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Friendica 2021.01 Released

For some reason this wonderful message wasn't automatically sent to Twitter. I'll check that later.
Ok. I tweeted it manually to send the message to the unfederated, centralised world. 😀
I hope you won't face trouble removing that "evil" master branch or renaming it to a politically-correct stable branch. As I remember correctly, Linus Torvalds has warned us to totally remove master from GIT as it is deeply embedded into GIT. But now I just learned that he indeed has made a change, maybe to much pressure from the PC people?
Weird flex but, okay.

So your quills are up because of a contentious word that doesn't bother you either way, but definitely does bother others who you seem to think don't matter, and changing it doesn't affect you, and the change is superior because it's more mathematically accurate, and that causes you to make time to write a reply to a software update post?

Do you just need your feelings validated or something?
I'm just curious. Did something change in the way a person deletes their own account? I used to see their account in a 7 day waiting period after they deleted, two that deleted after this update seem to have gone instantaneously.

I'm not complaining, and it doesn't effect me because I don't maintain back-ups of the content, so it's all on people to do that themselves if it's important.
There is a special 'deleted' tab on admin/users now. From my experience it works as intended.