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There has been a cultural rise in narcissism. The rise has been easily documented by long-term studies of university students. The rise neatly matches the rise of neo-liberalism. Worship of and mimickry of the wealthy, which is encouraged by our media through advertising and stories reflective of wealthy society, has a lot to answer for in the decline of compassion. There are even connections between narcissism and the inability to connect with the problems of climate crisis.
This is so completely and absolutely true. The U.S. Society is the Entitled Society. They think they can be/say/do anything. They have no consideration for others. No concern about others in society. It is Expected, it is reinforced by the media, advertising, corporations...
Since it's a felony to punch a man in the face to bring him back to rights with respect to his station I often wonder if there are measures that don't involve violence or legal expenditure that could be taken by concerned citizens in response to unwarranted entitlement?
No. Men are like pigs. The only effective form of communication is a 2x4 across the nose.
I dunno about a 2x4 - the idea is to bring the person back in line with the rest of us not completely mess them up. Still this is fantasy. I know violence is wrong and the allure of violence's simplicity is a false calling.
It is, up to a point.
I think perhaps a way to turn this around is to offer free early childcare where the carers are well-paid with small creches, and are trained in how to raise healthy children. We then start teaching the values of compassion, kindness, and cooperation in schools. Perhaps more kids would escape having their personalities irredeemably warped by parents ill-trained in compassion and parenting.
@Muse +1. My limited understanding is that by 6 years old the mold is largely cast for a person's general psychological make up.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) Sad sigh. Yea, I know it. We're intelligent animals but sometimes reason doesn't work.
Yes, unfortunately. I don't know what percentage but I've known a lot of people who interpret everything in life in terms of force and violence. Nothing else moves the needle. For those, you must speak their language: bigger and stronger is better, bigger and stronger always wins.

This is why Mahatma Gandhi was freaking out during the rise of Hitler and he exchanged letters with Hitler imploring him to take another path. Gandhi recognized that his approach of satyagraha doesn't work against Hitler's fascism. It doesn't work against people who can set up machine guns, mow down 3,000 people, then go home, have dinner, play with the kids. Get up the next day and do it again without a second thought. Those people can only be dealt with in one way.