure how often I've played specific games, but let me try to count my most often olayed games.

For RPGs:
WFRP, GURPS, EarthDawn, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Traveller, D&D, I all played dozens of times. We're only at 7, so I'm pretty sure I played Het Oog Des Meesters and Call Of Cthulhu more than that. Quite possibly also Just Gug (a highschool homebrew), CORPS, Dream Park and Dogs in the Vineyard, but I doubt I actually played those 14 times, so it's somewhere between 9 and 14.

Board/card games is probably going to be more, because there's so many and they're easier to play:
Chess, Go, Catan, Dominion, Kraken, Magic the Gathering, Kwartet (go fish), Pesten, Talisman, Mein Erste Obsgarten, Halma, Mens Erger Je Niet, Backgammon, Carcassonne, Hearts, Agricola, Thurn & Taxis, Bloodbowl, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Rifugio. I'm just reasonably confident I played all of those at least 20 times. I'm probably forgetting a couple. If Terraforming Mars hasn't been played 21 times yet, it soon will.
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Boardgame-X is small here, mostly because we don't get to play often and I'm trying to work through my Shelf of Shame. Even when we were meeting more or less weekly, I would generally try to get one game we've played many times (i.e. comfortable), one that's brand new to us, and one that's been played a few times.

This resulted in a small number of games we played a lot, and a many games with a small number (if only because we haven't gotten back around to them).
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