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After missing some big news about some friends the last couple weeks I am struggling to keep Facebook “deleted”...grrr...
Stay strong, brother.
‪I love the experience there I just hate their business practices (read Mindf*cked) and their near monopoly power. I have “Facebook the Inside Story” by Steven Levy for my flight. Maybe that will sway me one way or the other. ‬
I left over two years ago. I've definitely lost touch with the day-to-day lives of my far-flung friends, and it sucks when I need to borrow some tools or whatever and can't just ask everyone I know all at once. Otherwise, I think it's been better for my mental health to stop suckling a propaganda teat that also happens to spy on me. This far removed, I have no desire to go back.
It's so difficult to intentionally avoid a platform when so many of the people you want to interact with use it.
Thankfully I curated my experience so I wasn’t exposed to the propaganda or toxicity but their six sigma bad surveillance capitalism practices (even by the industry’s standards) and their nonchalant approach to how their platform is being abused among other horrible business practices makes me hate the idea of using them.
Left there years ago. Don't miss it.