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!iSurf Support I created my account today. I have attempted several times to change my password, but it says "login failed" and then "password unchanged"

Is there a page I could view to verify if I'm doing it correctly?

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Hi there @L Murphy

I will have to test this. One thing I have noticed recently, but I hadn't had time yet to follow up on, was that cookies didn't seem to be getting flushed out properly when doing things like logging out and trying to switch to another user. As this is involved in authentication, perhaps there's something odd going on.

Let me see if I can replicate your issue.
I think there's some minor issues with how Friendica is supposed to be clearing cookies/session data currently. Changing passwords was clumsier than it should be, so I will poke away at it and see about filing a bug report soon.

So, that said, I would recommend clearing your cookies for iSurf social, restarting your browser, logging in, head to settings and change your password. It should work from there. If you have further issues, please let me know.
I user Firefox. I have this box checked:
Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed
However, I also run my own single-user instance to play around with. (I'm a sw developer)
I might have been signed into both of those without closing Firefox in between. I'll close Firefox now, re-open it, login to again, and try to change my password. I'll let you know if that works.
Okay, so it doesn't seem to be the cookie clearing thing because I logged out, closed Firefox, and re-opened it. I logged in to and attempted to set a new password. Got the same message.

The next thing I would do as a developer is hunt down in the source code those two 'toast' messages I saw in the upper right corner. Once I found them, I'd see what conditions were triggering them, and play with that.

I have not looked at the code closely enough, but I'm suspicious that there is no client for Friendica. I hope they separated the server & client protocols well enough.

If I find anything useful in the code about this, I'll let you know. If you need another software developer's eyes on something you find, let me know.
The real interesting piece you saw was the "Login failed" notice.

Did the account validation piece go okay for you when you registered?
I disabled all of my Firefox add-ons and extensions, etc. Tried again. Still failed.

My password is still the same one I was assigned when I first signed up yesterday. (If I could find the emoji for "shrug" you would see one of those right now!) I've not been able to change it at all.
I still can't use firefox for this. I've deleted cookies and cleared cashe.
On my Android phone, I got this error too.
What's really interesting is that
Android LibreFriends actually succeeded in changing my password. So go figure...
Wow. I didn't realize people actually used that app. I made it using kodular as a hobbyist learning how to use the app making program for another project that it didn't turn out to work for. Not a programmer by trade. Pin to home might work just as well but I keep it up there because its not hurting anything. Glad some people like it.
I just changed 3 stars to 4 stars. Im curious why your app gave the same messages but then actually changed my password. Guess there's kinks in almost all software.
Yeah, it glitches at times with the friendica software in general. Like I said, I can't log in via firefox at the moment, have to use chrome on desktop or my app on the phone. And I'll have it say it doesn't do something in all browsers but it actually did.
Does it let me have more than one instance item at the same time? I have a single- user instance on a shared web host server, been playing around with that. Would be nice to have them both open at the same time, like subway Tooter for Mastodon.
No sadly but I did make two other that are essentially the same. Pixelfeed for pixelfed and Libretube for peertube but they will literally work for any type of fediverse instance
Also been looking into the other apps myself, ranking them. Will probably make a peertube review on them. One thing none of the other apps can do is save to specific saved folders which is why my app is still the best one for me.