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@Daily Anarchist Meme For Cool People that's giving the "right" wing way to much credit on the development of modern (monetary) economics.
Social liberals wanted controls on corporations. They just also still wanted immortal corporations. It WAS the right wingers that wanted them to to have no regulations.
@Daily Anarchist Meme For Cool People "set theory" could also (arguably) be equated to "game theory" here.
@Daily Anarchist Meme For Cool People @Anubis2814 fair enough, but rooted behind both was the ego derived monetary economics. At the point the selfish (ala ego-centric) cornerstone was put in, it arguably became much like an improved jazz standard.....
that is to say, much like improv players of a jazz standard, one could derive "we know where we're going, we just don't know the details of how we're going to get there".

The path may have been "chaotic", but the set theory was in place.