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The hoops you have to jump through in #dotnet to do local package installation that is as simple as 'mvn install' with #java is **astounding**...smh...

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In defense of #dotnet local tools are brand new, and even global tools are relatively new. I'm sure when more people stay using them, they'll become easier to use with updates to .Net Core
I'm trying to do local library not tools management but I think the thing that was most frustrating is that I have to install a whole mono toolchain just to manually download nuget.exe so I can do a one line command that should probably be in `dotnet nuget` already...
What exactly are you trying to do? In my experience dotnet add package worked for me without mono.

Alternatively, you could try paket as an aforementioned local tool
I'm trying to publish a package for use locally. `dotnet push` as far as I can tell can only work with a properly setup nuget server. I'm writing up a tutorial on how I got my setup working.
Try installing local packages using Gradle for Java. Better yet: have a mix of local packages, packages hosted locally on an Ivy repo, and packages hosted remotely on Maven or Bintray. Because that's where I'm at.

I bet it's equally astounding.
I've never had a problem with that actually. If I recall correctly I used the Maven plugins so it was Maven that was doing the local repo management though. I will say that I'm far more used to Maven than Gradle for larger projects. Those systems aren't perfect either for sure.