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Huh. This is one downside of global cloud use I had not considered.
I mean, I wouldn't use Chinese cloud products due to their politics but for US-based services to break due to US politics is a new one.
This is one reason I wish the internet were still the WWW sans geo-restrictions. We need a global community!

..owchies....glad that is not where I am...

@Samuel Smith Geo-restrictions are one of the more ridiculous speed bumps in use of the Internet. They exist only to create artificial "markets", which then effectively perpetuate the very "piracy" that groups like the movie and television industries decry.

@Rob Anybody +1
I've tried to buy music online only to see a popup saying they won't sell to me because I'm in the wrong country. Piracy isn't about the money, it's about choice! Give people the choice to purchase and they will. (Most of the time.)