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Or in my case today, photo black. Seriously, lack of photo black is preventing print of black and white text documents.

I had a printer...
Since it stopped printing... I don't have one.
I will NEVER want a new printer.
(and, it was not an Epson one).

I had a inkjet printer back then in the early 90ies .... i liked it for the very few days it worked...

Since then .. i never again put any money in inkjet tech for myself .. instead, i started to collect used laserprinters..

Which still run today .... ;)

(My "latest one" is some fat huge beast of a HP Color LaserJet 8550 .. a fscking A3 capable beast of a office printer..... But it got it for nothing .. just had to transport it (weighting 100 kilograms;)) Filled with 70% remaining toner on each color.. yay! ;) Only the image drum needs to be replaced soon .... will probably cost a whopping 200€ .. but that will probably last for the rest of my life)

I've NEVER had these problems: I own a laser printer :P