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Friendica 2021.09 released

Thank you for your awesome work!
Smooth as always. Thank you very much!
A super big thank you
Good, I can plan this for next week. Thanks to the dev team
Can i "uodate" from 2021.09 Dev to 2021.09 stabel?

Is these correct, sorry its my first update. Thats after "git pull
Please run git checkout -- . first to reset all your unwarrantedly modified files first.
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@Hypolite Petovan
git checkout — . is not working
git checkout:
Your branch is behind 'origin/develop' by 624 commits, and can be fast-forwarded.
(use "git pull" to update your local branch)
root@Friendica:/var/www/friendica git pull
Updating fd37a5767..255b98b5b
error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
@Olaf @Hypolite Petovan hyphen hyphen, not long dash helpfully transformed by input filters =)
@Olaf @Hypolite Petovan The full stop is important:
git checkout -- .
Otherwise a hard reset achieves the same untainted worktree as well:
git reset --hard

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@Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 @Hypolite Petovan
thanks that worked. butt i'm now on 2021.12 dev i forgott to switch to stable after git pull. so long, hope it works 😀
For the moment stable and develop are very similar, you can still switch back to stable with no negative consequences.
@Olaf @Hypolite Petovan @Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 develop is currently three pull requests ahead of stable none has changed the database structure (which is the main block to reverting to an older version) so, you can just git checkout stable and switch to the stable version.
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@Tobias @Hypolite Petovan @Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰
Thanks guys im now at 2021.09 Stable

I want to say thank you, Fiendica is great software
Fiendica is the evil twin of Friendica. 😈
Known Issues update:

Update Mon Oct 4th: A node-specific config/local.config.php file has been inadvertently included in the full archive. Please make sure you either remove it or overwrite it with your own when you perform the update as described above.

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