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Write freely and federation

As I have a Writefreely powered blog. Does anyone have an experience of how well it federates to here (friendica), as well as to Mastodon. I was thinking of setting up a mastodon account so that the blog could federate to there and I can then share to here if needed.


@Paul Sutton A data point I have: When I share from my Frendica instance it Federates to approximately 360 other instances. When sharing from Mastodon through this Frendica instance, it only goes to 14/15 servers/instances. I don't know why ...
Hey @Paul Sutton Friendica does ActivityPub, so you should be able to federate directly with Friendica. That said - I don't know how well it's federation works yet, I've only seen passing mention of it in the fediverse so far.

@Steve Where are you getting your data on how wide your posts federate? Did I ask you already - if I got a specific answer I don't recall.
@">Anadam :-D
I'm getting the data from the icon beside my avatar in the actual posting. You know the one that says delivering to n/ of N servers? I'm using the default theme. When done there is a check mark, and with the cursor hovering over it, should give one the details of how many it was delivered to.
Hope this makes sense ...
It might be interesting to get some further detail on the different types of posts or shares and see what's going on. Do you have reference posts where you see these discrepancies?
@">Anadam :-D Here are 4 examples of the discrepancies. HTH

Interesting... all the image links are broken in my view. Were they set with non-public permissions?
Not sure, i am having to store them on github and just pull in links, I can't afford to host any other way. I will see if I can post to the sdtj post.
Interesting. The post was set to 'public' as usual — the images would have whatever the default perms is.
The direct link doesn't open for you? One example:
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No, that link gets me a 404 - does the link show a picture for you?

I have posted in the Friendica Support forum about it, as I'm not sure what's going on and the 404 I'm seeing seems a little clumsy to me as well.
Huh, this may have been fixed as of today, actually.

@Steve can you try posting the pictures again? (I suspect you have to re-upload them) Friendica Issue #8371 seems to be the cause of the problem and I've pulled the changes for the fix that was posted today.
@">Anadam :-D Sure, I'll repost them in this thread.
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@">Anadam :-D OK Lets try this again - 3 screengrabs:

So these are illustrating the different circulation throughout the Fediverse. Most of my posts go to over 350 servers, a minority 14/15 and they seem to have a common link - Mastodon.
@">Anadam :-D Yes!
I think I have fixed it now, in Mastodon I have change the settings so that federated posts go in to my feed. I will update my webpage to add that info.