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This is a test post.

So this is Friendica. The format is nice. Certainly much more refined than Diaspora. #DoYouEvenHashtagBro #MotoMonday Looks like there is hashtag autofill.

#newhere maybe? Suggestions on mobile clients? I am using Fedilab for Mastadon and it handles Friendica but it seems crude still. Suggestions??

Honestly if this works well, I'll end up spooling up my own instance so this account will be temporary.. but I can port that stuff out, can't I?

It gets more interesting as it goes!

This is a comment from diaspora
Well let us see what this looks like..

Photo embed in comment? Check.
i twas reached at joindiaspora

and yes, I concur with you, of the federation formats, Friendica is my fave.
Hubzilla strikes me as possibly even more ideal, notably if one is running their own pod.
Interesting that you say that @Alien (A23P) I branched to hubzilla first and I've really struggled with it to the point that I do not want to deal with it.

But this is my first post from this so everything shiny and new is just that. I'll keep poking around here, might make a transition to here from diaspora though if I can figure out a better looking mobile solution, as that is the vast majority of time wasting using social media..
FWIW, I use the Frio theme, and I can do pretty much everything I need in a mobile browser window.
good to know! I'll check it. I'm figuring out DiCa more and it isn't too terrible. Actually has push notifications
one of the things I REALLY like about Friendica is the ability to store both posts and comments in folders. Makes it super easy to sort various posts and look them back up in future.... sorta like building a customized library.

and yeah, my experience with Hubzilla previously was one of basically confusion.... I just couldn't sort out how to do much of anything. I'd gotten the sense that things had been smoothed out a fair deal since then, but I had no reason to bother breaking from my current account.
Granted I do have a couple backup accounts on the federation for in the event the joindiaspora pod goes down or is rendered inaccessible.
Oooh I'll have to look into that, very interesting @Alien (A23P) ! That could be handy for sure.

I guess I'm slightly bummed about using bbcode instead of markup but I can put my big kid pants and deal with that. It does seem to jive better than hubzilla but the particular node that I have this account on seems to take a bit to push out comments to diaspora. Whatever.

I just feel like Diaspora is just so unfinished, and has been for almost a decade. I'm going to give this a week to feel things out. I appreciate your interaction!
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I'd totally try out Friendica if it wasn't LAMP. They even issue warnings that later versions of MySQL might have problems, when that flaky database software has been called MariaDB for years!

@Paul Gatling Is Friendica making it look like you're attaching those images to your posts? Because it actually just links to the image on your server, which has to serve the image to everyone, instead of federating.
@cy I don't see any problem with MySQL/MariaDB. The database server musn't be directly available from the internet, though.

Concerning this attaching of pictures: Friendica is able to attach pictures directly as a binary in the post - but the Diaspora doesn't support this. Diaspora also only serves the links.
has it been a almost a decade already?
(joindiaspora was the original diaspora pod and i've been around basically since the beginning)
@cy it shows as an image but I can see it is just a http link to the file. I've got to say I'm not thrilled that it is another PHP/MySQL thing but if it provides functionality without all sorts of hoops, I might just be fine with that. There are ways to make that reasonably robust and I can troubleshoot mariadb/mysql issues with decent skill.

@Alien (A23P) I'm thinking it has been 8 years. Doesn't that sound about right?
@Paul Gatling

Admittedly Diaspora's code is something of a disaster, even if it is written in ruby, so that doesn't set a high bar for Friendica to get over. Mostly I'm just not a big fan of MySQL, since the only thing that ever seems to require it (or even use it) is PHP. Running a second huge database server just for the one single program is kind of grating.

But yeah also the bandwidth to serve every image I attach from my web server, and I'm not so sure I want to get more involved in this whole federation thing.
@Cy none of it is super appealing. The only friendica mobile client is lacking.

Yeah having to always host the photos could prove to be a bear when it comes to data usage.

I don't know, we'll see.
@Paul Gatling there are several clients that you can use with Friendica. Not only Friendiqa and Dica (both are native Friendica apps) but also Fedilab, Twidere and Andstatus. See here:
I'm curious. What does "so this is Friendica" have to do with a post on #pluspora? Clicking the "Code" link certainly suggests its #diaspora code handling these posts. But then, of course, I'm #newhere and not versed in the underlying architecture for how pluspora gets federated across various servers. Take that with a grain of NaCL.
@Kris Karas Friendica is another interface into the fediverse. I have a diaspora account as well, however I'm tying out another platform that crossposts to diaspora and friendica and mastadon and hubzilla. Friendica allows post edits, liking of comments, I'm finding other features as I test it out.

But as you can clearly see we are interacting fairly seamlessly across the two platforms. Imagine logging in to facebook and replying to tweets.. This is the idea here in a way.
Interesting artefact that when replying from friendica it auto-tags the friendica account here on diaspora. I don't see that on the other side. Maybe something to do with the federated message coming across.
This auto tagging is a brand new feature. It is added to posts that are transmitted to Diaspora. For Friendica it isn't done.
Interesting, got it. Thanks, @Paul Gatling
Hit too quickly there. I should have added, Great on-bike pic! Alas, I never had an on-bike camera when I was racing #LRRS, so no good pics of me to share. Maybe in another life, or if I can grow younger and have knees and hips that work again. :-)
@Michael Vogel I have just stumbled over those and have downloaded DiCa and Friendiq (this kept crashing, I'm suspecting android compatibility) and I already have Fedilab for mastadon. Fedilab feels really skimpy. DiCa seems interesting! I might just try the mobile page, we'll see..

I figured the auto-tagging was done on their end. It was just an observation of behavior in the system!
BTW: You can disable the auto-tagging, then the system just suggest it and you can remove it in the editor.
@Kris Karas thanks man! That snapshot is a few years old but I'll tell you if you like asphalt track riding, you should look into supermoto! They are just dirtbikes with some 17" wheels and bigger front brakes and slightly different gearing. They are light and fast, and a ton of fun!! And if you drop it the bike usually ends up in better shape than the rider ;-)
@Michael Vogel clearly I've still got a lot to learn with this system. I need to figure out if there are different groups I can post to, what that looks like, public posting like this is easy, but just how everything comes together.. It is interesting so far!
@Michael Vogel Oh, so attaching images works fine on the Federation, that's cool. There is a way to attach a picture directly in diaspora, I think, but I can't blame anyone for having not figured out how they do it.
@cy pictures in Diaspora are always a link. Either to some external source or internal.
Oh, and as for MariaDB, I just don't like running two database programs on my server at the same time, and I prefer the design of PostgreSQL.
I would understand the reticence to having two different DBs running on the same machine. I suppose it depends on how heavy the usage is. They could easily both exist on the same partition and choke each other out while the OS keeps humming along, or you could get fancy with the cheese-whiz and put them on different partitions. Managing the firewall rules is trivial for two from one. Then there is the memory usage...

But I've had good success with both mysql/mariadb and postgres. If you ask me to put oracle on something, that is where I draw the line of sanity.
Suggestions on mobile clients? I am using Fedilab for Mastadon and it handles Friendica but it seems crude still. Suggestions??

Try DiCa ore Friendiqa
I'm actually replying with DiCa currently! :-D