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125000 American have died and 1000s of dying every day and this shit is what people are angry about.

Americans are the easiest people to fool! The love for the war machine and pentagon is so much stronger than their love for their grandparents and elderly.
that's wrong, he IS taking action... he's demanding that Russia be readmitted to the G7...

there, that'll show 'em!
Don't be silly. It's John Bolton's fault. /sarcasm
It's always someone else's fault.
Yeah I'm waiting to see whose fault this time. Guessing the person who write the brief didn't use big enough font or enough cartoons, obviously a librul conspiracy.
here's my question for everyone...

if it were true that he wasn't briefed, and he was an actual, functional president, his first action would be, as so many have noted already, to take action against Russia for this travesty...

but his second action SHOULD be to find and fire (and possibly punish) anyone in his administration that is responsible for his NOT being briefed...

has he done that? have we seen anything that indicates he has any intention of doing that?

even if hes not angry at them for committing treason and endangering our troops, their actions STILL made him look like a traitor, and may very well ensure that he loses the election... and yet he doesn't seem to care? Are you fucking kidding me?

So, yeah, no. He was briefed. He knew all along, and this "I wasn't told" is the exact same shit we heard from Reagan about Iran/contra...
Exactly 👍
_"I didn't know."
"I don't think anyone knew ..."
"I wasn't told ..."

Same old horseshit we hear time and again.
"implausible undeniability"