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To fight ‘cancel culture,’ California state senator would make political affiliation a protected class – East Bay Times

Guess her affiliation? Hint: it doesn't start with a D.

...although there are likely many words that begin with "D" that we could come up with to describe her. "Dip***t" starts with "D," for example. There are others.
She Needs to be Denied and Canceled!
I guess they need a safe space?
They are trying that in Iowa too. I smell ALEC.
They don't really want it. Or, at least, they haven't thought out the consequences.
It's not political affiliation that's getting people cancelled—it's naziism/fascism. Last time I checked, we don't have viable official Nazi/Fascist parties, so no one has been penalized for an innocent rolls eyes affiliation with them.

It's amazing the lengths these folks will go to in an effort to avoid consequences... which means it's all the more important that they get them!

@Bob Lai you'd think they'd be more careful about that so soon on the heels of their own stuff coming back to bite them in PA.

@Jennifer Freeman ew. Or one of many imitators that have sprung up, after seeing how successful ALEC was with boilerplate bills.