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they do not want you to access their Google API functionality without using proprietary software (Google Chrome)

so ?
Nothing new from Gugl…
Aren't people thoroughly bashing Google services for other reasons anyway? From that point of view, doesn't it make Chromium even better in terms of staying away from those services? Plus, with Google still being a relevant funding source of Mozilla, there are some other interesting questions to discuss...
Google funds Firefox how?
That's not how I fund Firefox, the first thing I do is remove everything Google.
Unfortunately, even disabling and removing Google functionality still will leave Mozilla and subsequently everything they do funded by Google ad money to an overwhelming degree. Having the only real competitor to Chrome depend that much on Chromes "parent company" doesn't really make it a good alternative, does it?
Why people still have Google accounts is beyond me.

Just drop that shit and never look back
Why people still have Google accounts is beyond me.
I guess for the same reason they buy at Amazon or buy clothes produced by child labor or believe this Covid nonsense. Lack of consciousness (and of course convenience).
People also still use Google (and Google accounts) because quite some of them have gone through "conditioning" by some nerds way earlier that "just using Google" is a solution to many problems. Just remembering how often, some years earlier, people randomly used to throw into whichever communication they were into when supposed-to-be end-users were "too lazy" to look up things for themselves. Same, most of the Google Mail "early adopters" and evangelists (at least in my environment) back then used to be people who bash Google in the hardest possible words by today. Unfortunately, in the meantime a lot of people apparently chose to stay with Google for different reasons...
I agree, but I also believe it will help push users to a more secure platform, like Brave;

Brave Sync Version 2 Now Available for Desktop and Android Users

Brave Sync Version 2 Now Available for Desktop and Android Users
by Brave Aug 12, 2020
Announcements, New Features

Brave recently passed 16.7 million monthly active users and 5.7 million daily active users

Starting today<2020/08/12>, Brave desktop users (version 1.12) and Android users (version 1.12) can use our fully redesigned sync functionality to sync data from desktop to desktop, as well as across desktop and Android devices. Support for iOS will follow shortly.

Sync v2 was rebuilt over the last several months to be more directly compatible with the Chromium sync system. Sync v2 supports more sync data types, while still keeping the client side data encrypted, so only users can see their data.
Hi, @Azure Cerulean, thanks for the comment.

Leaving aside other controversies about which I don't know nothing, Brave seems to be "based on the Chromium web browser", so, for the purposes of this post, not an alternative, let's say.
@riveravaldez Unfortunately, as long as Mozilla doesn't cut ties with Google and rely upon different sources of funding, there seems no real alternative that is "no-Google". And, as far as this is concerned, Brave at least tries to fix a problem Firefox and all the others so far completely ignore: Sure, it's good to use ad blockers for a consumer, but it's something that hurts, too, a lot of small site providers who are (in these "everything-is-gratis" days) left with few other options of refunding as people practically still refuse to pay money for things. That fact alone makes Brave worth considering in my opinion.
@riveravaldez No, the point of the article, "Google has announced that it is cutting off access to the Sync and “other Google Exclusive” APIs from all builds except Google Chrome." which Brave DOES NOT use makes it very much an alternative. All web browsers do the same thing and an engine is an engine is an engine, Google does not own Chromium on which Chrome, Edge, and Brave among others are based. So as you stated No they aren't pushing people to Chrome. but they are pushing them to alternative APIs, as they should as it is a security risk to their servers and the data that API has access too.

Firefox has it's own sync engine, so does Edge, and Brave, as likely do others.

If you want to talk about Lock-in which is the crux of your argument lets talk about Apple, in general, not just it's browser.