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My Posts are all stuck in pending mode.

Just started this morning — all my posts made earlier today are marked still pending. Anyone else having the problem on our instance?
Guess I should address the above to @iSurf Support
Hey Steve - I just received another report a short while ago about this. Looks like something jammed up my worker process a few days ago. I believe I un-jammed it a short while ago and there's jobs going back several days that it's working on now. Hopefully it is sorted out in a few hours.
@Adam Clark Thanks Adam! I'm also having difficulty logging in with Gajim my XMPP client.
Hmm, it got caught up in some OOM purges, and I had kept it down for a bit. It's back up again now.
@Adam Clark Fantastic! Thanks for this providing the service, much appreciated. 😁
Indeed. Thank you very much for all your work. You are doing a great service for all of us.

I admit that I do like the idea that is hosted outside the USA, but there's no practical reason for me to feel that way.