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Friend requests error

I am getting friend requests which is fine, however I am unable to respond as when I click on the person who wants to be my friend, I get a gateway time out error (403 I think).

I am not ignoring these requests just having problems responding to them.

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Gateway time out would be 503, 403 is Forbidden.

Do you have any log of phpfpm?

Edit: never mind, we have to ask @Adam Clark for the logs.
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Hi Paul and Hypolite,
I am seeing the same behavior. After sitting and spinning for a while the page redirects to 503. I cannot mark a request as read nor respond to the request. I can easily bring up the requestors profile through the directory however.


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Cool, so it's not just me then, pleased I can help by highlighting this.

This may have begun after I enabled php slow request timeouts. I've adjusted the setting from 6s to 30s, please let me know if this helps.

I had been getting some stuck php-fpm processes lately, which started to drag the system down, which is where the new tuning (and perhaps too aggressive) tuning has come in to play.

The friendica software itself has been updated just now to the current -rc commit/fix level. So, I look forward to hearing further on this.

I have heard from another user that this issue was resolved with the changes, so I hope that's the case here too.

Yeah, 6 seconds timeout was way too low for anything that involves contacting a remote server.

I have the feeling I made the adjustment when fairly tired, as it really should have been 60 as my starting adjustment point. Not sure how 6 wound up being the thing that got saved! heh

Yes, I was able to see and approve the fellow in my screenshot above with the usual two clicks. Thanks!

@Adam Clark
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Great, thanks for confirming!