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I cracked ribs (well, we think I cracked ribs) when I had the flu. Still incredibly painful and have used up all of the prescription NSAIDs.

20-minute sneezing jags HURT.
Thanks. I'd rather they were just cracked, but it's possible there is bruising and the bone may have torn from the cartilege. If it's the latter, that's 12 weeks of healing rather than 6-8 weeks. Whee! (We didn't get imaging at the initial dr's check because the lungs sounded ok/not punctured.)
Ow! Zen hugs...
ouch! My sympathies!
Yeeowch. I am sorry to hear. Feel better soon.
Once you've already had costochondritis and cracked ribs in the past, you kinda figure out how things feel!

No apologies needed.

And yeah, the pain is definitely right by the breastbone.
I'm just disappointed because this will keep me from fencing this weekend.
Oh fuck, I just sneezed. Holy balls, that hurts.

Went to my GP's office and then to the hospital for X-rays yesterday. I will get the results Monday at the latest.
Ouch! Hope you feel better soon.
It had seemed like it was getting better, and then it switched to OMFG pain on Wednesday. I don't know why. Maybe one of the sneezing jags did it.
Where's that Star Trek instant healing tech when we need it?
No kidding!
How are you holding up?
I'm here, and I'm mostly upright. Thanks for checking.
Not even a virtual hug, for fear of hurting you.
Finally starting to improve!