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Thank you so much! ❤
Thanks! And a big thanks to the devs for putting in so much of your time.
whoop whoop account migration!!!

whoop whoop "se api" - and the great #insporation app!

thanks each and everyone!!!
thank you so much 👍👍👍
Where do I find a documentation for the API?
Thank you very much for doing a good job! 😀

👍🏻 1+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


And thank ALL of you for ALL you do to make this happen. The Fediverse (via pod) is a large part of my online day.

Thank you so much for all you do!
Wohooo! This will be a small step for the release, but a huge step for the users!
Thanks for making diaspora* happen. It is like a walk in a dewed forest compared to the commercial social media
Thanks! This is good news.
Well done!
sounds great. thnx devs. 😀
Thanks for the info
@Digit Good to see you here, long time no see... ❤
Bravo à toute l'équipe pour cet effort surhumain. C'est difficile de jongler entre son travail et le projet Libre qui est aussi un gros travail.
🙂 My thanks to all involved! 🙃
I'll start working on building a workable Docker image. Have the installation/upgrade instructions been changed?
My preceding comment probably should have mentioned @Fla, @Benjamin Neff 🌟, and @Thorsten C
@brad you can find them on the wiki but wait for the official release.
А Диаспору можно воткнуть на винду?))
Moin moin ;)
Very good. Thank you!
И чего делать?)) Привет, Украина
Hi all, I'm just new, wandering around 😁
Hi …… If clan member of the stealth pioneers of steam, game Warface then you click on my link and follow me as Family also share with me thanks also Diaspora* for giving me and clan members this option 👍🏻
Great news!
Hello, who are you, what kind of diaspora are you?
Hiii ! very excited to be here !
Pleased to be welcome here
Hey people, How is it going with the next major release? any news?
I really like the idea. This site is chill. Does not follow me around when I logout unlike some other sites who should not be named here.