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Humility, kindness and community. How precious ...

Very Big Bank
Clearly Carrie Lam and Jamie Dimon lack humility, kindness and community. Is that really news? I don't think so.
I don’t think so.
I think differently. Dimon, one of the people in the world compensated most generously for managing 'risk' sees fit to ignore the controls ostensibly designed to prevent harms from history's worst medical 'crisis' (also ostensibly). That is worth looking at, particularly if obeying the control regime is being championed here in this post.

And the lack of 'humility, kindness and community' on the part of anyone is not what I see as being at play here. It is the lack of belief.
You may be right that Dimon does not believe in the virus, but it is others that he is putting at risk, not himself.

The idea that exceptions can be made for the powerful and privileged has nothing to do with belief, and everything to do with lack of the aforementioned virtues.

Those of us who are adhering to standards of hygiene commensurate with controlling the pandemic are well aware that there are those who will flout the regulations while our good behaviour keeps them safe.

Of course it doesn't always work out for them
"... not himself."

I think that you haven't really thought this thing through. Dimon may or may not be putting himself at a health risk. However, if it can be proven that he infected an unexposed person, he can be held liable*. Certainly, he isn't the only one taking such a risk: Carrie Lam is not outside of consideration in this matter. She would not only be taking on potential financial liability, she is risking political capital which the publication of this article itself is testimony to. This dynamic is not limited to these two individuals either: their circles of staff would also be taking such risks.

*And this is the whole premise of the 'virtue' of masking anyway: that one is protecting the vulnerable
It's true that masking is primarily intended to protect the vulnerable, though the latest research indicates that it also protects the wearer.

You do realise that we're talking about China here? How the fuck is anyone supposed to prove that Dimon infected them? They'd be in a re-education camp before they'd closed their mouths!

Same applies to Carrie Lam. She is a key agent of CPC strategy, and so heavily protected. This visit will have been approved at the highest level. Besides, I doubt that any publicity could be worse than what they've already attracted by their treatment of Hong Kong protesters.

Of course, we don't know what precautions the Chinese did put in place. I expect that everybody was fully tested, vaxxed, masked and social distanced.
... the latest research ...
I lived in Japan for 10 years. As many know, public mask wearing during illness has been de rigeur for a lot longer than it has in the West. It was admitted to me more than once that A. such measures weren't very effective, and B. they tended to aggravate the duration of infection for the wearer. The consensus was that it was only a 'social convention' with little actual prophylactic benefit.

But even there, the entire population wasn't being conditioned to wear them at all times. Much like other 'pandemic mitigation measures' (lockdowns, school closures, etc.) the cure is proving to be .

Seriously, this whole regime is starting to go completely absurd.
You do realise that we’re talking about China here? ... They’d be in a re-education camp before they’d closed their mouths!
Please, not the 'genocidal, culture vandalizing' PRC propaganda line.
The consensus
Among who?
the entire population wasn’t being conditioned to wear them at all times
Who the fuck wears a mask at all times?
the cure is proving to be more damaging than the disease
We don't know how damaging the pandemic is going to become yet. But since the purpose of the public health measures (there is no 'cure') is to reduce the damage, it is difficult to see how to evaluate this statement.
this whole regime is starting to go completely absurd
Are you suggesting that anyone who was planning suicide would have serious issues with being vaccinated? I think that's absurd.
Please, not the ‘genocidal, culture vandalizing’ PRC propaganda line.
I'm merely pointing out that there's not much room for freedom of expression in China. You, for instance, wouldn't be allowed to post as you do if you lived there.
This is truly entertaing discussion.
I break under the weight of the superior rhetorical and logical 'one-two punch' of f-bombs ...

I become death ...

I've found two definitions: fuck words or chocolate confectioneries.

And what are the photos?