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So dawns the first day in ages that isn't anchored by activity on Google+. Hmm. Very odd.

Ya feeling kinda lost myself -

I'm not likin' it. Not one bit.

time to shape the Fediverse content the way we shaped G+ before Google let it run rampant with bots

It seems that Pluspora has the right name, but was not implemented correctly. Pluspora looks like it was implemented by people who had never seen G+. Friendica is better, but doesn't quite get it either.

Then there's the question of Communities. I don't know if the federated protocols even support something like Communities. Circle-style controls would also be nice but that's probably quite hard to implement.

On Friendica, to join a community you would add it as a contact.

I wish I had the time to throw myself into a full-on development of a good G+ replacement. (Assuming it's possible.) I don't know what the diaspora protocol is or its limitations. It may not be possible to create a proper G+ replacement here.

For the moment I'm resigned to juggling four different social networks in order to keep in touch with my G+ contacts. Pain in the ass, if you want to know the truth.

I totally hear you but I don't use four - only three at the moment. And, when I expand into using Twitter and XMPP more it will remain only three and possibly two and hopefully down to one. Here is what i am doing and my forward plan:

I looked for an out of the box functional replacement for G+ which is actively developed; has modifiable and accessible UX; already integrates via settings with major social media engines like blogger, wordpress, and twitter; is mature, open source, and decentralized; and specifically meets my use case scenario for accessibility, calendar, circles, communities, and collections.

Friendica is the one I found satisfies all of the above criteria. It also meets more use case scenarios than other network types and federates with more of the Fediverse than other network types. The active development team and group of node administrators are like minded with an open development roadmap. They are professional in their approaches to meet current and future needs as a community project - not a bunch of personal projects - they listen to the communit... show more
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I think it is better to be on more social networks, because if something happens to one, you still have the others. It is hard to get used to because I am used to looking at google plus for everything. But it is ok.

That's been an argument I've used since I started this "social network remaking" process in earnest in November. I still use the argument because it's sensible and correct, but I'm still not feelin' it in my gut, if you know what I mean.

Friendica does support communities and collections right now. You may not have figured them out yet.

Create category tags (not hashtags) for your "collections". When you make a post, that you want to be in a "collection", add the category tag for it. When users then go to your profile, they can choose any of your category tags to see those collections of posts.

For communities, enable allow multiple profiles in your settings (if you want to create them under your personal account), then create a profile for a community and fill it out. Once you are ready to open that community to others (public or private), change it to advanced account type community forum. Any community forum you join in Friendica will show on your network page for easy access and posting. But to post to one from anywhere, you can add the ! followed by the name of the community forum in the post and it will be shared to the members of that community forum. You can also delegate moderation responsibilities.

Hmm, thank you. No, I hadn't figured it out. I'll look into it, but probably not until Sunday.

Additionally, Friendica supports the circles concept out of the box as "groups". We began with Everybody and Friends groups. But we can create groups of our own just like circles. Then use the permissions tab of a new post to direct to those groups or circles at will instead of public if we like. It actually IMO works better than G+ circles.

The coolest and most powerful thing for me about G+ circles was the "volume controls". So I had circles named "Follow Less", "Follow", "Follow More" and so on. In follow more, I'd get every post. In follow less, I'd only see five of the 50 puppy posts they'd post every day. That was unique to G+. On other platforms, the only option to tame the 50 puppy posts is to unfollow, which I don't like.

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@Phil Landmeier Which friendica server are you on? Out of curiosity I went and looked - there are a lot of nodes but most seem to be running outdated software and only one or two users

I'm on

There seem to be about three dozen Friendica (servers? nodes? networks?) each with 10 to 150 members.

Not all nodes self-report. Not all nodes have open public registrations. Not all nodes connect with all others. Not all nodes choose to enable the same features. Not all nodes run the same version of software. Here is a place you can find the ones that report and reveal:

I figured that would be the one.