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Tabletop QOTD 2020-06-17

I once played a game of Microscope (rpg) where things just clicked. It was me, @Rafu 🇮🇹 :heart_pan:, another friend of mine and maybe someone else. We created the story of how humanity eventually left earth and colonized other planets, and we were just somehow attuned, each contribution fit perfectly with everything else. I've played various games of Microscope, but that one was special
For the record: Dave blowing his stack wasn't rare. But Dave flipping the table after blowing his stack was a new thing ...
Some friends and I once played the movie Aliens (Travelers) before it was released. After seeing Alien, Curtis gave us lots to kill. My friend Darrell killed himself and several aliens saving the rest of the group. He blew up an elevator and three floors of the mining facility.

Hey @Chuck Dee, add me to the list. This looks like fun.
added! Glad to have you aboard!
Thanks @Chuck Dee. I miss gaming no longer having playing friends around. So I play a lot of Freeciv against the computer.

@Eric Franklin My friend, Curtis also designed games. We played a game he simply called "Caves" many many nights. Characters were loosely based on Traveler tweaked to fit a dungeon crawler. The dice based dungeon generator was all his. The map, monsters and treasures were all generated as we "saw" it appear on the previously blank graph paper. He also invented the dice roll yes-no table for questions in his game; we used it in Traveler games too.
@Patrick Marchiodi we played a _Microscope _session regarding the rise and fall of the Shen Lung Empire.

Round two:

Player 2: Genesis of a Goddess [dark] The council of evil dragons sacrificed five of their most powerful members (plus the capital city of the Empire, no big deal) to complete a ritual that creates... Tiamat.

Player 1: Can he _do _that?

Me: check palette I see nothing here that says he can't.

Player 1: ... okay, I guess we know how the Empire ends.

Me: Do you?
A GM didn't think it through when he told a group of us to design one item that we want. Instant tower, fully furnished and equipped. It got used as a HUGE bag of holding.
At the Windsor Gaming Society which was being overrun by collectible card game players. The only game I brought was Vampire the Masquerade but that session got cancelled due to the crew coming in from Essex having car problems.

We weren't interested in playing cards so I made up an RPG on the spot.

It was called Pirates of THE Spanish Highlands and was one of the most ridiculous and over the top games I had ever run. It was 100% improvised.

For some reason, Barnacles were the currency in the game, and when you got XP a Sea Captain with 2 peg legs and 2 peg arms would roll into the scene cartwhealing on all his peg appendages and his head. Tink, tink, tink, ouch!, tink, tink, tink, tink, ouch, tink, ARR Ye get 10 XP, tink, tink, tink ouch, tink, tink, tink....

That was one of the most fun RPG sessions I've ever had in my life and the players all agreed. From that point onward I improvised a lot more in all of my games and went from spending like 20 hours a week prepping to maybe 2 hours.