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Contact numbers of my "#Service" accounts:

317 contacts for @earthquake
174 contacts for @Piratenpartei News (NRW)
147 contacts for @500px (inoffiziell)
140 contacts for @Arte Plus 7 (inoffiziell)
32 contacts for @NASA - image of the day

Contacts means following accounts.

#bot #feed #information #earthquake #piraten #500px #artetv #nasa

Thank you for running bots.

how do I make (program?) such a bot? is there sourcecode or a service available?

@Erik Pischel you just add a Atom/RSS feed as a contact and then set to reshare its posts as your own posts. This means you first get to setup a new account for the bot and then add the feed as a contact of it (hide it from others).

@utzer ah I see - so it's "build in" how cool is that! Now the only thing that is missing: tagging

@Erik Pischel it will import tags from the source if available, there is a setting in the contact (the feed contact) for this.

Wait what? You can add an RSS feed as Diaspora cotact? Since when?

Friendica you can... don't know if D* supports that.

this seems like a must need feature