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I've gone to settings, additional features, general, allow calendar export. What I can't find is what to tell others on how to export my calendar. Can anyone help?

Let me quote the help on this:

Calendar Export

If you want to export your public events to ical or csv, you can activate an additional feature in your user settings (Additional features -> General Features -> Export Public Calendar). Afterwards a link will be shown in the events page of your profile to access the calendar.

If I go to your profile and the Events tab/page, there's export options that show up in the left sidebar menu.

I tried using another account to look for that but was not able to do so. My guess is browser cache issue so I will look at another user account and see if I can see what the help is telling above so I can make a screenshot.

Hey Shelenn,

It probably would have been helpful for me to do a screenshot so you can see what I've seen when looking at your profile's events page: