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verryyyy interesting ;)

#AI #surveillance #escape

This colorful printed patch makes you pretty much invisible to AI - The Verge

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That’s good to know…always looking for potential Sci-Fi this case, one that is true

Medieval clothing styles my come back into vogue -- cloak and medieval hood, or just the hood can be worn by itself. Face cannot be seen. They're great in winter, too. A properly made hood can also be folded in on itself and turned into a hat.

Hoodies make you a target of today's police.

@Shelenn Ayres I have so experienced that...riding on my bike...late at night

When the White Cop stopped me, it was over in 5. Unlike the normal "swarming" of police, in this college town.

It's like the image he's hanging around his neck made him a building relative to the indiscernible pastel people in the image. I suspect a whole new genre of clothing will be coming out soon.