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Tabletop QOTD 2020-05-28

Ascending Empires is the one for me. I got scared that the boards would warp and make the game unplayable, so I got rid of it. I think there's talk of a new release but nothing so far.

Quantum is another one, in part because the dice were degrading and leaving oil on the board. I should have waited longer to get a replacement set of dice, but I thought for sure my FLGS would get another copy in. Ah well.
I wished I had never given away my copy of The Great Khan Game. Haha, just kidding. I bought 3 copies so I could give one away without feeling bad at all about it!
Not one specific item.... but I did have to give up my entire rather extensive collection of 1970s/1980s gaming materials during a period of 3 rapid moves in the late 80s. Lots of books, miniatures, magazines, zines and apas. It was a bad time for me financially and at one point I was living out of a backpack and a trunk, staying on friend's couches for 3 months after a housing situation collapsed. If you name it, I probably owned it, as had spent several years working in a bookstore/gaming store and had bought demo copies of everything we carried during that time.

I never went back to using miniatures after that....
I don't think I've given away many board games. A few where I had multiple versions of the same game, I've given away -- I had half a dozen different Risk sets and at least 2 or 3 monopolies; I've given many of those away and don't regret it, either because I have other edition(s) which work just fine (Risk) and/or because never playing it again would seriously not hurt my feelings at all (Monopoly).

I've sold / traded quite a few # games. Many of those, I look back on with nostalgia and regret losing. But, honestly, I wouldn't be playing them now if I still had them, most likely. My RPG collection is too vast anyway.
I'm a hoarder. I don't give things away unless I'm really absolutely 100% sure I'm never even going to think about it.
I do occasionally loan something out, though. Like GURPS Russia, which I loaned to a friend, and I have no idea who it was, and nobody seems to have it. Or maybe my brother had it? I should ask him.
Nothing I can think of. I still have most of my gaming collection and what I gave away/sold/traded I really didn't need anymore.