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We're on the RC code!

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

If you had issues logging on at all tonight, it was due to a further attempt to get on to the new Friendica Release Candidate. Fortunately, due to the abilities of one of the developers, Mr. @Hypolite Petovan , the issue causing us all the problems was found and there will be suggestions & improvements filed.

Thanks very much, @Hypolite Petovan, and to everyone else on the system, enjoy the improvements! If nothing else, a variety of bugs have been fixed and the back-end database structure has had further improvements.

Thank you so much for all the efforts you all do for this :)

Looks like the issue is already resolved and we're now running on the updated code.

Yep, you could restore your web server configuration and it would now work.

I don't know if I'll go back - I think as we saw from the documentation, going with the default value is fine and shouldn't pose any problems.

I say that and something else is going to crop up, isn't it... heh.

I don't think you should either, but you *could*.
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